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Evidently Ice Cube wanted to buy himself a new boat so he starred in this movie...

Author: Adam Foidart from Winnipeg
1 March 2015

There are some people who would say that a grown man has no business watching a family-aimed comedy like "Are We There Yet?". They would claim that obviously I would hate it and find it not only unfunny, but bland and profoundly stupid because it was never meant for me. They're probably right, I had no business watching this film, but I did. I can now affirm to you that unless you're under 10-years old or a parent who's been forced to watch so many of these dumb family comedies that your brain has degenerated into a gelatin-like lump of gray mush there's no way you can find this Ice Cube film anything but irritating and nerve wracking. The plot concerns Mr. Cube as Nick. He falls for a single mom named Suzanne (Nia Long, of "Big Momma's House", which I'm sad to say is likely to find itself playing on my television in the near future) and things seem to go well, except she insists on sticking him in the friend zone. When Suzanne's no-good ex-husband has left her without a sitter to watch her mischievous (leaning towards demonic) children Lindsey (Aleisha Allen) and Kevin (Philip Daniel Bolden), Nick sees an opportunity. He'll impress her, get out of the friend zone and into her pants/relationship zone by taking the kids to the New Year's Eve festivities she is putting together in Vancouver. Just run with the plot, it's an excuse to get scary Ice Cube in a car with two annoying kids.

If you're an adult watching this film, then I'm afraid that you're wasting your time because there isn't a thing for you here. The humor is completely juvenile, with Nick getting hit in the crotch, beaten up by a deer, being forced to stop for potty breaks and generally tormented by the children over and over. No pop culture references, no innuendos, not even some moments of romance for the adults here, just pratfalls, a semblance of slapstick humor and more pratfalls. As a grown-up, you will absolutely hate the meddling children of this movie because they're plain evil. They steal Nick's car, the get him beaten up multiple times, destroy his property, force him in embarrassing situations over and over, all because they are convinced that their father will get back together with their mom. As an adult you will know that there's not a chance this will ever happen because although he would never admit it, the dad left because of the kids. It's not explicitly said, but come on. They are seen shooting arrows at potential suitors, setting up Home Alone-style traps and generally being pests so do you think that behavior just magically appeared once daddy left? You also won't sympathize for Nick, who is the dumbest adult in the whole film. If the kids fool him once, fine, he didn't know what to expect. Twice? Alright, well even a broken clock is right twice a day... so that means something right? If they proceed to destroy your car, trick you and/or get you attacked a third, fourth, fifth and sixth time, then it's your fault and ask yourself what reduced you to the state where a couple of pint-sized devils can outsmart you time and time again. I really came to resent Nick because he was just so dumb. I realize that if he had had any hint of intelligence there would be no movie. He would have realized that no woman that has repeatedly affirmed that she doesn't want to get into a relationship with you is worth getting this badly treated for.

Even from the point of a view of a film, this isn't particularly well put together. The acting from the children is particularly poor and it never feels like anyone was doing this film for any reason other than getting a quick check. The humor is the kind of stuff you've seen a hundred times in every other family-children live action comedy so it isn't creative or imaginative in the least. There isn't even a nice message at the end or anything. The conclusion of the film plays out exactly as you will predict it will as soon as Nick and the kids get into the car. It's predictable and it isn't funny either, not the least bit when Tracy Morgan as a badly CGI'ed talking Bobble Head interjects the plot with some "snappy" witticisms.

I know this film wasn't made for me, but there's nothing here for anyone really. No one is stretching their acting abilities; no one is breaking new forms of artistry or taking any chances. From an audience's point of view, no one is seeing anything new, learning anything or getting something they couldn't out of an episode of any given live action show on YTV like "Mr. Young" or "I-Carly". Yeah kids will laugh, but kids will laugh at any funny-looking guy getting hit in the face by something unexpected. Give your children some credit and try finding something of substance and intelligence, like a good movie, or a book, or a dinosaur-shaped maze in the Saturday-morning newspaper instead of showing them "Are we There Yet". (On DVD, July 6, 2014)

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Humor fail

Author: Filvies144 from United States
1 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a really lousy and unfunny movie. It may sound funny, but it's not. They didn't put any heart into their humor. They were just trying to be funny! Like for example, a kid throws up in the car. Also, it was pretty boring in the beginning and it dose'nt get much better. There were only 1 or 2 funny parts, but that's about it. Home alone is much, much, much, much, much, much, better than this lame piece of garbage! I like the 4.5/10 it has. That might change soon. There are many names to call this. Heartless, fail, Lack of humor, lame, etc. So overall, this film was a flop. The sequel wasn't any better than this. I wasted $1 on this. That's all, I give this a 3.5/10-3/10.

