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Worth watching!

Author: duesouth1420 from Jamestown, NY
8 September 2007

This was actually a very good "lifeless" movie (that is what my husband calls them). He woke up in the middle and was actually watching. I don't know what there is about Shannen Dougherty but I think she is a very good actress..I really do. She leaves her lover because they are constantly fighting and gets her own apartment in downtown NY and her nightmares begin. Someone is stalking her via telescope from the apartment building across the street. Horrible, disguised, scary phone calls to her are creepy.! I have to admit she does everything possible to try and get out of her situation. Let's just say I watch a lot of Lifetime movies and this one has some twists and turns that keep you guessing!

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Better than the average Life Time Network Movie

Author: HeartMonger from Mind of the Films
1 March 2004

Okay, who ever said that Shannen Doherty is only a television movie actress was wrong when they said that, but they were even more wrong when they said that the movies she made were bad. Sure television movies are kind of tacky, but this one was an exception. Shannen Doherty portrays Celeste, a resturante owner who moves to a posh New York apartment and immediatly falls prey to a stalker. As usual, Shannen Donherty gives a powerhouse performance and the rest of the cast is equally fine. The music keeps you on the edge while suprisingly good camera work draws your emotions in. Set in a standard tone, this film does not let up, but what would you expect from a Shannendo film!

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Author: kai ringler from United States
7 January 2010

better than average lifetime movie network fair. Shannon Dougherty prooves she's can act, and not just eye candy. A woman needs space from her overly jealous boyfriend and moves into a 1 bedroom condo , low and behold she is stalked the same night that she moves in,, except here we are presented with several possible killers,, so it is a good who dunnit kinda movie.. there isn't much sex in this movie, not too much violence, this is kinda a voyeuristic movie with cameras , telescopes,, pictures that kinda thing,, it seems as though this movie is told through the eye's of the voyeur,, because you always see those shots of the killer watching the girl through the telescope, overall though it is not a bad movie , and better than the usual stuff on lifetime.

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Author: g404c
19 December 2005

Shannen Doherty stars as Celeste, a woman who moves into a new apartment after separating from her lover. Soon after, she receives numerous threatening phone calls from an unknown stalker. Perpetually tormented by the stalker, Celeste solicits help from various sources in an effort to put an end to the harassment.

Charles Powell, Michel Francoeur, and Sean Tucker co-star with Doherty and they give an excellent performance. Doherty looks great and the production values in this one are pretty good.

I recommend View Of Terror--I saw it on Lifetime back in 2003, and I just saw it again tonight on Lifetime Movie Network. This is one you can watch again and again.

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Very entertaining TV movie

Author: Agnelin
22 October 2006

This film is an enjoyable, easy-to-follow mystery drama. It revolves around Celeste (Shannen Doherty), a beautiful young woman who moves out to a nice new flat after breaking up with her somewhat aggressive boyfriend. Shortly afterwards, she'll begin to be harassed by a stalker who's apparently watching and following her.

The plot is not complicated but it isn't quite as predictable as one might think, and the story moves on without any major complications. It does get repetitive in the middle part, as it becomes a dangerous cat-and-mouse game between Celeste and her stalker, in her efforts to chase him down by herself; however, it never gets boring and it kept my interest until the ending. The acting is good and the movie, while not being complex, is very entertaining and set in very chic environments. Definitely an above average TV movie. Shannen Doherty's fans must see it too.

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Very watchable cable fodder

Author: Mark Harrison ( from Edmonton AB Canada
15 April 2004

This move helped me take a break from a frustrating maths PhD problem. Its the kind of thing you can watch when you have your mind on something else, or out of the corner of your eye while doing some household chores. The film is Canadian but the story is supposed to be set in New York, which doesn't come over too well because the streets are too clean and Celeste (Shannen Doherty) can afford a great apartment with an average job!

This not withstanding plot is not too difficult to follow and flows smoothly. While being somewhat two dimensional the characters didn't bore me. On the whole I found it above average for the material my cable company pads their lineup with. Definitely a good way to spend a rainy afternoon, 6/10.

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This is one of the best movies I have watched .

Author: HbergerhornDN from United States
25 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a true example of just how talented Shannen Doherty really is, her performance was astonishing and you really felt for her character in this movie, you could almost feel the fear and panic she felt, if you are a collector of her films this is a must to have. Even though this movie came out in 2003 is shows just how important certain subjects are to the Lifetime Network, this is by far one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, the main subject and its message on the seriousness on Stalking was really well represented in this movie and left you to wonder how far the justice system has come in the three years since this movie was made in correcting the issue.

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Pretty Good...

Author: narnerbee ( from US of A
3 March 2004

I was a little pessimistic about this one premiering on the lifetime channel, but I was supprised, and why not, it IS Shannen Doherty. I am always pleased when the great Shannendo hits my TV screen, and this one was just another pleasure to add to my many others. Cheap??? NO! This film was exquisite, in its slow moving, but not too slow moving story of a young beauty falling victim to a really weird caller, who spies on her every move! Using pretty good tactics to chill the bone...I would say this one was above average for a television film. A must for all Shannen Doherty fans! I definetly feel that the concept of a women, forced to be tortured with her bird getting kiddnapped, and her appartment broken into numerous times by the unseen stalker...who has killed before, is just terrifying...should have been theatrical.

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One of the best TV movies in recent years!

Author: will ( from USA
2 March 2004

I saw this film last night on Lifetime under the title "View Of Terror." I thought it was great! Shannen is amazing here, she really delivers in this role! This movie has so many twists, and it will keep you guessing until the end, at least it kept me guessing until the end! I would have never guessed in a million years what was going to happen! The film also seemed to have a good budget, and looked a lot better that regular TV-fare! I WILL watch it again if I ever see it on, and I wish it would be released on DVD. Sure, there are a VERY FEW things that, if changed, would make it better, but it is great! Do not think twice before watching this wonderful movie! You won't regret it!

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Author: jasmin_b from United Kingdom
1 January 2004

i found the beggining of this film particularly moving as the performance given by shannon was excellent if anything that made up for the somewhat dubiouse story line and directing.also this film itself at times held the viewers only because of the presence of suspence and acting that took place by about 2 good actors in the whole film.

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