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  • A team of explorers, led by Alexa "Lex" Woods (Sanaa Lathan) and assembled by Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen), head of Weyland Industries, travels to Bouvetøya, aka Bouvet Island, an island off the northern coast of Antarctica to investigate an underground "heat bloom" in the shape of a massive pyramid that they have detected via satellite and find themselves caught in a skirmish/hunt between Alien kind and Predator kind.

  • Neither and both. Alien vs. Predator and its 2007 sequel, AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (2007), set up a whole new premise whereby the feral creatures from the Alien series and the high-tech creatures from the Predator series meet and do battle on modern day Earth. It is, however, a prequel to the Alien films and a sequel to the Predator films in some respects, as the movie acknowledges aspects of those movies and may be considered part of the same universe of both film series. It's a matter of debate as to whether Alien vs. Predator really is part of the same canon for both movies series or should be considered its own self-contained "side" continuity that is built on the originals.

  • The Predator ship. This is shown about 10 minutes into the film while the Predator ship is nearing earth. The ship sends out a beam that reaches to the surface of Bouvetøya. Although it isn't shown, this is what drills the 2,000-foot tunnel down to the pyramid.

  • Perhaps, but think about this for a second. If the movie was strictly Predators versus Aliens, it would get extremely tedious to have 90 to 120 minutes of Predators fighting Aliens. Also, all the AVP stories are told from both the Predator perspective and the human perspective. There have always been humans involved, in order for the audience to have something to which to relate. Not to mention that in a film with only Predators and Aliens, neither of whom speak a human language, there would be no dialogue, and subtitles would be seen as hokey or at least experimental.

  • In [link]

  • Yes and no. Aliens are referred to as "xenomorphs", a term first given by Gorman in Aliens, but this term is in fact actually a general word that can be used for any alien/unknown creature. Xenomorph literally means "alien form" from the Greek xeno, meaning strange, and morph, meaning shape. Beyond that, the species has never been given an official name within the canon, but as fans like and accept the term, it has remained. As for the Predators, they too have never been given an official name within the films they appear, but in the expanded universe of novels and comics they are called the Yautja.

  • Since the Aliens are not released until the Predators obtain the plasma cannons, they would have had to wait for at least day before they could hunt the creatures, had the gestation time been the same as in the previous Alien films. It would be logical for the Predators to speed up the life cycle. The manner in which they accomplished this is uncertain. One possibility is that the Aliens' life cycle becomes faster in the atmosphere they're exposed to. In other words, on planets with lesser atmosphere, their life cycle takes longer and on planets with stronger atmosphere, their life cycle becomes faster.

    Alien: On LV-426, there was probably little oxygen (it was a "primordial atmosphere" according to Ash). It took about 24 hours for an Alien embryo to grow and almost 24 hours for an Alien to mature. And the rest of the story continued aboard the Nostromo, which has oxygen but is still different from Earth's.

    Aliens: Also on LV-426, this time with a breathable atmosphere. However, it is probably not ready yet (lower oxygen content than on Earth). We see one person being attacked by a Facehugger (in the Special Edition), but we don't see the Chestburster hatch. We also have one woman being killed by an Alien bursting out of her, but no info as to when she was implanted. The fact that one subject was killed when the Facehugger was removed before implanting suggests this process takes considerably longer than a few minutes.

    Alien 3: Took place on Fury161 which had a different air than Earth, which would explain why the Alien grew faster than in Alien but slower than in AvP. The embryo in Ripley took about a week to grow because the Alien was a Queen, which takes longer then the other Aliens.

    Alien Resurrection: As in Alien, the movie took place on a ship, which has oxygen tanks but the air is different than on Earth, which would explain why it took a few hours for the Alien at the end to break out.

    Alien vs. Predator: Took place on Earth with stronger atmosphere; on Earth, it may take 10 1/2 minutes for the Aliens to grow, much faster then on LV-426, Fury161 and space ships, which would explain why the Predators picked Earth, because it also had humans they could use. And the Predalien inside Scar Predator took longer because it was a Queen.

