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Brent Sloan is the executive producer for the 87-minute Boys Life 4, each segment of which is polished, succinctly developed and well-acted. It deserves as warm a reception from audiences as its predecessors.
L.A. Weekly
The jewel in this well-rounded collection of gay-themed shorts is Alan Brown's "O Beautiful."
The New York Times
While previous editions have had six or seven short films, Boys Life 4: Four Play requires only four titles for its 87-minute running time, a sign of how much more substantial and ambitious work in the field has become.
Hooking up can be as random, and as rewarding, as hitting the jackpot -- and helps makes "This Car Up" the best of a pretty good bunch.
The Hollywood Reporter
Style takes precedence over content in this fourth installment of Strand Releasing's popular series of gay-themed short-film compilations.
Village Voice
While Strand's gay-shorts series took a tentative step toward maturity with 2000's “Boys Life 3,” this fourth anthology represents a full-blown regression.

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