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That a detente between the cliques is unthinkable, that they could never eat at the same table, is one of many assumptions that makes Sleepover such a downer.
Chicago Tribune
A sweet, effective installment, an often bright and efficient repository for the slapstick laughs and cutesy sentiments so beloved by this age group.
The New York Times
A wispy pubescent comedy.
The Hollywood Reporter
Essentially sleepwalks its way through a strictly by-the-numbers premise.
A frenetic, featherweight trifle aimed at tweener femmes.
L.A. Weekly
Devotes too much time to a shrill, unfunny security guard who's pursuing the girls, but he does stage some zippy sequences, from the red-clad Julie's skateboard dash home to witty bits involving an energy-depleted electric car.
Dallas Observer
Highly commercialized teenybopper fluff, likely to please the tweenie girls but sorely lacking in anything original or even interesting.
Viewers of that age may overlook the contrived situations and the awful acting, which consists mainly of frozen grins. Nobody else will.
The film is probably not evil incarnate, but it's so irritating you wish it -- and just about everyone in it -- would just shut up and get out of your room.
Entertainment Weekly
Yes, it's all a harmless lark. Which is why the only thing that could redeem this sour patch of candy-coated crud would be a final shot of Earth exploding.

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