    Aliens vs Predator - Requiem: Facehuggers on the Predator shuttle were in spaceship oxygen for who knows how long, and as in Alien and Resurrection, it takes longer when exposed to air tanks, which is why it took a few hours for the Facehuggers' embryos to mature and hatch. And the rest of the Aliens were directly implanted into women's bellies by the Hybrid. In any case, they were implanted on Earth, which is why it took about 10 1/2 minutes for them to grow up.

    Another possibility is that the Aliens mature faster when they've recently been born. In other words, the younger the eggs and Facehuggers, the faster the Aliens grow and mature; the older the eggs and Facehuggers, the longer it takes for them to mature.

    Alien: The eggs were perhaps thousands of years old, which could explain why it took 24 hours for the embryo to be implanted and mature, and almost 24 hours for the Alien itself to grow to full height.

    Aliens: Same eggs as in ]Alien, which goes a long way to explain why these Aliens take some time to grow and mature. Also, the Queen was born from this hive, so she could also lay "old" eggs with a slowed-down cycle.

    Alien 3: One egg originating from a Queen that was born from an old egg. The other Facehugger in this film was a Queen Facehugger. It took a few hours for the Dog/Ox Alien (Depending on which version you watch) to be born. As for the Queen embryo, it may take a longer time for a Queen to grow.

    Alien Resurrection: The military might have had eggs for a while and seemed to have bred 14 Aliens (including the Alien that blew up in the escape pod and the first Alien Ripley killed) in a few hours or days. So the eggs may have been laid a few days before implantation. There were seven people implanted and there seemed to be about 15 hosts, which means they may have bred seven Aliens at a time. Purvis was among the first batch of people to get implanted (he can be seen among them in the implantation scene), so it is unexplained why it takes his Alien until the end of the film to out of his chest. Perhaps he is in ill health, which may slow down the growth.

    Alien vs. Predator: The team in the sacrificial chamber was implanted a few minutes after the eggs were laid, so the eggs were fresh. The Queen was older, but the Predators' methods to keep her in cryostasis may preserve her better than the ship on LV-426 did. That may explain why they matured so fast. The Predalien at the end is a Predator/Queen hybrid, which explains its longer maturation time (a few hours, compared to several days for the Queen in Alien 3).

    Aliens vs Predator - Requiem: The Facehuggers in this film were kept in tubes for an indeterminate period and after they found a host it took about 24 hours for the Aliens to grow. The embryos the Hybrid laid in the women's bellies birthed a few hours later because they were just laid.

    A third theory is that the Aliens have been engineered. If it was a weapon of war, you want some time from implantation to expulsion so that the host can get back to his own kind and spread the infection and to make sure the Chestburster doesn't pop out before the host is back where you want him or her to be. The Predators may have re-engineered the Alien Queen in the chamber to produce quicker maturing eggs that produce quicker growing Aliens, so that the Predators could get there and have a lot of fast prey to hunt in an hour or so instead of having to wait a whole day.

  • The hunting ritual did not go as planned; the humans were not supposed to take the plasma cannons, the Predators were. The Predators were taking part in a "coming of age" ritual and were quite young (technically analogous to human teenagers). However, there were still humans running around in the pyramid who were keeping the Predators too busy to be minding the Aliens. Normally, there would only be enough people for breeding Aliens, and they would be dead already when the hunt began. The first Predator was distracted by Lex so that the Alien was able to stab him in the back. The second Predator got careless towards the end of his fight with the main Alien. He likely assumed the Alien was trapped in the net and helpless, but the Alien broke free as the Predator was about to strike the final blow. According to AvP backstory, no Predator has survived a fight with an Alien with only its wristblades with the exception of Daschende/Broken Tusk from the original AvP comic book. Basically, the circumstances were difficult in this particular hunt, and these Predators simply lacked the experience to effectively cope with it.

