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The "On Any Sunday" of our generation...
gmazza15 December 2004
An absolutely stunning piece of film. Manages to capture the feeling of riding a bike right at the edge of it's performance envelope, and shows us the mind-bending consequences of breaking through that envelope. If you don't understand why some of us choose to go as fast as humanly (or inhumanly) possible on two wheels, then this movie might provide some insight. For those who are already familiar with the sport, the interviews with riders both past and present are worth the price of admission alone. Hearing Kevin Schwantz describe how it felt just as good to beat Wayne Rainey to 5th place as it did to win provides some insight into the competitive nature required to push those "evil" bikes to the limit. If you have even a passing interest in motorcycles or motor sport, please go watch this movie. Even if only to see how bike racers make four-wheel racers look like a bunch of nancy-boys.
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Slightly flawed documentary is entertaining and educational
FZ1Bob9 July 2004
The fact that there are so few good motorcycle movies makes "FASTER" difficult to rate. If you compare this movie to dreck like "Torque" or "Biker Boyz", it's an absolute 10. If you compare it to the obvious choice "On Any Sunday", the movie is good but it leaves you feeling like it could have been a little bit better.

It's more or less a documentary of the top motorcycle road racing series in the world, MotoGP. The movie focuses primarily on four different riders over the course of the 2001 and 2002 seasons. The narration by Ewan McGregor is excellent, and the racing footage (a mix of shots filmed for the movie and archival race coverage) is fabulous. The interviews with former world champions are entertaining and educational.

However, the way the movie tends to jump around a bit might confuse people who aren't already fans of the sport, a problem that detracts from the excellence of the movie. Basically, you should watch it, but if you're not already a MotoGP fan maybe you should watch it with one so they can explain.
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Thrilling, informative documentary on motorcycle road racing
jmartinsson21 January 2005
This excellent documentary film captures the excitement of the races and the lives of a few of the racers from the point of view of the racers themselves and their teams. The film begins with a focus on the rivalry between Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi (the film definitely takes Rossi's side). A select few other riders are showcased, and then the film focuses on the transition from two-stroke bikes to four-stroke, and Moto GP. The film seems to be pretty comprehensive, covering some history of the sport and also taking a very personal approach in telling the stories of some of the riders, like John Hopkins. The film has awesome footage, which is helpful to those interested in actually racing and those who just want to see some thrilling racing footage. Recommended to those with an interest in the racing scene, sport bike enthusiasts, or those seeking adrenaline-pumping motorcycle footage. The interactive racing features on the second disc of the DVD set has great on board camera footage and an update for the 2004 season.
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More a documentary than a movie, superb for motorcyclists.
TxMike26 December 2004
I have been a motorcyclist most of my life, and have ridden coast to coast, and everywhere in between, during the past 10 years. Back in the late 1990s our local cable carried AMA Supersport 600 and Superbike racing, and occasionally Grand Prix motorcycle racing. I got to know many of those motorcycle warriors through that venue -- Miguel DuHamel, Doug Chandler, Mick Doohan, and the youngsters like the Hayden brothers. The racing was always exciting, and I did my own much lower speed simulations on my VFR750, or my wife's CBR600, but have come to realize that racing is NOT for the streets, a message played clearly in this movie "Faster."

"Faster" focuses exclusively on World Grand Prix racing, the now-defunct 500cc strokers, and the newer 4-stroke liter bikes. Primarily seasons 2000 through 2004, and featuring the newest wave of great riders, like Valentino Rossi, the best of the bunch, and his chasers like Biaggi, Macoy, and others, including homeboy Colin Edwards from up the road in Conroe. This film is not just about the races themselves, but also goes often behind the scenes to show us what goes into development of these race bikes, to make them go faster and faster each year. Narrated comfortable by Ewan McGregor, a very nice DVD for motorcycle racing fans.
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Great Intro to the World Of MotoGP with fantastic footage
jpalamaro27 May 2009
Having been a motorcyclist for a number of years I've avoided the world of MotoGP. Likely more because I didn't know anything about it and spurned it for the same reasons I don't watch NASCAR or Formula 1 racing. Let's face it, until Tom Cruise used Nicole Kidman's leg to explain drafting, well, 'Days of Thunder' did teach me about drafting.

