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Season 6

22 Sep. 2008
Taterhead Is Our Love Child
Charlie runs into an ex with a child who looks and acts a lot like him. He begins to suspect that he is the child's father.
29 Sep. 2008
Pie Hole, Herb
Charlie kicks Alan out the house again after Alan demands that Charlie pay him back the $38 he owes him. Alan and Jake are now forced to turn to Judith and Herb for a temporary home.
6 Oct. 2008
Damn You, Eggs Benedict
Alan tries to date two women at once and Charlie tries to learn how to cook. Jake tells Alan that he's studying with a friend, but he gets drunk instead.
13 Oct. 2008
The Flavin' and the Mavin'
Alan is angry when Charlie hooks up with his secretary because he knows that the situation will end badly for him after their inevitable breakup.
20 Oct. 2008
A Jock Strap in Hell
Charlie gets more than he bargained for when he tries to make amends to one of Jake's old teachers that he dated, who went off the deep end and became a stripper after he broke up with her.
3 Nov. 2008
It's Always Nazi Week
Alan is overjoyed when he learns that Judith and Herb's marriage is on the rocks, but he gets more than he bargained for when he tries to fake-comfort her. Meanwhile, Herb tries picking up women with Charlie's help.
10 Nov. 2008
Best H.O. Money Can Buy
Alan and Judith start seeing each other again after Judith's breakup with Herb, Herb continues to turn to Charlie for help picking up women, and Charlie messes with Jake by threatening to get him sent to military school.
17 Nov. 2008
Pinocchio's Mouth
Charlie's month-long relationship threatens to go down the tubes when she asks him to spend the night at her house instead, and Alan grounds Jake for mooning some girls on a school bus.
24 Nov. 2008
The Mooch at the Boo
Alan realizes what a babe magnet Charlie's car can be, while Charlie is left with the neighbor when his daughter disappears with Jake.
8 Dec. 2008
He Smelled the Ham, He Got Excited
When Evelyn offers to pay for Jake's college education and a car, Charlie suspects that she has an angle to play.
15 Dec. 2008
The Devil's Lube
Charlie contemplates making some changes in his life after an old buddy and partner in crime drops dead on the balcony of his beach house.
12 Jan. 2009
Thank God for Scoliosis
Alan considers hooking up with his receptionist--until he meets her mother, and Charlie and Jake fight for the affection of a beautiful woman
19 Jan. 2009
I Think You Offended Don
Judith is pregnant, Alan believes he is the father, and Judith tries to keep him away from Herb. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to figure out why Jake is so irritable.
2 Feb. 2009
David Copperfield Slipped Me a Roofie
After his family acts mean-spirited during Alan's "surprise" birthday party, Alan decides he's had enough and moves in with his girlfriend and mom.
9 Feb. 2009
I'd Like to Start with the Cat
Charlie's big mouth and lack of attention to details gets him in couples counseling with his girlfriend.
2 Mar. 2009
She'll Still Be Dead at Halftime
Charlie needs Alan and Jake's help getting rid of the drunk, half-naked bimbo passed out in his bed when his girlfriend tells him she's coming home early from a funeral.
9 Mar. 2009
The 'Ocu' or the 'Pado'?
Charlie is so desperate to get Chelsea to return his accidental "I love you" and not lose control in the relationship that he is willing to propose to her just to make her say it.
16 Mar. 2009
My Son's Enormous Head
Charlie has trouble trying to take care of Chelsea when she gets sick.
30 Mar. 2009
The Two Finger Rule
Charlie, Alan and Herb commiserate with each other when their stupid decisions put them on the outs with their significant others.
13 Apr. 2009
Hello, I am Alan Cousteau
Charlie is disturbed when his mother meets Chelsea and starts spending time with her, but he has a plan for revenge.
27 Apr. 2009
Above Exalted Cyclops
Chelsea sets up Alan with her new "friend" Rose--the same Rose who stalked Charlie for years. But to Charlie's surprise, the two of them hit it off.
4 May 2009
Sir Lancelot's Litter Box
Charlie winds up in more hot water with Chelsea because he doesn't want her moving in with him.
11 May 2009
Good Morning, Mrs. Butterworth
Charlie is angry when Alan and Chelsea become good friends, until he figures out how to use the situation to his advantage.
18 May 2009
Baseball Was Better with Steroids
Chelsea is jealous when Charlie's ex fiancé, Mia, calls him--perhaps rightfully so. Meanwhile, Judith goes into labor, Herb is incapacitated, and Alan runs into his ex-girlfriend and receptionist at the hospital.

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