  • The movie offers an explanation for this, albeit a fictional one. It is said that Antarctica (including Bouvet Island, although this is not actually a part of Antarctica as the movie suggests) used to be free of ice, making it habitable. However, this was several million years ago, before humans ever evolved. A better explanation is that, since the pyramid is located in a cave under the ice and Bouvet Island is prone to volcanic activity, geothermal warmth would be strong enough to melt the ice and snow in some surface areas. Geothermal warmth could have also sustained the inhabitants of the pyramid inside the cave, along with warmth produced by the Predator technology embedded in the pyramid. Though we don't actually know how old the human race is and since the civilization was in Antarctica before the humans crossed the world after the explosion, we found no evidence there because we did not think to look or the evidence might have been wiped out by the Predator explosion. It's possible the human race started a lot earlier than we think and was wiped out, so it still would be possible for the humans to build the pyramids on Antarctica way before it iced over.

  • Either the pyramid in the flashback was a different one or another group of Predators could have rebuilt it for their hunting purposes. It's also possible that the explosion destroyed all biological life, but left the structure intact. Alternatively; this wasn't actually a flashback, but just a depiction of the story that Sebastian was reading.

  • In 1904, the Predators used the inhabitants of the whaling station, to which Lex makes reference. The only other bodies found inside the pyramid belonged to the ancient civilization. After that civilization was wiped out, the Predators could have abducted people and brought them to the island, used animals, or cleaned up after themselves. The most likely answer (given that there were no bodies except those in the sacrificial chamber) is that the pyramid lay dormant until 1904. Then 100 years later, when technology was advanced enough, they could lure people there with the heat bloom.

  • These could have been different clans or tribes, each with their own different hunting rituals. Or perhaps the Predator "society" has different castes with certain privileges for the highest members. In any way, since Aliens form the "ultimate prey" (in the AvP movies) and are not easily obtainable, perhaps only the most promising hunters from privileged tribes or the highest caste are eligible for this ritual. This excludes the majority of Predators from participating in this particular ritual, who may have to resort to other ways of obtaining a respectable status. Depending on experience, this could be hunting for humans in a carefully constructed hunting ground (as seen in Predators), or hunting humans in their natural habitat (Predator and Predator 2).

    Another theory is that first they hunt humans as their initiation test. If they are successful in hunting worthy humans, they then team up with two other hunters of equal standing and hunt the Aliens to become official clan members. (Though this contradicts part of the storytelling in some of the Alien vs. Predator comics/novels where humans are the ultimate prey. So it would be vice-versa and the Aliens would be the initiation and the humans would be the ultimate. Though the other way around makes more sense as Aliens can see Predators when they're cloaked, they don't panic and even when wounded or maimed they still pose a great threat. Whereas humans are the opposite.)

    A third theory could be that the mark means you are one of the skilled hunters, which means if you slay an Alien then you are an ultimate hunter. So it could mean they did not have marking because they did not take part in the ritual and didn't mark themselves. In AvP backstories (especially AvP: Prey), the hunting of the Aliens precedes the hunting of humans. The novice hunters go with a group to hunt Aliens and become "blooded", after which they are allowed to hunt on their own. Chances are this part of the backstory was not invented before the earlier movies, and therefore would not have existed. Another theory is that certain groups of Predators hunting the Aliens are required to have different trophies. In AvP, they are required to burn the symbol in their forehead. However, in Predator 2, when the camera pans around the spaceship, a skull that strongly resembles an alien head can be seen on the wall of the ship. The skull may have been the required trophy for that particular Predators hunting group. This may also be an indication of how Scar knew that the alien head would protect Lex like a shield.

  • They most likely just didn't have time, so they strung them up to skin them, but Quinn spotted them, so they had to chase him down and take care of him first, and they followed him down the ice chute so they didn't bother wasting time going back up to skin their first victims. Predators are on Antarctica for hunting Aliens for a coming of age ritual, the humans are merely collateral damage and were used for breeding the Aliens. They were only killed by the Predators when they got in the way.