There are lots of subtle and unknown things happening in MotoGP. Riding a motorcycle and understanding motorcycle racing is about as distant as eating and being a fine chef. So, here's a great way to learn about this fascinating sport, its superstars, and perhaps why they do it. Besides, its great fun to watch, lots of ooohs and ahhhhs!
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Get behind the scenes as no one has ever done
junk-100030 May 2006
The people doing this movie have unbelievable access to the MotoGP world through the current biggest stars, racers, family members and the best racers of yesterday.

If you get goosebumps when you ride or by watching madmen push two wheeled vehicles further than the laws of physics should allow the you MUST watch this movie. It is the closest you can possibly get to being on the bike yourself.

There is nothing else like it, if you have that burning inside you to go fast, if you have it you know what I mean, then you owe it to yourself to see this movie.
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Don't miss this.
lew21411 August 2006
For any motorcycle racing addict the 103 minutes for which this runs is just way too short.It does have a bit of the "all hail Rossi" about it but why not? After all he's probably the greatest racer that's been around for at least the last 50 years and that includes Agostini,Sheene,Doohan etc etc.Biaggi has simply never been in the same class.Even if Max was as good as he thinks he is he still couldn't beat Rossi on equal equipment.The only rider I've seen who Rossi might have had a problem with was Joey Dunlop and he definitely would have had a major problem beating Joey if they could have raced against each other at the Isle of Man.
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Really brings the sport to life!
benchracer31 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I've been a motorcycle grand prix fan since 1990. I have a couple of good motorcycle riding buddies who are into racing, but who were never very taken by the gp series (now called Motogp). After watching Faster, my one friend finally got it and is now a big fan. But I think this movie even appeals to non-motorcycle fans. Getting insight into a world where excellence is the norm is just gratifying whatever the subject, and Faster gives just such insight into Motogp - the series and the players. Has some great scenes too: the two pit-crew members discussing the series and the drivers, the scene where the Japanese fan breaks into tears when he meets Garry McCoy in person - Really brings the series to life. Loved it!
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Sport bike motorcycle racing at its finest!
catiadan15 July 2004
If you have any interest in finding out what drives guys to push the envelope on a motorcycle this is the movie to watch. This documentary includes some great footage of pretty radical MotoGP riding with explanations from the riders themselves and the people who support them. You may actually learn why these "crazies" do what they do. If you are an aggressive sports motorcycle rider this is a must see; all others will enjoy it also for the intensity, action and skill performed by these folks. I especially enjoyed hearing from the doctors that treat the injuries of these racers and their comments on the psyche of these riders. Some of these guys don't even ride on the streets! But most if not all have come off these maniacal machines at well over 100 mph and walked away....MANY times! Even if you don't appreciate action motorcycle flicks, this movie will give you some pretty good insight into what this sport is all about. Definitely a 10 for biker folks, and maybe a 6 or 7 for those who are not.
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Awesome footage and interesting insight into a season of Moto-GP
chris.bell16 April 2004
I got to see a sneak peek of this film at a little motorcycle rally in Texas in Nov. 2003. The soundtrack, opening credits and racing action in the first half the film are excellent. As the interviews go on in the latter part of the film it drags a bit, but the insight into the strategies and politics of racing at this level still made it interesting. The action-packed editing of all this racing, sliding, flipping and crashing crammed into one film is unbeatable.

Because of the European flavor of Moto-GP, the choice of using Ewan McGregor (with his British accent) as narrator was appropriate. I hear he is an avid rider as well.

