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What's to hate about this game? It's a really good game
Ilikehorrormovies29 January 2018
I'm serious like you can do anything in this game. I have to admit it's addicting but not to much for a 14 or 15 year old game. I like the Postal Dude like when he got arrested "Hay that ain't my fault! Arrest the kid with the keyboad!", man his dialouge is very memeroble. Good game worth the buy.
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Offensive stuff means good stuff.
endergammer16 March 2017
The humor is offensive the graphics are offensive the characters are offensive. And dats what it makes this game funny.

Sometime it gets boring though. Still enjoyed it. Could do better cutscenes. Sincerely I write this review just to get some things done on the check list. Still enjoyed the game. And now: PINGU SO I CAN GET MORE LINES! PINGU!PINGU!PINGU!
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Underrated, Violent, Offensive, and Amazing
SofaKingRealReviews11 June 2014
My Rating: 8.9/10

Let's start off my review by saying that this game is "certainly" not for everyone. It is very offensive and crude, but if that's your kind of humor you'll have a field day with this gem of a game. I found myself laughing throughout the entire game not only because of it's dialog also because some of the levels are just hilarious from it's over the top violence to it's dark sense of humor. This game didn't receive as much attention as it deserved because this is definitely going in my top ten list of best games I've ever played not because of story or graphic, but because it's a simple concept that proved itself playable, violent, and hilarious that deserves way more attention. Sure the graphics and voice acting isn't amazing, but to me that adds to comical experience of the game. I would highly recommend this game, but be prepared because it is highly offensive.
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A Great *Beep*ing Game (Contains Spoilers)
privatemerc20 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It is a great game with a guy that is a total Scychopath. The name is Postal Dude and the objective is doing chores for your wife that wants things like milk or Gary Coleman's autograph. Or Cash your paycheck and wait in a very long line but then some robbers come and shoot it up you could escape or have a great time shooting them with guns and stuff. Through out the game you could be peaceful or be a killing machine. Yes the long loading times will be sorta annoying but. Hey it is a great game of killing once your done shooting the city up with shotguns and assault rifles. Once you get past the -Urinating on people- and lighting people on fire with gas it is not that bad of a game i mean by violent aspects well when u pee in front of a mirror it shows a big censored thing so like they should sell this stuff in Wal*Mart. And it is not like Grand Theft Autos San Andreas hot coffee thing. So that is my comment. If you have any Questions Email me at: or And that is my Review -Postal 2- is a trademarked product of (Running With Scisors, Inc)
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Postal 2: Very violent and disturbing, also equally hilarious and un P.C
gangstahippie18 July 2006
Postal 2 was released in 2002 and is the sequel to the lesser known 1996 game "Postal".The game did not sell very well, however it definitely has a cult following.Most of the games popularity comes from the controversy.The game is extremely violent(more so than Grand Theft Auto) and the fact that you are committing such acts on (mostly) innocent pedestrians makes it even worse.You can gun people down with very bloody results, blow a person's head off with a shotgun, decapitate someone with a shovel, burn people alive, urinate on them etc.There is not much of a plot to the game.You are the "Postal Dude" living in the small town of "paradise" with your nagging wife and dog.You must complete a variety of tasks each day, however most of them end up with something going wrong and you having to get out of it.You meet various kinds of people each day from angry violent protesters to angry terrorists(who all look like Osama Bin Laden) to corrupt priests gay rednecks.What makes Postal 2 a great game is the social commentary.The game shows angry parents protesting violent video games at the actual game company that made Postal 2.Your character works there and you can even kill the creator of the game Vince Desi.The game is very un P.C and that's why some people will hate it.The graphics are fairly good, especially for 2002.My main problem with this game is the load times.Every time you move from city to city, or even a big building, you get this annoying semi-long load screen.This can be very annoying if you have to walk far distances to get to your destination.Another thing many people will not like is that the game is much too short.It took me about 7-8 hours max to complete first time.Keep in mind, it's not all that easy.The easiest mode in the game is fairly easy, but the other ones are fairly hard.Overall, Postal 2 is a great game filled with graphic violence and hilarious social-commentary.You probably will not find it in stores, so either try an online site or maybe even downloading it.
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It's a nasty little game for people who don't feel bad about sitting in a darkened room alone for eighty years eating nothing but chips
yousrekh18 July 2005
If you're the kind of person who burned ants with a magnifying glass when you were young, or you think that cutting a dog's ears off is great fun, you should definitely play this game. It will make you happy. If you're lucky, it may even stimulate the negative emotions that you were more than likely experiencing at the time.

Although I hate to admit it, Postal 2 can be fun. You get to throw petrol around and set it alight, which is something no other game that I know of can offer. You get to cause trouble generally, in fact, and what, you might ask, is wrong with that? That sounds like fun, doesn't it? The problem with Postal 2 is that, after a short session of playing it, I started to feel ill. I felt like I had just done something naughty, like murdered a prostitute or something similar. This feeling doesn't go away as long as the game is installed on your computer.