  • At best, the only human survivor from this movie is Lex, who was left alone on the island after the Predator ship took off, making it possible that she died there. But if she did survive, most likely no one believed her story. She was there on behalf of Weyland, so anything she tells the company will be kept under wraps. Soon after, the Yutani Corp gains video footage of one of the Aliens from Gunnison and a piece of Predator technology (through Colonel Stevens in AVPR, who worked for the same unit as Peter Keys from Predator 2). In Alien, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation knew of the existence of the Aliens for some time, but they chose to keep it under wraps so they could use them for their own means; the crew of the Nostromo were not supposed to know about it, except Ash (Special Order 937 was for "Science Officer Eyes Only").

  • Scar got his name because of the mark he burned into his forehead. Grid was named for the grid-like battle scars on his head. Chopper was named for his long arm blades (he is also referred to as Gill, due to the gill like designs on his helmet). Celtic was probably named due to the designs of his mask and armor that give him a slightly Gaelic look.

  • It's interesting to note, that in the AvP canon, the predators all have acid-proof armor and weapons. However in this film, when Celtic Predator was fighting the Alien, his wrist blade melts away after using it on an alien, then he gets some acid on his armor and it starts to melt. However, Scar Predator used his wrist-blades and many other weapons on the Aliens and they didn't melt at all. (We never see Gill/Chopper Predator use his gear because he was killed too quickly). This could have partly meant why the ritual went awry so fast is that the team leader (Celtic) was not properly equipped for the hunt, he may have grabbed the gear for hunting humans instead of the gear for hunting aliens, or there was a supply mixup. (This would explain why he paused to look at what was left of his wrist-blades and seemed surprised that they had melted.) It is not uncommon for Earth militaries to accidentally send the wrong, or defective, equipment into a battlefield, so what's to say the Predators' Warrant Officers and other supply personnel don't make mistakes? It's possible that Scar was the only one who knew about the acidic blood; he might have been the only one who actually did his homework and researched the Aliens, either forgetting or choosing not to pass the relevant information on to the other two (like a group of University roommates where only one actually studies).

  • In the original Predator film, Dutch said to Anna, "Don't, leave it [the gun]. He didn't kill you because you weren't armed, no sport." A Predator will only hunt if the prey proves it can fight (Do not forget that Predator is a different spin on the classic "Most Dangerous Game", but instead of man hunting man the twist is, well, fairly obvious). This is done by either attacking it or carry a weapon. The type of weapon really does not matter. In the first film, Dutch was theorizing this due to observation. Whoever attacked or stood up to the Predator was "fair game". It is true that Dutch had no modern weapons at the end of the first Predator film, but Dutch still attacked the Predator with weapons made from his supplies, using natural camouflage (i.e. the mud) and natural surroundings. Not to mention, Dutch as well as the rest of his team, had been carrying weapons the entire time. The Predator granted Dutch a "fair" fight", to show respect towards him. Basically stating the Predator recognized Dutch as an equal opponent, not prey. It killed Billy who was armed with a knife and Mac who, although left his weapons behind in order to bait the Predator, still carried previously and fired upon the Predator. In AVP, yes, they attacked the humans, but everyone at base camp was carrying firearms and, in the temple, some people were carrying semi-automatics. They also had the shoulder cannons, even if they did not know how to use them. If you carry a weapon, you are still considered armed. When Weyland tried to fight the Predator to give Lex and Sebastian a chance to escape, the Predator scanned his body and found that he was sick. In Predator society, there is no honor in killing a sick, unarmed old man, so it walked past him. He was only killed after burning the Predator with the torch. They also attacked the humans that had the weapons from the case. When Lex kneels and offers the weapon to a Predator, he stops and takes it from her, and doesn't attack her. It's possible that, had they been unarmed and handed over the weapons from the beginning, the Predators would have had no reason to continue pursuing the humans (as several Aliens had already been "born").