Definitely worth seeing on a big screen if it shows near you and renting once available. As soon as it goes on sale, I'm buying the DVD!
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A must seee for fans of Motorsport.
dflowerz8 December 2003
FASTER does a great job of showcasing the incredible spectacle that is Grand Prix motorcycle racing. One could argue that MotoGP is the most exciting motorsport on the planet with the most skilled racers. This documentary goes inside the sport and puts us in a position to really get an idea of how fast these bikes go and how skilled the riders are that master them. MotoGP is a sport where the reality of the speeds and risks involved speak for themselves, and FASTER does a perfect job of conveying the message without getting in the way. In a world where too many films rely heavily on special effects, FASTER is a reminder that reality can be the biggest thrill of all. For fans of motorsport this film is a must see. For others the film will have you not believing what you are seeing and being entertained by the larger than life personalities and their rivalries. FASTER gets to the heart of MotoGP racing and takes the audience inside the sport. There's not a more thrilling ride out there on film!
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Finally the word gets out!
d27196631 July 2003
This is an awesome movie. I caught a preview of it by good fortune. Of course, I am a MotoGP fan and have been for a few years already, so I was very excited to see this movie even made at all. It is no surprise that it is a great documentary on MotoGP since it is an official sanction by the reigning authorities. That said, this isn't your usual documentary. It is one of the best action films I've ever seen. Best of all, it is 100% real. I'm very happy about the world being let in on what has seemed to me to be an insider's secret sport. Even formula 1, football (American or otherwise), or hockey can't compete. The pace is very fast and there's real carnage to be had (I hate to admit that I like the crashes almost as much as the on-track battles). I also have to say that it was wonderful to see Daijiro Kato on the big screen, to be forever remembered for the talented and promising racer that he was. I'm not religious, but God bless his soul and may he rest in peace... err, may there be race bikes in heaven. =) (insider scoop is that he helps his team-mate Sete from the afterlife - have you seen Sete since Kato's death??? Amazing stuff.)

In a nutshell... if you like action at all, see this movie. You won't regret it.
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One big disappointment
philhyndman9 September 2010
Terrible, with a few highlights. I'm a big fan of the sport and a big fan of documentary. This does no justice to either.

The direction is awful and meanders somewhat aimlessly, like the product of a first year film student. One can generally tell the quality of a film from the first few minutes. In Faster, from the opening narration - done by big name Ewan McGregor - you get that sinking feeling 'oh no this isn't going to be any good is it?'. Clichés harass your ears from the opening line and they don't really go away. If I was Ewan I would have refused to read that embarrassing script.

I would think the point of such a film would be a chance to offer insight into a world that most don't understand and for fans who would love to know more about the backstage. But the chance is totally missed. Even the obvious possibility for some extended on bike camera work of some gripping racing scenes - something everybody loves - is totally overlooked and you'll find more exciting footage on YouTube. Most shots are taken from TV coverage of races and offers nothing more than that. Its more like a review of the 2001/02 seasons suitable for a lame magazine sports show than a quality documentary. There's a few interesting moments via interviews, and worth a look if your a bike fan, even for just a trip down memory lane, but thats all. The biggest impact the movie has is in the post scripts, where some highly respected racing stars advise, 'don't ride fast on the road because riding is so dangerous, go to a racetrack its much safer and better fun'. That I did appreciate for I often forget that.

I could make a better documentary than this in my sleep. Forget all the reviews that say 'great stuff', they're just wrong and would watch anything with a motorbike in it and be pleased.
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Decent but Bias
normandehm20 July 2004
I am happy about someone putting out a quality production about my favorite sport. But as usual it is a 2 hour long lets fluff Rossi'S ego documentary.

I found the movie to be very bias in the sense that only Biaggi has been the only consistent form of competition to Rossi, yet he is the only rider that was slandered in the whole movie...and repeatedly. What is up with that? Why did the movie need to take sides about any of the riders. I can understand highlighting there rivalry and giving Rossi due credit as World Champion, but at the expense of the only other good rider in the series? I am disappointed in that, and disappointed that the movie is riding the Rossi bandwagon. We were hoping for a deeper picture. One that explored the politics, technology, and lives of the people involved. The movie also spent considerable time showcasing two riders that haven't proven to warrant such attention. If you are a Rossi fan and don't mind hearing the same old "hail Rossi" propaganda then this movie is for you. For me... I am not a Rossi fan...the movie left me un-fulfilled.
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