I played it with my friend. He felt this way too.

If you have no morals, or are, clinically, a sociopath, then you'll love this game. Otherwise, stick to games which let you explore worlds where people are violent for a reason.
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go postal....
rage322 March 2005
This game really does rock. it has humor,action, and Gary Coleman. the only thing is that you need to like games, and violent ones to appreciate this game,but once you do you will be in for a great adventure that makes you Go Postal. Another thing, this game has some offensive subject and might offend some people, but thats what i thought and i didn't offend me or anyone i know, because its all in the humor. This game also has animal cruelty, but that shouldn't stop you from playing because you can choose to be cruel to the animals,or not. My overall opinion with this game is that the independent developers(Running With Scissors) who made this game worked with everything they had, and they ended up making a highly playable and fun game that is different and doesn't disappoint. Try it and see what you think.
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One of the most underrated games in years....
akuma6341 January 2005
I like FPS's but there are so few with creativity like DOOM 3 witch was just great visuals and mediocre game play, it's wait for monsters to pop out and you shoot them. The critics praise GTA San Andreas but it's just GTA 3 with a few minor tweaks and horrible controls for walking and shooting. Postal 2 is a breath of fresh air, just make sure to get Share The Pain it has half the load times and online play. Postal 2 is so creative, you can use a shovel (first weapon in the game) and knock someone head off and the physics let you kick the head around and the body too. Liquid is also realistic with the, physics you can make a trail of gas and set it ablaze and pee anywhere. It's fun to whip it out in the game, women point and laugh, and men goof on you until you pee in their mouth and watch them run, puke, or pull a gun out. One thing I hate about GTA games are missions were you baby set some fool and if he dies you screwed, races, and other missions that are more stressful that fun, Postal 2 has none of that. This game is very free roaming and you do missions at your own leisure. All buildings can be entered (unlike most games) you can beat the game guns blazing or with stealth your call. The missions are humorous and there is no story and boring cut scenes are short and don't waste your time. You get a check list in each level, like pick up your paycheck at Running With Scissors (makers of Postal 1 and 2) but all hell breaks lose when anti video game protesters take arms and gun down the company for their cause. There are also mazes that keep changing in some missions, and the way you play (passive or madman) will change some missions. Like at the bank when you cash your paycheck there are about 20 people in line, if you wait and cash it bank robbers show so you can sneak out or kill them all. If you don't want to wait you can rob the bank vault and kill at least 40 cops. As far as replay value it depend on the player, I've beaten the game 4 times and I mostly just go on killing sprees and I've been playing for several months and it's a good time killer. I can't wait for the single player expansion in January 2005. The best thing is Postal 2 is $20.00 or less. I'd recommend this to Unreal and Duke Nukem fans! 9/10
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You want something that's entirely non-politically correct, look no further. If, however, you want something that's actually entertaining, look elsewhere
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews7 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Eh... an alternate heading for this review might be "sucks on so many levels", but I thought that this summary puts it better and hopefully it catches the eyes of potential buyers(so that I may warn them). If you are indeed reading this, it worked. If not... I was wrong. First things first; I was interested in this game when I heard that it was going to be more detailed and massive than the first(which was just a fun little 2D shooter with little to no plot). Fortunately, those promises were indeed met. Unfortunately, that's about the only positive thing I can say for this dull, short, and barely entertaining game. The game-play is boring and frustratingly hard a lot of the time. The game tries too hard to be funny, and ends up being like one of the new Simpsons episodes... meaning they throw in plot devices at the most obvious parts, they push the punchline so far into your face you'll be struggling to breathe and, possibly worst of all, they realize that the humor is horrible, and instead of *doing* something about this, they make fun of that, too. As for the graphics engine... you know those really, really cool games, where you can blow off limbs, every single body-hit has a reaction and you can affect the movements of your enemies by attacking(knocking them to the ground, hitting them with your weapon, etc.)? Yeah, me too. Apparently the Running With Scissors team doesn't... or if they do, they don't appreciate the dimension it adds to the game. Whereas in overall mediocre games like Soldier of Fortune and Red Faction you can blow your enemies or your environment to pieces, here you can merely blow off the enemies head(if you're damn lucky) with a shot directly to the head, with a shotgun... at about one foot distance away from him or her. Also, if you have infinite amounts of patience, then you could attempt to knock off their head with the shovel... but again, it takes far too much time to be effective or entertaining, and it gets real old, real quick. Among the aforementioned attempts at making everything political incorrect in the game are the features of smoking pot to gain more health and various "offensive" advertisements, including an ad for a life insurance, directed at kids telling them that "your parents are going to die... make sure they're insured". Not funny, right? Exactly. Just politically incorrect. It seems like it's a rising tendency to make games offensive rather than entertaining... kind of a 'screw you' to the censors, I guess. That's all fine and good, of course, but make sure that the games are fun to play as well as offensive. That's all. The game-play is repetitive and frankly just boring. It's not particularly challenging, either(then again, I did play it on the easiest difficulty, so it might be far harder on harder difficulty levels, but a good game manages to give the player something that requires effort to pass, even on the easiest setting). What does offer challenge to the player is the awful physics engine, which doesn't work properly, and is poorly crafted; you can kick, but you can't kick anyone to the ground; you can hit people with large objects, but you can't knock them back, so you'll often find yourself surrounded by enemies, with no good way of fighting them off. The weapon selection is unimaginative(especially for a game that tries hard to be offensive); there are no nail guns, chainsaws or even a knife or something... what we get is the same old stuff... shotgun(SPAS 12, I think, for anyone that cares), pistol(Desert Eagle) and assault rifle(M4, if my memory serves me correctly). Of course, there are some more entertaining weapons... but they could have done so much more. I must compliment them on the can of gas, though... that is a weapon that any guy with just a few(even mild) aggressions can enjoy. Apart from that, though, there are hardly any reasons for playing this. If you do play it, there's no reason for playing through it, as it's the same thing all the way through(all five levels...). If you do make it to the last level, there is sort of a twist(I suppose... if one can even claim that the game has an actual plot). Next paragraph will contain a total of two spoilers, put there simply for the sake of preventing the need for anyone who doesn't want to complete the game, to complete it, if they want to know how it ends.