  • Yes, they can. In all three Predator movies, as well as the two AvP movies, the Predators all have their masks removed for extended periods of time and seem to have no difficulty breathing, howling, growling, making their clicking noises, roaring, and speaking English words. As an example, the City Hunter from Predator 2 was without its mask for almost the entire third act of the film, but it was also shown to have a small device it put over its mouth and took three or four deep breaths. After this, the device is never used again. It was likely because City Hunter was severely wounded and was either having difficulty breathing or the mask held a sort of stimulant to keep him going until he was able to treat his wounds. Another point to add to this is when Harrigan is on board the Predator's ship at the end of the same movie, he is able to breathe perfectly fine and the Elder Predator didn't have a mask on. This shows that they were both breathing oxygen. There is a common misconception that the Predator's mask is used for breathing, yet no other part of their equipment shows to be air tanks (but this doesn't rule out the possibility that the mask uses some sort of air-filtration unit, seeing as how it appears to be airtight).

  • It's a direct nod to the original AvP comics. Which was the inspiration for both this film and the video games. In the comic book, the lead Predator protects the humans from both Alien and Predators because they found him unconscious and wounded and nursed him back to health. That Predator however, never killed any humans. The Predators are not mindless killers. Although ruthless, they definitely have a strong sense of honor and ethics. Remember that Dutch from Predator was at the direct mercy of a Predator and could have been easily killed, but he was ultimately granted the opportunity to a "fair" fight (without lasers and stabbing weapons anyway) because that Predator probably judged him as a worthy prey, respecting him for putting up such a good fight. Lt. Harrigan (Danny Glover) from Predator 2 managed to kill a Predator, and was left alive by its brethren out of respect. He even got a trophy for it. Also, Royce from Predators freed a Predator from captivity, after which it grabbed his neck, but decided against killing him, since it owed its freedom to him. It can be concluded that traditional Predators work on some sort of honour system.

    In this film, the Predator Scar kills some humans without hesitation (like he does with Max Stafford). When he confronts Lex, he is ready to kill her (he actually yells at her, probably hoping she will run, as it is no sport to kill an immobile prey). But then she gives him his shoulder cannon. So at this point he is probably thankful for the gun, or he sees her as a human servant, unworthy as prey. Then the Predator is suddenly attacked by a xenomorph and knocked unconscious; Lex, however, was quick enough to grab a spear and impale the Alien as it lunged toward her. So in a sense, Lex has saved Scar's life, and his honor may dictate that he help and save her in return. He may also see her as something of an equal, recognizing her hunting skills as she was quick enough to dispatch an Alien where he was too sluggish. As he walks away, she confronts him. Scar growls and advances at her, trying to intimidate her, but he notices that she is not easily scared. So he may see that she has the right skills for a warrior, and grants her the opportunity to make it out there alive. At the end, he even feels she is deserving enough to give her a mark, making her a warrior of his people. The Predator elder recognizes this mark and acknowledges the respect they have for Lex, by granting her his weapon.

  • Now alone, Lex is confronted by a Predator who is about to run his lance through her when he is attacked by an Alien. Lex picks up the Predator's lance and runs it through the Alien. Realizing that it's just her and the Predator against all the Aliens, she follows him into the nest of pods, where she finds Sebastian hanging. He warns her that they can't allow the Aliens to reach the surface and tells her to shoot him because there is one already inside of him. Meanwhile, the Predator sets his self-destruct bomb to blow up the chamber, and he and Lex escape together up the ice tunnel. The bomb goes off, destroying the pyramid. The Predator rewards Lex by etching the rite of passage marking on her cheek just as the Alien queen breaks through to the surface. As the Queen is about to stab the Predator with her sharp tail, Lex runs a spear through it. The Queen turns on Lex, chasing her around the whaling station until she takes cover under a water tower. The Queen tries to get at her, but the Predator leaps over and stabs the Queen with his lance. The Predator and Lex chain it to the water tower, but the Queen manages to spear its tail through the Predator. Lex works the tower free from its bolts, and it tumbles into the icy Antarctic waters, dragging the Queen with it. Lex then kneels beside the dying Predator as the entire Predator force uncloaks itself and its spaceship. One of the Predators notices the marks on her cheek and, as the others carry the dead Predator into their ship, he hands her one of their lances as a gesture of respect. The ship takes off, leaving Lex alone on the island. In the final scene, the dead Predator's body lies on a slab. Suddenly, his chest bursts open and an Alien/Predator hybrid emerges.