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Could be worse, but still isn't up to much

Author: Adam Peters from Birkenhead United Kingdom
25 August 2014

(38%) A borderline acceptable family comedy that follows a small business owner "ice cube", a man who must deal drugs or something on the side because he never wears the same clothes twice, and his big ugly car is covered in more jewellery than than Mr T, but because this is a kids film that aspect of his life is never looked into. And I can only guess that he samples some of his product as he hallucinates quite badly from time to time with a nodding toy bursting into life, but yet again, we never see him shoot up. The plot is tried and tested, "Planes, trains and automobiles" type of thing, and everything goes along at a decent pace, just don't expect any of cube's explicit raps on the soundtrack, or to laugh too much, and this might just pass the time better than expected.

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Surprisingly refreshing entertainment

Author: Otis Remmington from United States
25 October 2013

I just discovered this show 3 years after it's original airing, guilty of being a Netflix and Hulu watching, online only, TV viewer: That said, I stumbled across this gem when I noticed the star Terry Crews, who is always funny, entertaining, and engaging. He stars as the father of a family of four with friends and grandparents in the wings, it's a typical comedy sitcom, but it excels exactly where it matters, with the characters. Every cast member in this show is perfect for the role, and they make tired old plot points, and story lines fresh and new! Maybe it's because they are a black family living in middle class America and do a better job of it than any other white family television series. I hope the show executive producer, Ice Cube, keeps plugging away and investing in this work, it really shines and carries itself well. The chemistry with every one in the show is what keeps you watching, the writing is great and clearly gives these actors the right amount of punch to make this series a long running hit. Hope to see more.

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Those Demon Kids...

Author: Benjamin Black
8 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ah, Ice Cube! You've given us so many great characters and movies: "Boyz in the Hood," "Friday," and the "Barbershop" series. You've become a favorite name to Hollywood fans everywhere! How could you do any wrong?...Surely this movie will give us the answer!

In this movie, Ice Cube plays Nick, a man who owns a sports store and catches the eye of Suzanne, played by Nia Long. He wants to date her, but they both realize they can't because of Suzanne's kids. When Suzanne needs to go to Vancover for business, she learns the father of the kids can't take them to the airport. Nick volunteers to take them, and learn just what it means to host a pair of really bad, undisciplined kids.

OK, let's start with the good things; to be fair, there are a few good things. First of all, Ice Cube is in this movie. Remember what I said about Queen Latifah as an actress in "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz?" Ice Cube is the same way. Also, I like the nice and quiet moment his character has with the kids. Scenes like when he tells them good bye toward the end or when he talks to them about their father. Those are nice, subtle moments.

Now, what doesn't work about the movie?...A LOT OF THINGS!!! First of all, I don't like these characters at all! Ice Cube's character is cool, he's pretty much playing a PG-rated version of himself. But the other characters are just despicable and unlikeable! The kids are obviously just cruel and mean! I know we're supposed to feel sorry for them because of their father, but I can't stand them at all! First of all, look at everything they put Nick through! That's not innocent kids acting out because of a lack of a father, that's kids who need to be whooped! Second of all, they're not charming or caring; they're rude, mean, and selfish! Remember the scene at the birthday party where some kid was bullying Kevin, the son? His sister didn't lift a finger to help him! She just stood there and looked at him!

One can see why these rotten kids are so selfish, because their mom is equally as selfish! She had Nick jump her car in the rain...just because! He gave her a ride home once, and she asks him to ride her to and from the house everyday! She expects him to get on the plane with her kids, KNOWING what her kids do to her boyfriends! After EVERYTHING that she allows those demon kids to put Nick through, she chooses to get mad at Nick without gathering all the facts! And after she's determined that Nick was irresponsible with the kids, she decides to fall in love with him simply because he sits on the bed and talks to the kids! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!? Hey Suzanne, maybe if you had taken care of your own kids, you wouldn't have gone through any of this or allowed anyone else to go through this!

How about the numerous movie clichés in this movie that we've seen to death in other movies: the man who realizes the kids only need a father figure, the slapstick action with the kids, the animal that goes unbelievably crazy after a camera flash - even the kid who throws up in the car after someone says "What could you possibly do worse to this car?" It's predictable, boring, and just weird.

Believe me, there are other stupid, very awkward moments - like the bobblehead voiced by Tracy Morgan, or the deer/kangaroo (what was that thing?), or the fact that NO PARENTS at the birthday party did anything with the kids!!! - but the deal breaker for me is the characters. These are just awful characters! The only character I really like or feel anything for is Ice Cube playing...Ice Cube, really! The kids suck, the mom sucks, the babysitter sucks, the kids & parents at the party suck, the truck drivers suck! If you want to see Ice Cube experience a lot of things he doesn't deserve, you may like this movie. If you don't want to see awful characters do terrible things to an innocent man, you should definitely skip this film! BOOYIKA!

