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Entertainment Weekly
It's been a while since we saw a bad John Hughes comedy, and Are We There Yet? more than fits the bill (even though Hughes had absolutely nothing to do with it).
Chicago Tribune
Won't make your day, but it won't kill it either.
Cube is cute and Long is lovely, but the youngsters are too brash and smug to bear. At least there's a heartwarming end to the excursion.
This is not the plot of your typical Ice Cube movie. It does, however, combine the plots of at least three John Hughes movies.
Are We There Yet? traps the affable Ice Cube in a dismal kiddy slapstick saga that even his considerable charisma can do little to enhance.
Village Voice
Levant and his screenwriting posse attempt to wring maximum hilarity from this setup, but it's just too schizoid.
Dallas Observer
It's all a big, boring failure of slapstick and degradation. Of course, that's not to say your kids won't like it.
L.A. Weekly
Surely the only thing more excruciating than being trapped in a car with a bratty child is having to sit through a road-trip movie that features two of them.
Runs 96 minutes but feels like so much more. There is only one gag.
The A.V. Club
All too effectively conveys the claustrophobic horror of being shackled in a small space with two whiny, hateful children.

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