  • When Lex and Scar reach the foot of the ice-tunnel, Lex looks up the tunnel and expresses puzzlement. The camera looks from her point of view and we see a faint silhouette moving and flickering in the light at the top of the tunnel; the Queen has already made her way to the surface. Scar and Lex are thrown a fair distance away from the mouth of the tunnel and always keep running on top of the ice as it collapses from beneath their feet. Obviously, the Queen was buried in the collapsing snow and ice, which is why she still emerges from the ice moments later.

  • It is true that Aliens can sense an Alien embryo inside a person such as in Alien 3 when the Dog Alien wouldn't kill Ripley because she had an Alien Queen inside her. However, that was because the Dog Alien was a drone and had no reproductive capabilities. It needed to protect the Queen. In this film, it was the Queen who was the last one standing, so she risked killing one of her children by killing Scar in order to save herself. She is the Queen and can reproduce. If there's the choice between killing one of her children growing inside of a dangerous enemy and letting said enemy live long enough to kill her, so be it. Another point is that the Alien from Alien 3 took the time to "sniff" Ripley and know that the Queen was inside her. The Queen from AVP did not do this and simply attacked the Predator. Also, the Alien inside of Scar was of a different breed, so to speak. In Alien Resurrection, we could see the new type of Alien, born from a uterus opposed to being hatched from an egg, killing the Alien Queen and recognizing Ripley as his/her mother. As the original Xenomorph from Alien originated from crossbreed with humans, this could lead to the conclusion that Xenomorphs could sense if an impregnated creature carries the exact same species opposed to a new type of breed (or hybrid). By killing Scar, the Queen could be simply trying to uphold the purity of her very own species instead of letting a new type of Alien species come into play.

  • With no mention about the Queen from this movie returning in the sequel [link]

  • Predators do not see finely-tuned infrared without their helmets, and possibly don't see infrared at all. At any rate, we don't know that they only see infrared naturally. The Predator's ability to see in finely-tuned (and trichromatic) infrared without his helmet, as seen in Predator 2, is a goof or an oversight (though there could be other explanations). However, a Predator can still see without his helmet, but the various elements in an environment are not so describable from one another, as evident in how it's shown as all one-colour (red) but various shades of that colour, hence monochromatic, as depicted in the original Predator. For example, the first Predator saw Dutch just fine and behaved accordingly. Even though the Predator in AVP couldn't see that well without his helmet, it would be hard to miss a gigantic Queen. Predators can see fine without their helmets—it may not look like much to us, but we're human and are only used to the way we process the visible spectrum. When the Predator takes off his mask, he presumably sees at least some of the visible spectrum, but in a simplified view. Aliens, humans, other Predators would all be the same colour so to speak. The use of finely-tuned infrared vision is just a visual aid to assist during a hunt.

    It's also worth nothing that a Predator's vision, helmet or no helmet, as presented in POV cinematography may not perfectly represent to the viewing audience how the Predator sees the world; since the audience, as human beings, can only ever perceive three primary colours at various levels of granularity regardless of what the colours, theirs shades and theirs blends are intended to represent as in the case of, say, topographical maps. The Predators' natural visions may or may not be monochromatic (despite the largely monochromatic cinematic presentation), and if they are such, the Predators' may possesses neurotechnology that enables them to perceive more than one, more than two or even more than three primary colours (like Geordi La Forge from the Star Trek: The Next Generation but without the necessity for it). Furthermore, it's possible that Predators are born with multichromatic vision but wind up with monochromatic vision as they grow and age, meaning that with adequate sensory enhancements, they could restore their more youthful abilities without rewiring their brains.