*SPOILERS* At the end of the last level, after the last mission, there will be a "twist": the apocalypse will start, for no reason in particular. Everyone will start shooting at each other, and some will shoot at you. I guess this is supposed to make up for the lack of entertaining game-play. Also, in the final cinematic, when you've beaten the entire game, the Postal Dude does kill that preposterously obnoxious woman he's with... issues, anyone? I vote "yes". *END SPOILERS*

What else is there to say... the AI is nearly non-existent, the level design is lacking in detail, the graphics are overly demanding and not particularly good, the game is thoroughly dull and the "plot" is lame(and at times, utterly nonsensical). The level is built as a small town which you can move around in about as much as you want, with more areas being added as you progress through the game. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that there are "load zones" at every major "checkpoint" in the level, and you have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to get to continue. All in all, the game is just too dull, short and dumb and tries too hard to be politically incorrect... kind of like a game version of Adam Sandler. People with issues may enjoy this. I recommend this to fans of offensive games, not entertaining ones. 5/10
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Awesome Game!
Deep_Eyes29 November 2003
Postal 2 is a really awesome game! I recommend this to anyone who loves violent games. This is one of those games that don't have a plot and all you do is run errands for your wife and while your at it, wreak havok on the entire city! Really, this is a great game, if you ever get a chance see it on store shelves you should pick it up, it won't disappoint!
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You'll love it and wet yourself laughing.........
macleod10228 November 2003
But after a couple of hours the novelty wears off and what your left with, is a standard FPS game.

The real selling point of this game, is it's non politically-correct attitude, other than that there's nothing else to this game.

Yes it's great fun being able to urinate on people and watch them throw up.

Yes it's funny to be able to stuff a cat on the end of your shotgun and use it as a siliencer.

Yes it's funny to be able to shoot the c**p out of religious fanatics, rednecks, tree loving protesters and parents against video game violence.

And yes it's even funny hearing people (and your character) swearing all the time.

BUT after the novelty wears off, what are you left with? Not a lot.

The basic premise of the game is you have certain errands to run each day (things like pick up the milk, cash your pay check, urinate on your fathers grave, that sort of thing), but unfortunately things always go wrong (like being attacked by the parents against video games, just after you have been fired from your job with a Video games developer). The errands themself are all quite original and funny and do make you wonder at times how the programmers really think. But there is one HUGE problem with this game, that makes it almost unplayable and that is the loading times between different sections of the map. Now on some errands you have to cross the entire town, which means you'll have to go through 3 or 4 load sections before you reach your goal, and go through 3 or 4 load sections to get to the next. This in itself is pretty bad programming, but for each one of these loads to take 2-3 minutes each, that's completely unforgiveable!! Now I know it's not my PC, as I've got a pretty high spec one (XP3000+, ATI 9700pro, 1.5GB DDR, and Maxtor 7200 rpm HD's), so I checked the net and found out that everybody has the same problem, but there is a patch that reduces this loading time, which I downloaded and applied; but it didn't seem to change anything on my copy. Oh well, never mind, eh?!

Postal 2 is a really funny game and an original take on the first person shooter game, but besides the very adult humour there is nothing else here that hasn't been done better in other games. Buy it for the novelty value only, otherwise get something better like MOHAA.
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