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Season 4

9 Jul. 2006
Wiegel's Pregnant
Did Dangle and Garcia freeze to death? Did Wiegel's serial killer husband get lethally injected? What is Carrot Top doing in Reno?
16 Jul. 2006
The Junior Brothers
While Garcia goes undercover to bust undocumented workers and the people that hire them, Junior takes the day off to spend time with his brothers.
23 Jul. 2006
Jet Ski Blues
When one of the lonely deputy's die, the Reno Sheriff's Department go to terminate his vehicle, which is also his home, but they instead find his beautiful jet ski. All the deputies go into hysterics fighting over who gets to possess the jet ski. Weigel goes to Lamaze class and flirts with the instructor.
30 Jul. 2006
Rick's on It
When a crime wave floods the streets of Reno, the Sheriff's Department is helped by Citizens Patrolman Rick.
6 Aug. 2006
Spanish Mike Returns
Spanish Mike Alvarez returns to tempt, confuse, and befuddle the deputies from within their own jail.
13 Aug. 2006
Son of a Chechekevitch
A murder of the local sheriff of Reno has the department questioning his wife who has been clearly having an affair. Before the sheriff died he told Deputy Dangle to avenge his death. So Dangle is doing everything he can to catch the culprit. Jim later discovers at the morgue that the sheriff was in fact killed by peanuts.
27 Aug. 2006
The Investigation Continues
The investigation continues on the sheriff's death and the facts so far are that he was poisoned and his wife's new boyfriend is part of the Armenian Mafia. The Reno Sheriffs department re-question the wife who is still the number one suspect and they learn that her husband had an insurance policy worth $250,000. Weigl continues to go to Lamaze class for her baby on the way.
1 Apr. 2007
The Department Gets a Corporate Sponsor
The Reno Sheriff's Department gets a corporate sponsor: Hotty's Restaurants.
8 Apr. 2007
Christian Singles Mixer
Kimball decides to take the sin out of Clementine and invites her to a Christian singles get-together. Clementine is herself and manages to show her stuff when she forgets to wear under garments while being baptized.
15 Apr. 2007
Proposition C
The Reno Sheriff's department is campaigning to vote "yes" on proposition C, which will give the deputy's a higher pay raise. But when Williams and Wiegel take a look at the votes and see that that they didn't get the outcome they wanted, they decide to take matters into their own hands to get the raise they do want.
22 Apr. 2007
Reno Mounties
Garcia and Jones get transferred to mounted patrol. But Garcia finds out he is extremely allergic to the horse they have to ride on so he quits that job. He goes back to the department and is later surprised to find out that Jones doesn't want to quit the job. Junior is shot and he wants to kiss Kimball before he dies, but he believes she is a lesbian. Kimball decides to prove him differently.
29 Apr. 2007
Kimball talks to Clemmy about the awkward kiss that she had with her cousin Junior. Dangle and Junior ask psycho Mike a few questions. Deputy Jones has a talk with the local public school. Dangle has another unexpected surprise with his bicycle.
6 May 2007
Ex-Wife and Her New Husband
Kimball's one year anniversary on the force is up, and she gives a speech that the department doesn't really care for. Willams and Wiegel are on stake out duty and they get way more entertained then they thought they would. The department tests out the jaws of life. Jim is invited to his ex-wife's and her new husband's anniversary party and finds himself in an uncomfortable situation.
13 May 2007
Dangle's Wedding
Dangle is proposed to by his ex-wife's husband Leslie, and Dangles says yes. Dangle has the men in his department be in the wedding, but Garcia is very uncomfortable with the situation. Weigel decides to surprise Dangle by jumping out of cake for him before the wedding, but she ends up going into labor.

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