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Season 3

5 Oct. 2005
Like You Like an Arsonist
Haley turned up at Nathans door, asking to be together again, but he is urgently called away to the fire in Dan's office- Deb asks her along. Peyton tells Lucas about Elisabeth who claims to be her -dead- mother but knows things; her dad now says her beloved ma was not her biological mother- she turns away from both. Three months later Brooke returns walking straight up to Lucas, who was however just waiting for Karen. Nathan finally can go to High Flyers, and Haley's declaration of 'never ceased' love doesn't get to him; but there he remains torn between his love for...
12 Oct. 2005
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Brooke has a end of the summer party on the beach; Nathan is home from basketball camp; Lucas deals with Brooke's rules for dating; Peyton deals with family issues; Haley tries to tell Nathan how she feels.
19 Oct. 2005
First Day on a Brand New Planet
Lucas and Haley dig up, as each year, their previous predictions for the new school year; he decorated Brookes locker- they are arranged alphabetically, making the Scott brothers and Haley neighbors. Mouth pod-cast-interviews Ravens-star Nathan. Dan warns coach Durham he plans to have the school board remove him and Lucas he remembers his arson. Ellie tells Lucas the marijuana is for her cancer pain. When Haley asks coach for help with Nathan, he just gives her a detention slip for entering the boys locker room- Nathan is there to, but pays her no attention; next day,...
26 Oct. 2005
An Attempt to Tip the Scales
Lucas and Haley have a ball trying on costumes for a masked ball in Karens club; Lucas hopes to make Brooke accept becoming exclusive. Dan records mayor Mullins having kinky sex and uses the tape to make him drop reelection and support his own run for office; Deb can get her divorce if she endorses him sixty more days, till after the election; she decides to milk the time, spending a fortune on a 'candidate's wife's look' (wardrobe and even a personal trainer Hans) while dumping his cloths and uses a tazer to enforce a distance in bed, but his revenge is as sweet. ...
2 Nov. 2005
A Multitude of Casualties
Dan presents the Ravens opening show for the new basketball season, but after the choreographed cheerleaders the boys come rolling in with a public fight between Lucas and Nathan over Haley; then a major flashback... Brooke and Peyton audition would be-cheerleaders; the obvious winner is arrogant, slutty Rachel, who Brooke accidentally indicates when telling Lucas to date another girl. While Dans team plans his mayoral election campaign, Deb deliberately walks in dressed sluttier then a drunk whore. Captain Nathan puts Lucas on the bench for back-talk. Brooke wants to...
9 Nov. 2005
Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades
After the abysmal fight-performance at the Ravens' opening games, Whitey condemns the boys team to 'gym suicide'; Lucas's failure to tell about his heart condition makes coach go even harder on the others, yet he implores Haley not to spill the beans on his poor health. The cheerleaders are threatened with abolition, so Brooke decides to divert her girls from fighting by a variation on Lucas's baseball dream-team: the girls individually draft exclusive dream boys. While spouses-to-be-separated Dan and Deb continue to make each-others life misery, Karen and Deb try to ...
16 Nov. 2005
Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends
Lucas dreams of Brooke but wakes up next to Chris; Nathan dreams of Brooke and Haley together. The girls' boys draft still arouses jealousy and intrigues, and of course appetite from horny boys like Tim. Nathan, Haley, Chris and Brooke are appalled to find the idyllic spot on the beach of Nathan and Haley's wedding ruined by bulldozers. Mouth and Peyton spend time with his grandpa Mel, whose Alzheimer is far enough to confuse Mouth with his dad Joe. Deb and hesitant Karen spray on Dan's huge billboard- and get stuck as their ladder tips over, so Deb makes a rope with ...
30 Nov. 2005
The Worst Day Since Yesterday
After Lucas surprised Chris with Brooke, even her self-confidence isn't enough to remain assured she hasn't really lost the possible love of her life. Chris informs Nathan whom he thought already knew and gets knocked for once more breaking up a relationship for someone he's not even truly in love with. Dan phones the radio station to point out on air his competitor Karen is unmarried and checks on Nathans condition for the new season, but gets the cold shoulder. Tim looks forward to the boys getting tattoos this year. Karen nor cake can cheer up Lucas, who doesn't ...
7 Dec. 2005
How a Resurrection Really Feels
Brookes stolen tops from the shop where she worked land her, Haley and Peyton in jail. Nathan refuses to bail them out, but accepts to drive Chris to the man to whom he lost at poker the $2000 for Haleys studio recording; on the road he learns they must win it back playing poker. Lucas bails everyone out but Brooke. After seeing Karen's TV spot of him rouging up Nathan, Dan demands she bows out or he shows the public virtual proof who tried to burn him alive, but after a phone call she stays in the race. Brooke uses her talent with needle and tread to create a ...
11 Jan. 2006
Brave New World
Haley is back in Nathan's bed; she's scared when Dan turns up and tells her he still expects their annulment. Brooke is back in Lucas' bed, but freaks out when the Internet-orders are over tenfold her dressmaking capacity; she puts everyone, even babysat children, to work, but only Rachel proves productive- and only on her own order. Peyton asks Lucas to drive her to her mother Elisabeth, but not to join them there; her amazing LP collection shows they have music to bond, and she asks her in vain to move in back with Larry and her while helping Haley with her record; ...
