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New York Daily News
No better than whatever you might pick up while wearing a blindfold at Blockbuster, even if you happen to reach into a trash can.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Even Boll seems to lose interest as the story unravels. By that time, the supernatural cliches, plot inconsistencies, dead ends and red herrings have piled up so high you can barely see the screen.
Chicago Tribune
That this bit of pustulence is based on a video game of the same name is no surprise. It explains the thin plot, characters and abundant gunplay.
Charlotte Observer
Slater narrates as if reading a restaurant menu. Reid seems to have learned each long sentence in segments, so she wouldn't be overtaxed.
Think of the lamest horror movie you've ever seen. Now think of Tara Reid in the lamest horror movie you've ever seen. See how much worse it could have been?
Alone in the Dark will be the worst movie of 2005. The idea that anything could be worse is the only genuine scare the movie has to offer.
The Hollywood Reporter
One of those rare instances of a movie being so bad ... it's still really bad.
Entertainment Weekly
Far be it from me to dismiss a man's effort (Uwe Boll) in a sentence, but the film on your teeth after a three-day drunk possesses more cinematic value.
So mind-blowingly horrible that it teeters on the edge of cinematic immortality.
New York Post
Just Tara-ble.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Just as the book is usually better than the film, one suspects the video game is probably more entertaining and coherent than the movie. In the case of Alone in the Dark, this is a certainty.

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