Hannibal Rising (2007) Poster

Plot Keywords

hannibal lecter lithuania
aunt honor
nazi widow
war criminal revenge
japanese france
castle teenager
prequel kissing
stabbed through the chin woods
organized crime plane crash
exploding airplane bomb
exploding ship exploding house
starving trauma
violence against a child attempted rape
sexual assault molestation
sex slave sexual abuse
european history bathtub
stitch number
wolf winter
wild mushroom wedding photo
war zone visa
tied to a tree teddy bear
tasting blood syringe
sword ceremony swastika
stuffed animal strafing
stabbed with a fork stabbed in the hand
spiral staircase snow
slash belly skull
singing shrine
shaved chest self inject
scream school song
scarred for life rowboat
rope roasting spit
red cross psychopath
promise pinching a cheek
phonograph pearl necklace
passport motorcycle
mask machine gun
luger lie detector
leg hold trap latex gloves
laboratory knife held to throat
kidnapping hunger
hatchet hamstrung
german song german shepherd
fountainbleau france flashlight
explosion eaten alive
drown dog
defy authority defend lady's honor
cut thumb cigarette smoking
chisel chain
candle booby trap
blood spatter binoculars
bicycle bible story
sodium pentothal auswitch
sequel to best picture winner child eaten off screen
sword stabbed in the throat
sickle knife through head
fish europe
body anatomy
russian army saskatoon saskatchewan canada
scalpel world war two
war crime truth serum
trophy animal train
tank strangulation
stabbing stabbed in the neck
ss soviet union
shot in the back severed head
severed hand serial killer
saskatchewan canada restaurant
prologue polygraph
police inspector paris france
orphanage nitroglycerin
nightmare mutilation
murder medical student
martial arts loss of sister
lithuanian katana sword
interrogation incinerator
houseboat hostage
horse guilt
guillotine gore
fork forest
flashback fishing
drowning drawing
dog tag decapitation
crushed to death crucifix
child murder chateau
canal cadaver
butcher bracelet
autopsy armor
airplane accident air raid
1950s 1940s
orphan fourth part
cannibalism based on novel
character name in title

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