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In the garden, when Mia is practicing her archery, Nicholas enters whistling. The piece he is whistling is the main theme from the third movement of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2.
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The song, "Your Crowning Glory", was the first time Julie Andrews had sung in public or on screen since she had throat surgery in 1997. She reportedly nailed the song on the first take, and brought tears to the eyes of the crew present.
Julie Andrews does her own stunt in the mattress-surfing scene.
Hannah Schneider, who played "Dancing Princess Hannah" in the slumber party sequence, is Julie Andrews's granddaughter.
The Disneyland Hotel has transformed a bedroom of the Presidential Suite into a re-creation of Princess Mia's suite from the movie. The room includes set pieces from the movie.
In the beginning scenes when Princess Mia is explaining what has gone on since the first movie she says that she and Michael have broken up and he is now touring with his band. Robert Schwartzman declined to do the sequel in order to focus on his band, Rooney, which was touring the country at the time the movie was being made.
Reportedly, when Raven-Symoné was told she would sing a song with Julie Andrews for the movie, she was so moved, she started crying.
Julie Andrews's line, "I've done a lot of flying in my time," is a very obvious reference to her most iconic role with Disney, Mary Poppins (1964).
Anne Hathaway's mother, Kate McCauley Hathaway, appears in the movie as the choir director.
The jewelry used by Mia and the queen is all real. A guard was on set the whole time. The most expensive piece is the necklace the queen is wearing at the wedding.
At the royal garden party, Princess Mia asks a guest how her three grandchildren, Lily, Charlotte, and Sam are doing. Those are the names of director, Garry Marshall's three grandchildren. The guest was Garry Marshall's wife, Barbara Marshall.
Julie Andrews loves fresh flowers, and convinced Garry Marshall to use only real flowers in the arrangements inside Rinaldi Castle. During the filming, she was constantly adjusting the arrangements, removing dying blossoms, etc. The centerpiece of the kitchen table (in the scene where Nicholas tops his chocolate mousse) got switched from a large piece (as seen in the background) to the cluster of small flowers seen in the final cut - the original arrangement got in the way of the filming.
Sofia Loren is in the birthday party scene when Raven Symone taps Anne Hathaway on the back while the latter is sampling the cake frosting. Seen right between and behind the two, wearing glasses and gold dress.
Chris Pine's first major movie debut.
In the beginning of the movie, Anne Hathaway flings her bracelet to the palace guard, and he says "It happens all the time," which was an allusion to Julia Roberts' character flinging her escargot to the same person in Pretty Woman (another Garry Marshall directed film).
Lord Crawley and his identical twin brother (who don't get along) tersely acknowledge each other by their first names, Jerry and Dean. This is a reference to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, who were the most successful comedy team of the 1950's, yet were known to have had several heated arguments late in their joint career. They finally split up amidst a great deal of bitterness in 1956 and didn't speak to each other for twenty years.
Produced by Whitney Houston.
During the royal garden party, a singer sings "Miracles Happen" (the finale song from the first movie) in Mandarin.
Both brother and sister Spencer and Abigail Breslin have roles in this film. Spencer as Prince Jacques and Abigail as the orphan girl Carolina from the parade.
The scene originally shown in trailers in which Princess Mia says, "Grandma said shut up, shut up!" was cut from the actual film.
The member of Parliament trapped between the two arguing brothers at the meeting concerning the orphans' home is songwriter Paul Williams - his character's name is Lord Harmony.
At one point, Joe warns Mabrey to leave Mia alone, noting that he has "diplomatic immunity in 46 countries, including Puerto Rico." Hector Elizondo was born in New York, but his parents emigrated from Puerto Rico.
Julie Andrews has stated in 2012 that a Princess Diaries 3 didn't happen due to Princess diaries 2 being a failure and that Anne Hathaway is too old to reprise her role.
Julie Andrews and John Rhys-Davies played together in 1982 in the movie Victor/Victoria. And this is their second movie together.
When Nicholas is throwing pebbles at Mia's window, he is whistling the famous "Flower Duet" from Delibes's opera Lakme.
At one point Mia refers to Nicholas as Prince Charming. Chris Pine would eventually go on to play Prince Charming in the film adaptation of Into the Woods.
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The song sung by the opera singer is from "La Traviata." This is the same opera featured in the film Pretty Woman, also directed by Garry Marshall.
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Lindsay Lohan made a cameo in America in the end when Princess Mia is giving her "wedding speech".
In the parade sequence with the orphans, in the top right corner, the marquee of the Genovian National Theatre indicates a production of "Wrong Turn at Lungfish" is being staged. This play was co-written by Garry Marshall and Lowell Ganz. This was also the play in which Kathleen Marshall made her off-Broadway debut in NYC.
At the end of the movie when the band is playing, the director, Garry Marshall, is playing the bass drum on the left.
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In the Genovian Independence Day parade, the announcer introduces the Mertz marching band directed by Lucille Charmical. These are names from I Love Lucy, which Princess Mia later confesses to Chris Pine's character is a favorite of hers.
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Elizabeth Gudenrath (as Beth Anne Garrison) is seen as Princess Mia's Princeton friend, Anna, in Princess Diaries 2 the Royal Engagement (2004) and previously portrayed Anna of Princess Diaries (2001) cheerleaders Lana, Anna, and Fontana.
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Stan Lee: the wedding attendee who acts like one of the Three Stooges.

Director Cameo 

Garry Marshall: middle drummer in the coronation scene.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Security Guard Lionel, played by Erik Bragg, was also featured in The Princess Diaries (2001) as Bobby Bad (teen on cell phone during final softball scene).
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