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Yet another gem of the up and coming Greek cinema!!!!
MissPiggyGR29 December 2004
This is a wonderful film which manages to combine a historical film and romantic tearjerker all in one. The cinematography is nothing short of amazing with beautiful imagery of both the mysterious and oh so distant world of the north eastern regions of Greece and its residents. But it is not only our eyes that are offered such a visual feast as the plot is utterly engaging and the chemistry between the lead characters so immaculate that before long the audience is completely captivated and can not help but submit to the passion and sadness of the two lead characters in the face of unrequited love. A journey rich in cultural elements represented against backdrop of nostalgia, passion and love!
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Hello to other side of Aegean
g-one sawooll7 November 2005
I have to present my respect to producers of Brides those are come from my neighbor country for this excellent movie. This movie,stands as a statue of excellency next to bullshits of Hollywood. Greaks teach to world how a romance movie is made. You can see neither voluptuous sexuality nor meaningless and artificial "love". Real life stories of real and "ordinary" seven hundreds brides who were ordered by mail, and real LOVE Norman and Niki. The question of "why a this kind of movie can not attract of attention of many of people", should be asked by every real cinema fan to him/herself. Common, leave bullshits of Hollywood, turn your faces and "brains" to real movies and world cinema. Break and destroy hegemony of American "junk culture" which effects every millimeter of life
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Excellent film, strong sexual tension in love story based on historical event.
nikolai310 November 2004
Excellent film. Characters well developed. Visually, a beautiful film: from the sky and the sea of the Greek islands to the smallest detail of the wedding dresses of the brides from many different places. The sexual tension builds between the two main characters in a believable way as they carefully develop their relationship, respectful of each other and ever aware of the invisible boundaries that separate them. The film is imagined from a true historical event which lends poignancy to the plot. It gives great insight into Greek culture on things such as life on the Greek islands at that time in history and the importance of family honor in Greek families. It also addresses issues that we struggle with in our modern world. I hope you will be able to see it. It's well worth the time invested.
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Awesome love story, doramertz
doramertz15 February 2006
My English are not very well but I'll try. This is a movie that I really love. It moves me a lot and contains some so wonderful scenes and quotes that I'll remember for years. Of course I have the special edition of DVD and I've seen it again and again. The movie has the most powerful erotic moment that I saw in cinema for a long time now – so far from the cliché and stereotypes of Hollywood. Her shoe, his hand, their eyes! Nothing more. No sweet words, no unnecessary movements. Just a touch and a look. The performances are very emotional and the same time realistic, the direction of Pantelis Voulgaris strong and precise and the music haunts you many hours after the viewing. And don't forget that the movie tell us some true events that happened at the early of 1900. Imagine a women (700 in the movie) who travel with an old ship cross the Atlantic (when till then she never goes farther 1 km from her poor village). She's going to a foreign country, an unknown future and a stranger husband with only some clothes and the photograph of him. She is clever, dynamic and good looking, and in spite of all that marks she accepts her destiny, against to her heart and her deepest feelings, because the family and the traditional values have the first priority in her choices. After "Brides" I feel deeply grateful for the fact that I am a citizen of 21 century and in a democracy which NOW respect the women as equal as the men. I recommend you strongly this film.
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Maybe, a Greek story
Armand2 November 2007
Sad, beautiful, subtle, it is a strange poem about limits of love and shadows of duty. A film about sacrifice and emotions of worlds and searches. A picture of the last century, very old, small, paper cry. The people and their desire. Confuse, heavy, cold. Signs of resignation and pieces of innocent beauty. Splendid images and a delicate emotion as nimbus of confession. A parable of lost smile. Some women and a photographer. And a long travel to America. A new world, a new life and a love without bones. A Greek story. Or a story of every day in a land of nobody. It is not important. The pain, the dreams, the illusions are the same. The faces and looks are pieces of a huge game of existences, hopes and emotions. So, a sad, beautiful, subtle movie.