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Author: ctomvelu-1 from United States
8 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What might have been a cute family movie about a single guy suddenly saddled with two rascally youngsters is completely undermined by forced and frequently unbelievable situations that would have looked over-the-top in a HOME ALONE movie. Ice Cube stars as a middle-aged man smitten with a divorcée (Nia Long) with two young'uns. He agrees to transport them to Vancouver to be with their mom, who is off on a business trip (don't ask). What should have been a short plane trip or train ride becomes an excruciatingly long and unpleasant car trip as the kids do everything they can to sabotage the situation and find their way "home" to their dad, who by now has moved in with a new love and has a new baby. We have car chases, fires, explosions, horse riding...why go on? I like Ice Cube, even if he is not much of an actor. He has personality, as witnessed in BARBERSHOP. Here, he is wasted as the sad sack comic foil to the kids, who are really too cute to be believed. And the gal Ice Cube pines for is hardly worth pining for, to boot. Watch reruns of THE BERNIE MAC SHOW instead.

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Ice Cubed

Author: freakfire-1 from Texas, United States
30 May 2008

Sometimes I am glad Ice Cube got involved in movie projects. However there are times, like the sequel, where I wish he stayed on the streets. But this one - left me somewhere in the middle. And that is a problem.

Some of the moments in this film were great. I loved all the stuff that kept happening to his prized Lincoln Navigator. Just the image of him driving it was classic funny. But then the spoiled brat kids and the dumb talking bobblehead were just unentertaining.

I was completely unsatisfied, but I can't go anywhere else. Not Cube's best work by far, but it could have been a lot worse. "C+"

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Is this movie over yet?

Author: cabasaexpert351 from United States
29 May 2008

This movie is absolutely terrible. It is not funny at all, in fact I don't think I laughed once through this entire movie. The plot line is as cliché as it gets. The jokes are predictable and stupid. It tries to get all dramatic and heartfelt later in the movie but fails miserably at doing so. Watching this movie is a waste of time and if I hadn't of been in the movie theater I would of turned the movie off after the first half an hour. The acting is over dramatic and exaggerated. Sitting through this movie is really hard because of the weak plot, the unfunny jokes, and the bad acting. So if you want a funny family movie, don't rent this.

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Something worse than looking after a Gremlin.

Author: stormhawk2018 from Lima, Peru
8 May 2017

Are We There Yet? pits Ice Cube as a bumbling dad of sorts who deals with mischievous kids - it's like a modern "Home Alone" but without criminals, and also the fact that it's bad. In this case, the hard type formula in charge of naughty children ("The Pacifier", "Daddy Day Care") is used again. If before the protagonists were Vin Diesel or Arnold Schwarzenegger, now the tough man is Ice Cube, the rapper of rough letters that now declares "I wanna be like Eddie Murphy."

If already the starting point is not very promising, in the hands of Brian Levant ("Problem Child 2", "The Flintstones", "Beethoven, etc.), vulgarity arrives To unbearable extremes. It's a series of repetitive grown men falling down scenes and all sorts of bland old hi-jinks. Ice Cube is dating a woman with two mischievous kids, as she asks him to drive them to Vancouver in Canada to see her at a business trip. Ice Cube must deal with the kids treating him as "the enemy", pulling slapstick pranks here and there, forgiving them in the end, and making the once controversial rapper succumb to family films. AWTY? is repetitive and weak.

Family films of the 2000s are particularly bad, although AWTY? is at least entertaining. Seeing this movie can be worse if we do not transmute our mind to that of a 7 year old. Funny, but unprecedented. I, in the case of the protagonist, had committed a murder. But I have nothing to worry about is pure fantasy.

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Ice Cube needed a new Hummer.

Author: loogenhausen from United States
9 November 2011

Alright, I will admit that this "movie" might be funny for little kids. Very little kids who can't reach the DVD player to turn it off. However, if you're an adult with a properly functioning brain and you thought this movie was anywhere near funny, you should just go jump out of the nearest window. Seriously, we need to stop going to the movies and supporting this junk. Movies like Kangaroo Jack and Are We There Yet? make lots of money at the box office, yet quality kids flicks like The Iron Giant and The Nightmare Before Christmas get shafted at the theaters. That reflects on the movie-going public for not doing their homework before going to see a movie with their own kids. There's a lot of inappropriate humor that isn't even funny in this pile of crap. I feel sorry for Ice Cube, Nia Long and Jay Mohr. Why even bother? Were they really that starved for cash? Or did they have a whole bunch of people say "you know what, I think you should star in a lowbrow kids comedy that makes you look like an idiot with lots of bodily function humor. It'll be great." Yeah, right. The plot isn't even important in this waste of time. Even if someone runs up to you in the street and shouts "Hey, I'll give you ten bucks to watch this movie!" you should still consider it very very thoroughly. Your brain depends on it. Hey, I'm all for lowbrow humor when it comes to some movies. But there is no excuse for something like this existing and making as much money as it has. If you really want your kids to love the movies, show them The Incredibles or James And The Giant Peach or anything but Are We There Yet? Trust me, your kids will be cooler for it in the long run.

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