  • The explosion of the Predator bomb could have raised the ambient temperature to a bearable level. The cold could have affected her, but while trying to run from the queen and just trying to survive in general, she would likely have had raised body heat and heart rate, so the cold would not have affected her right away. After the Predator ship took off we see her walking towards what appears to be the Snow tractor, so she might have made it, but whether she survives is ambiguous at best.

  • A "Predalien", also known as a "Hybrid", an Alien that resembles a Predator. It has been established that Aliens take on certain characteristics of the host. This is demonstrated in Alien 3 when a chestburster that comes out of a dog (or in the Special Edition, an Ox) has dog/quadruped-like characteristics also minus the tubes on its back.

  • They didn't bother to check. They knew he was dead, so they had no reason to believe he had a living Alien embryo inside. Also, the Predators weren't wearing masks, e.g., Scar had to alter his vision mode to see the embryo inside Sebastian. Or they simply forgot at first as they were busy executing their mourning rituals; before someone could think of checking for chestbursters, the hybrid Alien had already come out and matured. That said though, considering that the Predators are fully aware of the Xenomorph lifecylce and the danger they pose if control was lost, it would make sense that they would take every precaution possible, even if it involves examining a Predator who happened to die in some other way (like Scar). In the extended version of Alien 3 it is shown that the host does not necessarily need to be alive while the embryo is developing and ready to be born, so even though Scar was killed by the Queen, the embryo inside did not die with him and emerged from his body later on. The very fact that these trainees were sent into a place infested with them and would be dealing with them directly is reason enough to consider any possible way one of the creatures could slip past them regardless if any of them were to actually make it out alive.

    For intelligent beings that possess technology we have only ever dreamed of and go far beyond our current engineering capabilities (interstellar travel, active camo, energy weapons, etc.), it is rather ironic and somewhat humorous to see that they would fail to consider the logic behind such things under the given circumstances. For example, you don't have people studying or working with dangerous viruses (figuratively speaking here) who simply walk out of a room when they have finished whatever they were doing without first undergoing some kind of decontamination process, even if there was no "accident" and everyone seems fine. In a sense, the Xenomorphs can be viewed as the "virus" and the Predator's lack of a thorough post-examination on both dead and live subjects is just asking for trouble, especially if a live subject does not know or remember being impregnated. Scar for instance might not have been aware of what happened to him while he was marking himself, similar to how Kane in Alien had trouble recalling what happened when he was attacked. The important difference between the two here is that Scar knew the lifecycle and Kane did not. Scar's case is interesting because despite his aforementioned knowledge, suddenly getting knocked unconscious and waking up later on the floor, he doesn't seem to be able to connect the dots. After regaining consciousness he should have immediately (or at least at some point) become suspicious of the nature of the ambush and question why he had not been killed when he was clearly vulnerable. Also, had Scar known he was now a Xenomorph host, it is safe to assume that he would have not tried to escape the pyramid at all, it is more likely that he would have made use of his self-destruct device instead. In short, they (Scar included) should have checked, as it would have saved the Predators a hell of a lot of trouble in the long run.

    Then again, we don't know how Predators have obtained their current level of technology; they may have simply stole it from another nearby and more intelligent species, which they could conquer with their normal technology; or maybe there are intelligent Predator scientists, but the technology is primarily used by Warrior Predators, who lack the intelligence and discipline to use it ethically and safely. The fact that AVP: Requiem showed us a Predator seemingly specialized in "cleaning up" such mistakes created due to the sloppiness of others, may be an indication that such mishaps occur much more often. As far as the Sebastion thing goes, there seems to be a small amount of time in between when a person is captured and brought to the hive and when the egg actually opens up and the facehugger slowly begins to climb out (like Newt in Aliens), so Scar was probably scanning him to see if he had already been facehugged and impregnated or if he was still in the process of waiting for this all to happen.

