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How do these recommendations work?

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Free Speech for Sale (1999) (TV)  7.2
Into the Thunder Dragon (2003) (TV)  8.5
Busby Berkeley: Going Through the Roof (1998) (TV)  8.5
Remnants of Everest: The 1996 Tragedy (2007)  8.3
They Drew Fire (2000) (TV)  7.0
Never Ending Thermal (2004)  8.5
American Psyche (2007)  8.3
A Zen Life: D.T. Suzuki (2006)  8.0
Bowling for Columbine (2002)  8.0
I Was a Teenage Feminist (2005)  5.9
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How do the recommendations work?

With over one million titles in the database, it isn't feasible to handpick recommendations for every film. That's why we came up with a complex formula to suggest titles that fit along with the selected one. The formula uses factors such as user votes, genre, title, and keywords to generate an automatic response.

The system produces excellent results most of the time but since recommended titles are not manually chosen, occasionally they may include less than perfect matches, particularly on films where we don't have a lot of data/credits.

If you disagree with a recommendation for a given title and know of a better one, we encourage you to help us improve the results. While you can't modify the recommendations directly, updating the keywords will have the biggest impact on their selection. Look for the "Update" button at the bottom of the main title page and add more relevant (or just plain more) keywords and help make our Recommends feature more useful, more appropriate, and more fun.

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