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Excellent movie
nicolechatzii23 June 2005
I saw this movie on June 17 '05 at the Acadamy of Motion Pictures theater in Bevery Hills. It is an outstanding movie. Damien Lewis is very good in the film. The lead actress Victoria Haralambidou (?) is also excellent. Those with Greek blood and especially those of the diaspora will find deep emotions in this film. I came away feeling that it is a testament to the strength of Greek women. I hope that it soon will be distributed widely in the USA so that it can be seen by a wider audience. There is an unforgettable scene of all the mail order brides in their wedding dresses from throughout Greece, Turkey, and Russia. As the Damien Lewis character comments, "like snowflakes in the summer".
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Great movie!!!
milou89426 July 2005
I had the opportunity to see this last year at The Toronto Film Festival. It was definitely my favorite of the festival. The story is beautiful and a topic that has never been featured before in a movie. All these mail-order-brides from Greece, Turkey, Russia and other east-European countries on there way to the US to marry a man they only knew from a photograph. I love the romance-story between Norman Harris and Nikki Douka. The end is quite a surprise and it brought a tear to my eye. This is not a Hollywood block-buster with lots of special effects, but it is a real story about something that happened in Greek history almost a century ago. It is not only for Greek people but also for those who love a romantic love story unfolding in tragedy...
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A heart-wrenching REAL romance. 10 out of 10!
celluloidcity18 September 2005
The 2005 Greek Film Festival has come to Canberra, and this movie was the biggest attraction. Wow! What a film! A touching yet subtle story of love, longing and desire. The tragedy of the situation of these mail-order brides, lost without a connection to their homeland, without money, family or hope for the future. This was a beautifully shot and acted film. The director Pantelis Voulgaris should be congratulated. Damian Lewis has never been stronger, a gorgeous leading man, who gives his character Norman, such a natural on screen presence, that there appears to be nothing artificial about him. Niki is a fine leading female character, strong, resolute, yet naturally human and weak. The love story, not just amongst the principles simmered and grew, the sexual tension not forced or faked. Wonderful.

One of those "if all movies were made like this" films. Kudos to all involved. A real-life story of passionate love. Bravo.
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Brides - the most moving film
vkotziamani11 August 2005
I managed to see 'Brides' on DVD while on holiday in Cyprus. The beautiful cinematography was as good as anything I've seen and Damien Lewis and Victoria Charalambidou moved me to tears. This has got to at least get an Oscar nomination. But the subtitling needs consideration - my Greek is not up to following all the dialogue and I could have done with subtitles. As to the theory that there are too many sub-plots - maybe they could be followed up in prequel/sequel form. In novels there are many hints of other plots which are exploited by the author in a series. I don't see 'too many sub-plots ' as a valid criticism. But does anyone agree with me that the character of Olga looks 13, not 16?! But that only made her predicament even more touching. Recommend it to your friends - for much of it is in English.
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Mail Order Brides
Claudio Carvalho15 January 2013
In 1922, with the Greco-Turkish War and the Russia Civil War, the women from these countries find husband in the United States through correspondence with immigrants.

The bride Eleni (Foteini Kontoudaki) returns from the United States to Samothrace, Greece, since she has not adapted to the life in America. Her sister Niki Douka (Victoria Haralabidou) is assigned as her replacement and travels aboard the SS King Alexander to New York to marry the Greek immigrant Prodromos (Giorgos Makris) in Chicago. Nikki is a hard worker and works sewing along the trip for the passengers and crew. She becomes a leader of the brides and discovers the scheme of the crook Karabulat (Steven Berkoff) from Georgia with the Russian brides. She also falls in love with the American photographer Norman Harris (Damian Lewis) from Detroit. But Nikki is committed with Prodromos and she knows the consequence with her family in Samothrace if she runs away with Norman.