  • Before Time — It dates back to Antarctica during the dawn of the human race where a Predator tribe comes to Earth and teach the humans how to built a civilization of pyramids and the Predators used them as hosts to breed the Aliens for the Predators' coming of age ritual. But something went wrong, the Aliens grew too large in number, overwhelmed the city and the Predators were forced to blow it sky high. Either one Pyramid survived or the Predators rebuilt one.

    c. 1715 — A Predator acquired a Flintlock pistol inscribed with "1715" (the old gun the Elder Predator gave Harrigan).

    1904 — A whaling station is attacked by three more Young Blood Predators who used the workers as hosts for the Aliens, as shown in an alternate opening, the disappearance of the workers mentioned by Lex, and the dials of the coffin were last set to 1904.

    1930 — The beginning of Predator: Concrete Jungle (VG)

    1973 — Weyland Industries is established by Charles Bishop Weyland.

    1987 — Predator

    1997 — Predator 2

    2004, October 3rd — Beginning of AVP

    2004, October 10th — Weyland Industries heads for the Pyramid awakening the Alien Queen, stealing the guns, and the Young Bloods arrive to become men.

    AVPR takes up right after AVP left off, but the Predator mother-ship reached Saturn when the Scout separated and headed back to Earth; this distance was most likely a month at least, considering that one person commented "Isn't Halloween in October?" (You'd say something like that after Halloween.)

    After AVPR — Ms. Yutani covered up the events of Gunnison as she stated "The world isn't ready for this".

    2010 — Predators

    2012 — Weyland Industries is re-lunched as Weyland Corp after Peter Weyland took over the company after Charles Bishop Weyland's death in 2004.

    2030 — Predator: Concrete Jungle (VG)

    2089 — Archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map in Scotland that matches others from several unconnected ancient cultures. They interpret this as an invitation from humanity's forerunners, the "Engineers".

    2093 — Prometheus

    2103 — Alien: Covenant

    2122 — Alien

    2179 — Aliens. The movie takes place 57 years after the events of Alien.

    Maybe a month later (most say a year later): Alien 3

    2209 — Aliens vs. Predator (the game), because it takes place 30 years after Aliens and Alien 3.

    2379 and 2380 — Alien Resurrection

  • In this film Lance Henriksen plays Charles Bishop Weyland. Founder of Weyland industries. In Aliens, Bishop is an Android modeled after the founder of Weyland-Yutani (either CB Weyland, Michael Bishop, or both). In Alien 3, (as a subject of much debate) Bishop is either an advanced android with red blood which may have seemed too human so they were reverted back to white blood, or he is a direct descendant of Charles Bishop Weyland and is the heir and CEO of Weyland-Yutani in the 22nd century and designed the Bishop android modeled on himself and his descendants.

  • In order to achieve the PG-13 rating for its theatrical release, the film had to be cut in terms of violence. The also available unrated edition runs almost 8 minutes longer than the theatrical cut and adds more story and gore to the film.

  • It was confirmed by writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson that Schwarzenegger was going to reprise his role as Dutch and appear at the end of the film if he lost the California election. Since he won, however, he turned down the role and was written out of the script. It is unknown how he was going to make his appearance. One possible approach would have been to appear at the whaling station to investigate the loss of communication with the Weyland team and the explosion at the whaling station. Since he was the leader of a rescue team in Predator, he would have probably arrived at the whaling station and found Lex after her meeting with the Predator tribe and taken her back to the boat. Originally in Predator 2, the role of Peter Keyes was actually supposed to be Dutch Schaeffer who is now part of an elite unit and whose specific duty was to track and capture the Predator. This was changed when Arnold turned down the role because he didn't like the idea of taking the Predator into the city. His cameo might have re-envisioned this role.

  • Whilst some have suggested that she froze to death on the ice in her last shot we see her walking towards one of the snowcats. Presumably she used it to keep warm (and could always salvage a warm coat from the workers the Predators killed) and radioed the icebreaker to send its helicopter to rescue her (which it would have done anyway once the party were declared overdue).


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