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Plot Keywords

one night kill
killer fbi
airport hitman
contract killer night shift
apartment taxi
prosecutor detective
lie telephone
killing assassin
police attorney
witness taxi driver
hostage killing in self defense
main character dies smashing a window
cult director cult film
blockbuster dying words
blood on face change of plan
holding a gun to someone's head forced to drive at gunpoint
running to escape gift of flowers
threat to kill hospital visit
hospital room sick mother
steering wheel handcuffed to a steering wheel
cable tie stolen wallet
wallet returning wallet
disarming a person with a gun gun with silencer
gray hair kicked in the leg
night cityscape driving at night
night time black musician
live jazz jazz musician
playing trumpet trumpet player
reference to charlie parker reference to chet baker
dying on a subway subway train
subway station resisting arrest
handcuffed to a car overturned car
talking in a taxi passenger talks to taxi driver
male taxi driver taxi ride
reference to clarence darrow female lawyer
prosecuting attorney business card
knocking on a car window shoot through a window
throwing a chair through a window wearing sunglasses at night
wearing sunglasses inside cold blooded killer
brutality one against many
one man army suspense
shooting cameo appearance
villain played by lead actor showdown
violence blood
blood spatter semiautomatic pistol
pistol gunfight
fighting brawl
main character shot fistfight
hand to hand combat tough guy
mixed martial arts on the road
man with glasses dispatcher
filling station part time job
stairway accomplice
helicopter bottled water
smashed car windshield reference to rwanda
musician bar
knife watching tv
overpass storytelling
lawyer surveillance camera
computer policeman
drug deal drugs
liar father son relationship
reference to humpty dumpty tex mex music
country western music african american
black american reference to miles davis
false identity thug
coyote beating
laptop computer bet
held at gunpoint frisking
reckless driving sandwich
black comedy reference to santa claus
martial arts subway chase
drug lord mexican gang
loneliness character repeating someone else's dialogue
tragic villain title at the end
armed robbery coincidence
foot chase reference to sigmund freud
reference to charles darwin neck breaking
mercilessness claustrophobia
reference to shakespeare's macbeth one word title
koreatown los angeles murder witness
investigation murder by gunshot
no title at beginning cell phone
california psycho thriller
nocturnal murder hired killer
drug trade drug dealer
mozambique drill shot in the head
shot in the chest professional assassin
mob boss gun
death dead body
danger apartment building
sociopath falling through a window
falling from height thrown out a window
dance club shot to death
no opening credits video surveillance
power failure police surveillance
police officer killed police detective
parking garage panic
organized crime neo noir
mugging morgue
mob hit jazz club
impersonation fight
elevator drug dealing
crime boss corrupt lawyer
chase briefcase
alley nightclub
mother son relationship los angeles california
scene of the crime subway
stabbed in the leg silencer
shot in the leg shot in the forehead
shootout murder
mistaken identity kicked in the face
jazz music hospital
gas station corpse
car accident body landing on a car
dead body in a car trunk independent film
title spoken by character

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