"Nyfes" is a beautiful and melancholic romance about the mail order brides from the East that come to the United States to marry unknown immigrants that they know only by pictures provided by the agencies. The sacrifice of the lead character Nikki is heartbreaking and she is aware of her duty with her unknown husband-to-be. The direction and cinematography are top-notch and the art direction is rich in details. Despite the unknown cast, the performances are excellent. I bought this DVD many years ago and only yesterday I saw this great movie, and I regret a lot. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Noivas" ("Brides")
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Made me think of my mom
James Suntres6 February 2008
Every time I watch Nyfes, I think of many of my older relatives, my mom included, who emigrated to Canada in the 1940s and 1950s under very similar circumstances. The scenes shot in Greece are especially breath-taking. Voulgaris made me think how ironic it was that people were forced to leave such a beautiful, but poverty-stricken country. Damian Lewis is excellent as the hopeless romantic while Victoria Haralabidou, as Niki Douka, manages to convey the fatalistic acceptance her character must have been feeling. These two performers develop one of the best examples of culture clash in a movie. Martin Scorcese is one of the producers of this movie, and I don't think he would ever let himself be associated with something which is not artistically sound. As for Voulgaris, he has done an excellent job.
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love it, love it, love it!
aquaeftihia11 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When you are a Greek living in Australia, it is hard to come by (Greek) movies which have a great plot, great cast and are intoxicatingly entertaining. "Brides" is the best, and i really mean, best (Greek) movie i have seen in a while. There was the historically correct culture factor (of mail-to-order brides), fiery passion, romance, drama, and loss/disappointment. Overall, i thought the cast gave a superb performance (especially UK cutie Damian Lewis and Greek actress Victoria Charalabidou), there was great dialogue, a little laugh factor, a pinch of sorrow, and a bit of wow factor (with the romance, and the overwhelming hopefulness of the mostly young European women). I am still reeling months after having seen this movie, and hope that it leaves the same impact on others that it did on me. Enjoy!
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matching a film with...
Gulseren Adakli19 June 2007
I think that there is a big misunderstanding for evaluating and matching the films in this website. I really don't understand how could you match this film with Titanic or another super-productions like it? They are totally different. One of them (Titanic) is a super-production which was touching to the rubbish sentiments. But Brides is a historical and popular drama which was touching a real human interest (There is no a beautiful actress like Kate Winslet or handsome actor like Leonardo Di Caprio in Brides). I suppose that this matching is a sign about the different point of views between the cinemas (and may be all of art) West and the East... There is a different historical background between the two regions. I know that these are not clear categories to explain the human behavior or attitudes which were leaking to a film but in the first glance, you can understand which culture determining the atmosphere of a film. In Brides, you can see a different humanism...
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Will Nyfes be shown in the States?
hpord126 May 2005
Does anyone know if and when this movie will be shown in the States? Or if there is somewhere I could purchase the DVD or video, as long as its not in PAL? I was recently over at a Greek friend's house who has Greek cable, and the television show that was on was showcasing this movie. I am a history buff, and the historical aspect of this story peeked my interest. Also I am a fan of Damien Lewis, I think he is one of the best actors to come out of Europe in a long time. In the past I have enjoyed his performances in other movies that he has been in. My most favorite, was Band of Brothers, and I think if he was'nt in Dreamcatchers, I would not have gone and seen it.
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muge_kurubas29 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The film was really disappointing. I cannot believe that the director was Martin Scorsese. At the end of the film I asked myself; What did the film want to tell? What was its aim? The psychological problems the brides were having could not be mentioned properly throughout the film. The film told the problems of only two women (Niki and Haro). The problem about the Russian girls could not be understood and stayed unanswered. The American photographer (Mr.Harris) was acting awful, his sentences were real-clichés. Niki's hair's turning white was not dramatic but comic. There were also inconsistent events. The dialogs were poor in general. In short the film was a waste of time.
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Kirpianuscus13 April 2017
the delicacy is the first virtue of this profound beautiful film. the delicacy of image, the delicacy of the story of mail brides, the delicacy of a love story who seems out of ordinary definitions. because all is a travel with mythical significance. impressive because it evokes many similar ways from the XX century beginning. because it reminds the Greek recent past pains. because it has the science to give a large and profound portrait of a world looking for happiness. because it is an European story who, today, has new nuances who transforms it in an universal story.
