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Your all right but...

Author: hivorian-1 from Australia
7 May 2005

Even though agree with all of you that this is an amazing movie. Do you guys know that you have all put your comments about the movie on the Video Game (VG) section .... have any of you played the video game? Which is about as great as the movie! But come on people ... Common Sense seems to be missing from this bunch of people ...

So next time you all want to post a great comment about a really good movie. PICK THE MOVIE TITLE. You only come off looking rather stupid... OTher than that i think that all of your comments were entirely accurate and useful with information, i now know Johnny Depp isn't gay .. excellent.

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Good game with RPG elements

Author: paulmaryland from Greenbelt, MD
18 December 2003

If you are a fan of RPGs, I would highly reccomend this game. Bethesda Software had a big effect on the gaming industry with their release of "The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind" and while "Pirates of the Carribean" isn't quite as successful, it is nevertheless a good game. There is amazing depth to this game and it will probably take you a few hours of gameplay to learn most of the ropes. This is something I enjoyed about the game personally. Some things you can do are: board enemy ships and take them over, command fleets, upgrade your ships, swordfight on land or at sea, sail from island to island importing and exporting goods, explore caves, fight your way through and take over forts. This game is a bit of a challenge when compared to traditional action-adventure RPGs, but being able to save your game at any time reduces some of the frustration. There are also alot of reports of glitches, but there was nothing major that stopped me from finishing this game. Check it out!

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Surprisingly good

Author: lightning_fist from Northants, England
13 October 2003

well...wot can I say? The game is excellent! (and its not everyday i say that!) Trust me...just buy it and see for yourself. You can control a fleet of ships and even become a pirate yourself! Really worth the money.


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this is not the movie!

Author: dale12376 from United States
20 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this not the movie! it is a video game. OK with that out of the way i think this is a very good game (but the copy i have is very scratched so it freezes). the game has a very good story. This is how it starts out... You are captain Nathaniel hawk. You are in Obay for repairs and to sell your cargo. you finish this and then you leave as the french take the colony. you then go to Redmond to tell the English governor. this is how the game starts out there is no Johnny Depp in this game. or Orlando bloom maybe Capitan Barbarossa as i am not that far in the game. I give the game seven out of ten stars. I deeply recommend this game to fans of the movie. even though it has very little to do with the movie.

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I love Jonny Depp

Author: yuka fukumori from Japan
17 December 2008

Jonny Depp and Will Turner are very cool!!!! But I like Jonny Depp in this movie. I was throb and very happy from beginning to end. Some contents are difficult but I did not get tired and watched till the last with interest. I like characters of Jonny Depp very much. Though he is a bad character, I cannot hate him for some reason. I like such place. While I watched the movie, I was absorbed and in love with Jonny Depp. As for the pirate, is immortal; become the skeleton with curse when it is night. There was slightly weird and fierce. So I think that I had better not show it to a small child. Though it was to a Part 3 product, a climax was surprising in unexpected development. There was pleasant, too. This movie is the first favorite while I looked so far. I recommend it very much.

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johnny depp

Author: tightrope57 from United States
14 September 2005

My middle daughter kept telling me to watch pirates of the Caribbean but i kept saying i don't like pirate movies she said momma you'll love it i like Johnny depp anyway she bought it brought it over and we watched it needless to say i loved it johnny depp makes the movie its our favorite movie to watch when she comes over she has 2 kids they like it too they say mama put my pirate in i want to see captain jack and the pirates we all love the movie and are waiting for the next one id like to say that if it wasn't for johnny depps performance though i would'nt have liked the movie he is one of the few newer actors that i like and my daughters do too

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Johnny Depp Was FABULOUS as the lovable scoundrel Jack Sparrow, that's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!

Author: tcarroccetto from Canada
10 July 2005

Johnny Depp just keeps getting better! Pirates of the Caribbean was an amazing platform from which Depp expanded his already wide variety of character creations. From the carefully contrived, over emphasis on the attempt to swagger sober(almost every one has seen THAT in real life)to the richly accented slurred speech, Depp has created an unforgettable character. Burton and Depp forever! I have heard the comments about Captain Sparrow being gay. What's up with that? What gay fellow would be slapped by numerous voluptuous women over past indiscretions? By the way, Johnny's take on the slaps .... hilarious! I cannot wait to see the next 2 in the series! I'm sure Johhny will be brilliant ... as always.

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In life there are constant battles between good and evil and one must choose between doing what is right and wrong.

Author: clark45 from us
30 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film Pirates of the Caribbean shows that in life there are constant battles between good and evil and one must choose between doing what is right and wrong. Although the main battle here is between the cursed pirates and the civilized army, there are two additional conflicts the film as well, one between Jack and the Commodore and another between Jack and the betrayed pirates.

The story begins with an abandoned pirate Jack Sparrow who must steal a ship in order to find of his stolen ship 'The Black Pearl'. After being captured, he is befriended by Will Turner who in turn needs Jack's help to find the Black Pearl to save Elizabeth, who has been abducted by the pirates. Of course, love plays a role in this underlying love story.

For example, the sword fighting scene between Will Turner and Jack Sparrow after Jack is chased into the blacksmith's workshop helps to support the theme. In this scene, the element of backlighting combined with the over-the-shoulder shots gives a shadowing effect that enforces the gloom of a battle between good and evil.

Perhaps the most revealing example of the fight between good and evil is the battle scene during the night between the pirates and the governor's army. With the element of lighting given predominantly by the moonlight, the cursed pirates are shown to be nothing but skeletons with clothes. The audience is assured that the pirates are in fact of the walking dead.

In conclusion, the relevance of following your heart and what you feel strongly about shows that, no matter the outcome of a situation, you can feel good about your decisions. In your heart you know whether or not you gave your all and made the right choice. The Commodore learned this the hard way. In the end he understood his weak choices towards Elizabeth are what kept them from being together in the end. I think Elizabeth, no matter how intrigued by pirates, would have chosen Commodore if he'd showed the love that Will Turner had shown.

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not great but not terrible

Author: bubbamstocks from raleigh
22 December 2003

I have this game for the Gameboy Advance. I really thought it would be like the movie but it's not. What you do is try to "steal Captain Barbossa's treasure". That kind of disappointed me, but still it's a fun game. It's actually kind of a difficult game, but all in all i'd give it a 7 out of 10.

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The best movie ever!

Author: lil_beanie_babe from australia
6 November 2004

I loved Pirates of The Caribbean, Johnny played an excellent part and deserved way more awards then he got. Considering Keira Knightly was only 17 she did an excellent job I thought her part was brilliant. Orlando Bloom was great, i think that Johnny and Orlando make a good team together. I can't wait for number 2 to come out hopefully it is even better than the first one. The special effects were also really good, I think Geoffrey Rush is a great "bad guy".I can watch it over again and never get bored. I thought it was very funny and entertaining I rate it 10/10 and recommend it to anyone who has a sense of humor and loves pirates and looking at Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

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