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Entertainment Weekly
If you loved Amy Sedaris before in a golfer-lady wig and inbred chump's grin, you'll maybe love her again here, while wishing she had another TV-episode-size venue for her talents
Chicago Tribune
Easily the wittiest, most ridiculous and best-written comedy of the year.
Miami Herald
The aggressively over-the-top plot is sloppy and totally irrelevant. What counts are the jokes that fly so fast they're easy to miss.
This is one unmarked van you just might want to take a ride with.
Fans of the cult TV comedy Strangers with Candy may be happy to catch any sighting of the silly escapades of Amy Sedaris' middle-aged ex-con junkie. But purists will prefer the Comedy Central episodes to this uneven film.
When it comes right down to it, there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who despised Comedy Central's notorious series Strangers with Candy as the rudest, crudest and most offensive show ever to appear on television, and those who loved it for those very reasons.
Still comic, but bigger isn't better.
The Hollywood Reporter
Offers more laughs than most comedies of recent vintage. But what was subversive on the tube feels muted at feature length.
The best thing about Strangers With Candy is its relentlessness. It doesn't back off on its absurd humor, doesn't try to make sense and doesn't soft-pedal the characters.
Philadelphia Inquirer
I liked this movie better when it was called "Rock'n'Roll High School" and starred the Ramones and Mary Woronov.
New York Daily News
The jokes are so sketchy and silly it quickly passes the point of wretched excess.

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