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The Village, even when its step falters, is on to something more provocative than seeing dead people. Its power, unrelated to digital monsters, comes from the tension building inside the characters.
Spellbinding if ponderous.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A third-generation performer, this daughter of actor-director Ron Howard makes a stunning feature debut.
For those who like the director's body of work, appreciate "The Twilight Zone," and have a high suspension of disbelief threshold, The Village is likely to satisfy.
Entertainment Weekly
It gives nothing of the plot away to say that there's a fine line between an ''Aha!'' and an ''Oh, brother!'' Whether you feel The Village crosses that line may hinge on whether you think Shyamalan's screenwriting ability is beginning to lag behind his skill as a director.
The Village emerges as a victim of its own ambitions. At one point, Edward advises Ivy: "Do your very best not to scream." That doesn't require much restraint on our part.
Chicago Tribune
A big, creepy dollhouse of a movie--a sometimes engrossing shocker with a surprise ending that isn't especially shocking or surprising.
The Hollywood Reporter
Unlike "The Sixth Sense," the film's key revelation might be too mild to jolt audiences. Some may even feel cheated.
New York Daily News
The Village is Shyamalan's weakest story, and its ending - whether or not you're surprised by it - is a genuine clinker.
San Francisco Chronicle
The Village seems poised to become as cheesy in its effects as a low-budget horror film. Shyamalan's gracefulness keeps his movie just out of that abyss.
Wall Street Journal
It's bad enough to make parable a four-letter word.

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