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Alternate Versions

The series pilot, "Beauty and the Obese", was first released as a 1/2-hour single episode and then as a longer 2-part episode with new footage. New stuff includes:
  • PART ONE -- 1. A slightly longer opening sequence on the model's runway where a skinny audience members mumbles "I both love it and I hate it" before the first model blimps up.

  • 2. In the first Tender Loins sequence, there is new footage starting with a conversation with the bartender and Persephone about her new boyfriend, whose brother she is going to meet. The boyfriend shows up and his brother is revealed to be his Siamese twin with an inexplicable British accent and snooty, patrician attitude. The manager then panics because Erotica hasn't shown up for work. This segues into a sequence where Erotica as Stripperella (This is Stripperella's (And Erotica's)first appearance in the two-parter, NOT the reveal of Erotica as she starts her act in the Tender Loins, as it is in the single episode version) rescues a baby from the lion's pit at a zoo. Giving the baby to its mother she is thanked but griped at because she destroyed the baby's heirloom blanket. She then talks to the zoo-keeper about moving the lion's pit to a place farther from the kids play area. She continues to give a lecture about increasing the lion's pit size before looking at her watch and realizing that she is late for work. Then we see a sign on the front of the Tender Loins advertising "The Best Cervix in Town!" The original footage picks up here. This whole sequence lasts for about 2 1/2 minutes.

  • 3. When Stripperella enters Flinderman's en route to FUGG headquarters, new footage has her stop to admire a shoe sale before her navel ring beeper beeps again, causing her to continue running to the secret door to the headquarters.

  • 4. After another model blimps up at the Stiffy Woods concert video, new footage shows a scene in the Tender Loins as Persephone is talking with her boyfriend. It starts when Persephone eats a Marcino cherry, revealing that she is able to do origami with her tongue when she works the stem and makes a miniature model of the Eiffel Tower. Her boyfriend is impressed, but the snotty Brit wannabe Siamese bother asks her if she learned that trick at "whore school". The date continues until the boyfriend chokes. Persephone performs the Heimlich maneuver, explaining that lots of strippers choke when they grab dollar bills with their teeth. The Brit wannabe remarks sarcastically about the anecdote, resulting in an argument. This lasts a little over a minute.

  • 5. The scene introducing Dr. Cesearean is extended when he makes the joke about seeing Enorma "in the obituary column!" The original scene ended when he went back into his office, whereas the new one continues with him laughing maniacally in his office as the the camera pulls out and reveals his waiting room filled with shocked onlookers. This ends with a "To Be Continued".

  • 6. The "Next on Stripperella" segment shows footage from Part Two, including a scene showing the Siamese twins fighting each other.

  • PART ONE runs for about 22 minutes without commercial.

PART TWO of the extended cut of "Beauty and the Obese" starts with a "Previously on Stripperella" segment that runs almost two minutes. Other additions/changes include:
  • 1. The scene with Stripperella undercover at Dr. Cesaerian's as "Sister Mary Hadalamb" is extended slightly. The scene in the original ends after a close-up of Stripperella's face and goes to her night break-in of the office. The new stuff begins with Stripperella beating a hasty if clumsy retreat "Well, I'd better go back to... where-ever nuns go." "Church?" "Yeah! That place!". Then we shift to the front door of the Tender Loins with the sign reading "Open till 2 am... never clothed." We see the Siamese twins confronting the doorman. He reacts with shock, exclaiming "Whoah! YOu're twice!" He then rubs his eyes and says "Now you're all blurry!" to which the Brit wannabe, Cliff, responds nastily. The doorman asks for ID's, but Dave is the only one with a card and is granted enterance. When he is denied, Cliff complains "You don't really need to see my ID. I'm clearly over twenty-one." Persephone then runs up, excited that Dave arrived, but is less enthused by Cliff's presence. The feeling is mutual as Cliff snarls, "I return to London in the morning and my brother insisted that we spend my last night in a vulgar sleaze emporium!", prompting an easperated response from Dave. The scene then moves inside of the club with the Siamese twins entered with Persephone as the bartender and Erotica watch. Erotica bemoans her friend's luck with men that the bartender sums up with the conclusion that she's easy(loose). Erotica corrects this charge with "lucky", wishing that she could meet a guy , fall in love, etc. She further mutters "Sometimes I get so lonely, dancing and fighting crime(this second one catches the bartender's attention), that I just don't have time for a social life." The bartender asks about her statement 'fighting crime' that prompts Erotica to hastily say that she said GRIME and that she spends a lot of time cleaning around the house. She then leaves work AGAIN, saying goodbye to her boss. He tries to protest, but she ignores him totally and he gives up. This new addition is about 1 and 1/2 minutes.

