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It's a hoot to watch Fonda cut loose and mix it up with J. Lo, even when the laughs turn mean-spirited.
A generational spectacle that's fun to witness.
New York Post
Fonda is a hoot and a half.
Chicago Tribune
It would take the dark wit of a Billy Wilder or a Coen brother--or at least a Neil Simon--to put across this kind of material.
By Hollywood standards, a movie carried with such gusto by a 67-year-old woman has to be considered a miracle. And I'm not sorry to say I enjoyed watching her do it.
Entertainment Weekly
As for Monster-in-Law, it's tripe on a plate.
Doesn't make the movie worth watching -- even if you're monstrously bored.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Monster-in-Law, where Bridezilla meets Godzilla, is a comedy so anemic, so toxic, that even Dracula wouldn't bite.
New York Daily News
Fonda's performance is a perfect storm of histrionics, and she leaves nothing and no one standing.
Wall Street Journal
The movie itself is grotesque, and may drive you nuts as it makes you laugh, mostly at the stupidity of the thing.
The Hollywood Reporter
A deeply dispiriting movie, not just because it is grindingly bad but because Jane Fonda actually chose this for her comeback after a 15-year absence from the screen. But it's worse than that. Fonda, one of the best actors of her generation, is downright awful in a role she could have -- and probably should have -- sleepwalked through.

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