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15 Jan. 2004
Burning Obsession
In 1988, a promiscuous 22-year old boy from the Sikh community has one affair too many and ends up losing his life.
Who Killed Santa?
In 2001 Toronto, there is a series of murders of homeless people. The latest killing is of a gentle man, well known in the area by residents who nicknamed him Santa Claus.
Angel of Death
The number of deaths in a hospital increases dramatically, and one nurse believes there must be more to this than just natural causes.
The Ghost
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Loch Ness Monster
In 1998 Meadowvale, Ontario, a normally peaceful suburb, a pervert on a bicycle appears, performing sexual acts on himself & then attacking teenage girls. For reasons apparent to the residents, they nickname him after the Scottish monster.
Mad Bomber
In 1996, a mystery person begins planting bombs in public places, and leaving a strange swastika as a calling card.
Double Cross
A man whose identity is unknown is found stabbed to death in a secluded parking lot.
16 Mar. 2004
In 1971, a Toronto plane is hijacked to go to Cuba, making it the first in Canadian airspace.
3 Feb. 2004
Six Feet Under
In 1996 Toronto, a man is reported missing by his wife when he does not return from a business trip.
A bearded man enter women's homes and assaults then as they sleep.
Dec. 2003
The Saint
A frat boy lures a girl to his house with the fake promise of a party, but once there it turns out he has ulterior motives. When the girl says no, he violently attacks her. A string of violence is then uncovered using different names.
Danger in the Woods
A teenage party in the woods takes a terrifying turn when one of them attacks the others. While examining the scene, police stumble upon a previous crime.
Hate Crime
In the Jewish community, a resident is shot by strangers asking for directions, and later dies in hospital.
In 2002, an armed man holds a massage parlor worker hostage, and as the police try to find out why, they find startling links to a series of robberies.
Secret Life
In 1992 Calgary, a husband reports his Ethiopian wife murdered, but finds himself the main suspect.
Flying Bandit
In 1986, one of the biggest heists in Canadian history takes place when 1.2 million in jewels is stolen from a store. When more robberies occur, the police become ever more determined to catch the mastermind behind them all.
Mar. 2004
Cold Hit
In 1994, a single mother is found raped and murdered in her apartment. Was it one of the volatile men in her life?
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Lone Wolf
Two murders of mothers in their own home send shock-waves through a normally quiet friendly town where everybody leaves their door unlocked. 18 years pass before there is solid evidence of the mystery assailant.
The Game
In 1995 Houston, Texas, a duo of con-women lure men with the promise of sex but then drug and rob them. But who is the mysterious puppet-master behind their actions?

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