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The way all love stories should be portrayed
Marie C18 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing this movie a few years ago, had enjoyed it immensely & was waiting patiently for it to be shown on TV again. I now remember why I had loved it so much, the setting of the Greek island Samothrace at the beginning, the very realistic & believable love story between Nicki and Norman (who I hadn't known was Damian Lewis the first time I had seen it, & was pleasantly surprised to see him in the leading role), the withheld love between the two & the story that unfolds between them, the tragedy of her friend Haro & many other of the subplots make it into a true masterpiece. I congratulate P.Voulgaris for his great work, I also saw "Mikra Anglia" (Little England)a couple of months ago and truly enjoyed that also. The actors were so believable in their portrayal of their characters, nothing felt exaggerated or overdone, it just all felt natural and real. It does have a sad ending though-none of those Hollywood "happy endings", which also makes it more realistic. I would have liked to see what happened to Norman though...
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The untold stories are the most interesting
Tim Johnson11 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Diane and I saw this great film last night and we both were moved by it as well as enjoying the peak into a life that has passed as well as a piece of life that even at that time we were would never have been a part of it. I admit to enjoying these films that take a small look at a small topic rather than the big Hollywood overview of human existence; of course, there is a need for those big pictures but it is refreshing to see these small "slice of life" films and Brides is certainly a film that covers this in an extraordinarily competent manner. We could not fault the film in any way; the script covered all primary plot subjects that unfortunately bathed these situations: love blocked by an older parent, love blocked by family considerations back home and the attempt by unscrupulous "managers" to sexually corrupt the women trying to seek a better life. These considerations are all present now as people try to seek that better life. The circumstances are the same just new countries to be fled. Brides is well worth the viewer's time in looking for it or watching it when it comes up on a movie channel; it is excellent film making.
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An entertaining film based on an interesting immigrant experience.
travelman-12 October 2004
I saw this film which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this September. The film was spoken in both Greek and English (by the appropriate characters). The director Pantelas Voulgaris and at least one of the principal actors, Jason Lewis were in attendance in the row in front of mine. The plot centered on an immigrant "mail-order bride" from Greece sailing to America to be wed to a Greek husband along with other young women from her country and other European brides. She meets an American photographer on board, played by Jason Lewis. While I thought the premise was different and interesting, the film lagged in parts and the chemistry did not seem to be there between the principals. There were some good supporting cast performances and it did manage to hold the interest. All in all, just entertaining but not memorable.
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The worst movie I'v ever seen
James Bee19 June 2006
I saw this movie on the 9th Shanghai International Film Festival. It's such an awful one I can hardly bear it. The story begins quite beautifully, but as it goes on it's getting worse and worse. The history part is no problem. These brides are truly poor and unlucky. But the question is the plot doesn't focus on the feeling of the women. It goes for beautiful landscape and badly made computer tech of the ship. The photographer lost his head strangely when facing the unattracting but typical Greek woman. She looks better when her hair turned into fully white. Turning one's hair into white is not fresh in Chinese history. But the general Wu Zixu had greater reason to do so, not like the woman in the movie which seems quite no reason. The other brides on board are also strange when throwing themselves into the arms of the buyers. The only good part is the girl playing Lute and keep singing Greek songs. Others are totally out of reason. When the pimp saying that: I must be punished. The tragedy finally turned into a joke. I don't know what happened to the whole crew. Can't they make anything better?
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A truly beautiful story
Jennifer11 November 2008
The only reason that I didn't give this movie 10/10 was because of one really offensive word that was used several times in the movie but one of the supporting characters in the story - it was the only thing that really detracted from the story.

Following Niki from the time she leaves her island to marry the man who her sister didn't Niki catches the eye of Norman. Norman is returning to America to try and salvage his own marriage. He gets Niki work as a seamstress. Niki is to marry a tailor and while she tries to deny her feelings she knows what she feels for him.

The voyage that continues to America sees heartache, love, romance and tragedy - it is really beautiful with an ending that perfectly suits the movie - though I personally didn't see it coming.

A beautiful movie worth watching.
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