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Entertainment Weekly
Wilkinson once again astonishes with his ability to convey weakness and strength, hypocrisy and gallantry, cruelty and compassion in the same male animal.
Watson and Everett, both superb, bring ferocity and feeling to their roles. But the one you won't forget is Wilkinson (In the Bedroom) in a towering performance of grace and grit that deserves to put him on Oscar's shortlist. Good show.
This morally ambiguous tale of dangerous liaisons and bewildering choices amounts to one of the year's most intriguing dramas.
If there's pleasure to be derived from the misfortunes of others, then Julian Fellowes' wickedly entertaining adaptation of Nigel Balchin's nearly forgotten 1951 novel is a barrel of fun.
Wall Street Journal
The intricacies here are moral and ethical, and they're fascinating.
The Hollywood Reporter
The story presents a moral morass involving betrayal, illicit sex, hypocrisy and a crime, yet the film feels tidy. Only one punch gets thrown, and you sense the perpetrator regrets his action immediately. It is all very British.
Quietly unsettling.
Philadelphia Inquirer
So gin-and-tonic dry, so deceptive in its deadpan-ness, that it's not always clear that Julian Fellowes is having fun. But he is.
New York Daily News
A neat, twisty little domestic drama about smart people, foolish choices.
Separate Lies reminded me of Woody Allen's "Crimes and Misdemeanors"... seemingly about the portioning of blame. It is actually about the burden of guilt, which some can carry so easily while for others, it is intolerable.
Chicago Tribune
The writing isn't always up to the actors, who all give the kind of expert, theatrically ingenious performances that often seem director-proof.

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