  • 2. As she breaks into Dr. Cesaerian's office that night, some new dialogue inserted. As she cuts a hole into the front door's glass with a clawed glove, she mutters to herself "Oh, I forgot that I can cut glass with my nipples! I could've broke a nail like this." Another dialogue addition happens when she picks the door to Room 3. She mutters, "Oops, wrong finger." The scene is not extended timewise at all.

  • 3. The next new scene begins in the Tender Loins as the owner and the bartender discuss the 2-drink minimum policy and how it would adhere to the Siamese twins, with the owner asking if they should be charged for 2 or 4 drinks. The bartender says it doesn't matter since the British half has had WAY more than 4 drinks. Totally soused, Cliff suggests that they visit "your naked tart of a girlfriend!" Dragging Dave along reluctantly, Cliff drools and giggles mispronouncing Persephone's name and climbing up on the stage. Dave angrily chastises Cliff, and the two get into a fistfight. Confronted by the doorman Cliff is ordered out while Dave is allowed to stay, but Dave says he was leaving anyway. Outside the club, Persephone follows the two and ask to speak to Cliff alone. Dave turns away and Persephone asks what Cliff hates about her, insisting that she's not trying to come between them. Cliff admits that he's jealous of Dave. Since Dave was born first by a week (no, this doesn't make sense to me either or Persephone, seeing as they're Siamese twins)he always felt as if their parents loved Dave more. He then drunkenly rambles on about how while he was at Oxford, Dave was partying with women. This made him jealous because he never had success with women. He also admits that he's madly in love with her and bemoans that she'd probably never give him the time of day, saying mean things to her as a defense mechanism. She softens at that and hugs Cliff. This scene ends with drugged Striperella waking up in the doctor's basement lab and runs about 2 1/2 minutes.

  • 4. After Dr. Cesearian explains his rationale behind his actions, exclaiming "Ooh, I HATE models!" there is a dialogue extension where he continues ",,,and heights. But, that's neither here nor there. You can't really harm heights."

  • 5. In the VH-1 Fashion Awards, the announcer's line-up of stars is slightly different. In the original, ALF and others are mentioned, while the first listed in the two-parter is Tony Danza and others.

  • 6. When Dr. Cesaerian threatens to inject the now-freed Stripperella with cellulite, there is a new commercial break. After the break, the scene repeats the last line.

  • 7. There is a change in Kathie Lee Gifford's appearance on the Fashion Awards. In the original, her scene is black-and-white(implying that it's on a TV screen), but in the two-parter, she's announced and her scene is in color.

  • 8. In the race to the Fashion Awards, there is a slight scene extension. It starts after Woody Allen comes on stage at the Awards. Stripperella pulls up to a railroad crossing on her bike just as the barrier comes down and the train crosses. As she waits, a truck from "Ramps Plus" pulls up next to her with a huge ramp attached behind the trailer. She uses this to jump the train. As she lands on the other side, the train passes and the barrier goes up, exasperating her. This extension runs about 40 seconds.

  • 9. In the original concluding scene at the Tender Loins, a slight dialogue extension has Persephone bemoaning that Dave left her because she slept with his brother Cliff and somehow he found out. This lasts about 25 seconds.

  • 10. After the bartender muses "I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Stripperella." the original episode ends, but in the two-parter there is an extension showing Erotica backstage pulling the bag of Dr. Cesaerian's face parts (all that was left of him after his lab mysteriously exploded)out of her pocket and saying, "I don't think we've seen the last of YOU, Dr. Cesaerian." The scene then shifts to a train station where we see an extremely fat and trench-coated figure boards a train to Italy. It is Dr. Cesaerian, and he literally sneezes his nose off before replacing it and boarding the train.

  • 11. The words "The End" are actually shown before the credits.

  • PART TWO runs about 21 and 1/2 minutes, with commercials excised. The whole thing runs about 43 and 1/2 minutes total.

The recently released DVD set replaces the show's theme song, sung by Kid Rock, with an extended version of the ending song from the first seven episodes.

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