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jeffersmukai9 October 2006
Summary: Spiral: Suiri no kizuna or Spiral Bond of Reasoning in America, is a mystery anime revolving around Amuyu Narumi and his search for answers about the mysterious organization known as the Blade Children. With the help of the peppy Yuizaki Hiyono, head of the school newspaper, they uncover startling evidence and piece together mysterious and murders with just the smallest clues. This series contains 25 episodes.

Appropriate Odience: When it comes to blood, Spiral is pretty good, though there can be some violence and swearing. Recommended for older viewers, children may find the puzzles and logic and bit boring.

Rating: 9 out of 10 I personally really liked the series. There is character development and lots of twists and turns. The logic behind the plot is amazing and keeps you hooked. Though there are a few quirks here and there, they aren't that noticeable and add up to a great mystery anime.
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From a non-anime fan...
Galadhrim_arrow18 December 2006
Worth a view, no doubt, if you love anime. As for those of you who are not very fond of watching Jap-animation, you might find it enjoyable. I did. Might have to do with I was expecting very little out of it, but the story is compelling and the characters are very real. The English voice-over could use some work for a few people, but turn around and there is are some voices that work superbly. The animation quality is only par standard, but it does the job and draws you in. All in all a most enjoyable romp. And if you are not even an avid fan of Jap-animation, you might just be drawn in. I was. Overall

7.8 / 10
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