18 Jan. 2006
Return of the Future
Another terrible Ravens game; coach blames everything on total lack of team spirit. Keith is back, admitting to Lucas his fiancé Jules was not what he hoped, and just no match for Karen. Brooke must take the couch at Nathans place, but gets invited for Rogue Vogue, a fashion talent show in New York. Nathan fears Dan was right to suggest Haleys sudden lack of birth control is all too convenient. Coach punishes the boys by transferring them from the glorious stadium to a dump which they must first clean up; Nathan walks out, but after talking to Lucas and Dan about his ...
25 Jan. 2006
I've Got Dreams to Remember
Keith is arrested as suspect for the arson attempt on his brother Dan, but to the mayors anger soon released for lack of proof. The kids are supposed to get counseling about choosing a college, but nearly all have their minds elsewhere. Nathan and Haley make up, but have chosen colleges 3000 miles apart. Brooke believes Rachel deliberately entered her for the New York fashion contest because it's the same day as the cheerleaders' high-day, the Classic. Ellie insists Peyton shouldn't doubt about going to college at all. Mouth has enough of Brookes bitching, so he goes ...
1 Feb. 2006
The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
During a bad storm, Lucas spends the night with Brooke, who bitches because the last line of his letter is identical to one he once wrote to Peyton about love forever; he must chase her in the pouring rain, suggesting she just wants an excuse to break up; they make up in bed. Now Haley's record is finished after three weeks, Ellie plans to leave Peyton again but stays during the storm, reminiscing. Mouth visits Rachel to watch a movie in her bedroom, she tries to build up his confidence and coach him in womanizing, he wants to remain his honest self, turns down ...
8 Feb. 2006
All Tomorrow's Parties
Peyton tries to handle her biological ma Ellie's death by taking a road-trip to New York with Haley and Brooke for her fashion contest. Coach reads the boys the riot act on the bus to the Classic, but finds chaperons Keith and Karen giving the bad example on the backseats and decides to share Keiths room, Karen goes to his, he even drags Keith along bowling. Rachel runs a tight ship captaining the cheerleaders. Brooke hears her turn is a day later: no Classic for her? The Scott brothers accept player Tony Battle's invitation to an 'early' party after a home dinner, ...
15 Feb. 2006
Just Watch the Fireworks
Last year's time-capsule is maliciously opened 49 years early, revealing many kids' embarrassing secrets, lies and even worse truths, shown on TV screens at school and even on the Internet. Peyton prepares a benefit for the National Breast-cancer action, in memory of her recently deceased ma Ellie Harp; it rocks and brings most kids back together. Keith announces his engagement to Karen and his plan to adopt Lucas. Jimmy Edwards, who bagged the worst on everyone in his time-capsule speech, gets roughed up, but the Scott brothers, Mouth and Rachel save his bacon. Dan ...
1 Mar. 2006
With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept
A dangerous day at Tree Hill High gives Nathan and Lucas a common goal, as they put their lives on the line to save their friends when a distraught student comes to school with a gun and holds Haley hostage.
29 Mar. 2006
Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them
Keith Scott's funeral arouses memories, especially from his one-day bride-to-be Karen and his brother and killer Dan about their childhood, so he starts to feel haunted by Keith as a little boy, then his beloved big brother. Lucas won't hear a word about mad student Jimmy Edwards, thinking as everybody he was the murderer before the kid committed suicide. Nathan is so happy again with Haley that he tells her, now his ma Deb is returning, they will move out of the parental home and back with Brooke- his love for Haley is the center of Nathans life again. The school has...
5 Apr. 2006
When It Isn't Like It Should Be
Now things are getting normal again, Rachel invites the kids for a weekend in her parents' vast 'cabin' in the woods, complete with quads. She invites Mouth with her to the master bedroom, but he declines: he's there for his friends, not her, and won't forgive her time-capsule stunt- he bunks with Peyton, whose leg still isn't healed. Nathan plans to propose again to Haley, so the girls freak when she can't find her wedding ring which he took to that romantic end; Lucas tips off Brooke, now the two are like pees in a pod again, but Haley sees them 'having found the ...
12 Apr. 2006
I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
At his first game after Keith's funeral, Lucas feels unable to play, so Nathan decides the Ravens forfeit, but insists to Lucas that should be a one-off, especially in coach's last season. Nathan and Haley are too cozy in bed, contemplating a second wedding, to unpack. At 1 AM his Uncle Cooper 'Coop' Lee turns up, telling he has a new girl-friend in One Tree Hill. Peyton is delighted when Pete from Fall Out Boy turns up in a stretched limo, but daddy Larry forbids all nightly visits. Deb is back and offers Karen all possible help, but is told off as a failed murderer....
19 Apr. 2006
Everyday Is a Sunday Evening
Damien West from Oak Lake, undefeated adversaries, challenges the Ravens and even his High Flyers-"mate" Nathan for Haley; Lucas is still too sick to perform, but Nathan singlehandedly holds the fort even though his entire body aches, while Haley still enforces their prenuptial sex-moratorium. Jake tells Peyton he had to make up with Nikki, who has Jenny most of the time but actually shows some maternal talent; he became a great singer, but shies away from intimacy with Peyton- well, not for too long, and that's enough to make her decide she's ready to leave Tree Hill...
26 Apr. 2006
Over the Hills and Far Away
On the night before Nathan and Haleys wedding, Brooke argues with Haley over the wedding dress. Meanwhile, Lucas and Karen return.
3 May 2006
The Show Must Go On
Nathan and Haley's wedding is a time of great joy. And great sadness. Peyton and Brooke fall out, Dan learns the truth about the fire, and Rachel gets publicly drunk....and publicly bitter.

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