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MPAA Rated R for violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • No nudity
  • A woman climbs into bed with a man, she's in a bra, she sits on top of him, then he rolls her over and he thrusts briefly. They are both semi-covered with sheets.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie involves supernatural animalistic creatures: four legged beings with large teeth, jaws and claws, they have long tails with spines and are covered in armor-like shells.
  • Many humans look and act like zombies: they have ashen skin, darkened eyes, and they are snarling, lunging, etc.
  • A man discovers a woman twitching on the ground, and we see that her head has been split in half, with lots of blood pouring out, and the man turns around and is surrounded by snarling creatures that apparently attack him (we hear him yell).
  • A man opens a large chest, we hear loud growling and snapping, we hear men screaming, and then we see many dead men with blood around and on them, and one man with a hole through his chest.
  • Many snarling and growling creatures run through dark woods toward people, many armed people shoot at the creatures, some of them are hit, and some people are attacked; we see bodies being flung through the air, and we hear screamings.
  • A creature jumps onto a helicopter causing it to spin out of control and crash.
  • A man is attacked by a creature that pulls his arm and part of his chest off (we hear squishing, and see blood and matter as the man slumps to the ground and dies).
  • Lights flicker on and off in a museum, a man investigates with a flashlight, a creature rears up behind him, grabs his head in its claw and squeezes, then pokes a claw through the back of the man's head and out his mouth, killing him. His bloody corpse is found by a man and a woman.
  • A man falls through an opening in the floor and is impaled on many spikes below (we see his bloody body); a large stone slab falls crushing him and we see blood oozing from under the stone.
  • A man jumps from a crosswalk onto another man, they fight, one is thrown through a window, and the other man jumps through the window and tackles him, knocking his head against the floor.
  • A man is shot in the head and a man holds three other people at gunpoint.
  • A man is hit in the chest by a thrown knife.
  • Many armed people shoot at creatures. We see creatures being hit with matter splattering, and we see people being attacked with matter splattering as they are impaled by creatures' spiked claws and tails.
  • Many infected people attack armed people. We see one infected person punching a hole in a man's chest, another infected person breaks a man's neck, and some infected people are shot, and others are impaled (one is impaled rather slowly).
  • Several infected people attack a man; he shoots them, one is hit with an axe, a creature breaks a door down, chases the man and a woman, and the man shoots it and it turns into a cloud of dust.
  • An infected man hits another man in the face and then explodes a grenade that kills them both.
  • A man and a woman hide in a room, a creature finds them, begins to break the door down, pokes a claw through the door cutting the woman's arm (we see some blood), and the man shoots it.
  • A man finds his wife lying unconscious on the floor; he is attacked by the man who killed her, he holds him down, chokes him, and drops a worm-like parasite into his mouth.
  • A doctor performs an autopsy on a man. We see his chest with a large incision and metal devices holding it open, and he pulls out something that had been attached to his spinal column (it looks like a worm with legs).
  • A woman falls injuring her leg (we see blood on her pant leg), a snake slithers in the sand under and around her and other people shoot at it; the woman is apparently injured somehow and she dies.
  • A man jabs a creature with a needle, draws blood, and injects himself in the arm with it (we see the insertion and blood trickles on his arm).
  • A large explosion underground sends flames shooting through passageways.
  • A group of dead people is seen lying on the ground, blood is everywhere.
  • Two cabs race through traffic, one rams the other, they drive through a marketplace causing damage, one crashes, and the other rams into its side twice; the driver has a bloody face and head and the passenger jumps out.
  • Two men fight. One of them is kicked by the other and crashes onto a window, then punches the other man in the face and slams his head on the ground. They keep fighting, and one of them before escaping crashes an object on the opponent's head, who runs after him. He then shoots the other man twice in the chest (bloody holes are seen), but the man is still alive and keeps running after him. He is shoot again, this time in a leg; the two men keep fighting, one tries to choke the other, but ends up impaled (bloody and graphic).
  • A man hits another man in the stomach with a mallet.
  • A woman punches another man hard in the face.
  • Two men yell at each other, shove each other briefly and are pulled apart by other men.
  • We hear about the mysterious disappearance of 20 children from an orphanage. Laboratory experiments having been conducted on them.


  • 7 F-words, 12 scatological terms, 4 anatomical terms, 6 mild obscenities, 4 religious profanities, 4 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many scenes are creepy and can be frightnening to children.
  • The acting in this movie can be considered frightning.
  • The supernatural and monstrous creatures may scare young viewers.
  • Suitable for ages 14+ (violence, terror, language)

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