The Village (2004) Poster


Plot Keywords

village woods
pact creature
town fear
community mysterious creature
forest pennsylvania
21st century 19th century
written and directed by cast member blind female
custom ceremony
murder bride
cult celebration
wedding gown dancing
ritual bell
lantern rite
student superstition
singing school teacher
children rural setting
coffin school room
sheep grave
seclusion wall
stabbed with knife mentally retarded person
hole in the ground siren
victim mythology
stabbed to death slow motion scene
flashback dance
chase bare chested male
stabbed in the stomach female slaps male
yellow wildlife reserve
wealth warning bell
walking cane tombstone
throwing a rock stabbed in the chest
skinning single mother
secret red
punishment photograph
oath newspaper clipping
murder suicide mother son relationship
medicine locked in a room
living in fear lie
ladder jeep
jealousy infection
husband wife relationship hope
hiding in a closet hide and seek
guard grief counseling
greed funeral
foot race flower
fireplace fire wood
father daughter relationship falling to death
drawing doctor
death death of sister
death of brother dead animal
critically bashed covered in mud
costume community meeting
climbing up a wall character says i love you
bravery box
blood blood on shirt
blind woman berry
basement killing an animal
2000s mentally handicapped
isolation face slap
visually impaired person director cameo
suspense city country contrast
constructivism new england
lookout station fog
feast blindness
autumn wedding
wedding ceremony teacher
stabbing sister sister relationship
professor park ranger
myth love
loss of loved one death of loved one
brother sister relationship 1890s
death of son death of father
death of child title spoken by character
surprise ending plot twist

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