Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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George Lucas and The Reality of Senility

Author: rfrenzel2002 from United States
25 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Come on George, even my 13 year old son came up with a better plot than this. Picture George Lucas (credited as sole writer for this fiasco) sitting at his computer/typewriter at 2am faced with a particular dilemma. Mmmm...let's see, the hero and his posse are racing through the jungle in vehicles with the bad guys and gals in hot pursuit when suddenly the younger supporting character gets separated from the others by being thrown into a tree full of monkeys. Question: how and the heck do I get him back to the main group? (Takes a sip of brandy along with a handful of Geritol) Wait, I know, he'll simply swing along the vines with the chimps. Plop right into the friendlies vehicle while said monkeys plop into the enemy vehicle and wreak havoc! Brilliant! Uh, George, let's make a little effort next time.

Now don't get me wrong, George Lucas, and Spielberg, are pioneers, and they have had their brilliant moments but this is definitely not one of them. If you're in your 20's this movie might be somewhat entertaining but if you're over 30 you will be sorely disappointed. He continually reuses his own and even others plot points, plot devices, etc and doesn't even bother to shade them with a degree of originality. Car chases next to harrowing cliffs, allowing Indy to get pounded repeatedly by big burly foreigners (Here a Russian, in ROTLA it was a shirtless German at the airstrip) but escaping with only a bloodied lip, impossible stunts that only Superman could survive (3 times over a waterfall in some half-ass amphibian vehicle that must have had some kind of alien force field surrounding it? Please.) I could go on and on about this shameful excuse for a franchise finale but I'll just sum up the most obvious embarrassments thusly: 1. Did you really have to make a crystal skull that looked like it came straight from Alien and then jam it full of tin foil to try and seduce us into believing it was some sort of ancient artifact? Look closely, I really believe it IS tin foil! 2. Did you really have to put some headband on Indy to help him "communicate" with said alien skull? So embarrassing.

3. Hurt kept insisting they weren't aliens from space but instead inter-dimensional beings yet you had to throw in a flying saucer for the finale. Why? Were you on drugs at this point? Out of prostate meds? 4. The kid/son angle wasn't even necessary, nor was bringing back Karen Allen. I was looking forward to Karen Allen's return, in fact, but once I saw her performance in the dailies I would have cut the whole shebang. All that smiling and fawning and stiff acting just screams "Thanks Mr. Spielberg for giving me a chance to make a few dollars off a character I cared about years ago but I'm afraid don't any longer." 5. All in all, this horrible excuse for a franchise finale shows little effort from the writing department (George Lucas), from the actors (All, even Ford acts like he just woke from a coma), and from the yes men and women that didn't call the above for their lack of love and dedication in creating a final Indy episode that would be worthy of it's predecessors.

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90 out of 171 people found the following review useful:

Overstuffed action dominates incredible story and Indy's lame one-liners...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
28 May 2008

Contrary to what Mr. Spielberg thinks, there is no real McGuffin, and that's just one of the many drawbacks of this new Indy film. Furthermore, it's marred by overstuffed action sequences and Indy's lame one-liners, which becomes obvious after the first ten minutes.

When even HARRISON FORD's witty one-liners come across as lame and lifeless (as well as too few and far between), when John Williams' music over the end credits is the only thrilling moment you've really had, you know you're expectations have not been met. This Indy movie tries hard to approximate what went before--and even brings KAREN ALLEN back for a few laughs--but the story is a dismal thing about the desperate search for a Crystal Skull that gives the possessor all the knowledge he'll ever need. Somehow, it fails the McGuffin test that Steven Spielberg thinks he solved.

And yet, the world has such a hunger for another Indiana Jones movie that it's cleaning up at the box-office no matter how negative any of the reviews are. I wanted to like it because I miss a good Indiana Jones story as much as anyone--but this isn't it.

CATE BLANCHETT remains one-dimensional throughout, although her make-up is good and she looks the part of a Russian adventuress. SHIA LaBEOUF, in his black leather jacket, looks like he stepped out of a James Dean movie but never quite fits into this one. He and Ford have some good byplay but it's all so pat. And then we have JOHN HURT wearing a wild-eyed stare and the year's messiest male hairdo in what might have been an interesting role if we could figure out what he's all about.

HARRISON FORD is still afraid of snakes and there's a bonus scene where he has to hang onto one if he wants to get out of quicksand, but other than a few reminders of the Indy of past films, he looks a bit hardened and tired, lacking the zestful playfulness that characterized his earlier way with the part. The script makes concessions to his age, especially from him, to make sure we get the point.

Of course, he's not entirely to blame. It's an impossible comic book sort of story that needed a lot of re-working before they decided to go ahead and film it as is. All the story really does is serve as a sort of map on which to plant all the familiar action clichés--explosives, rapid machine-gunning, wild chases through the jungle, man-eating ants, waterfalls that fill the screen from one end to another, and comic book villains that survive every punch with little more than a flinch as Indy swings at them from every direction while he remains relatively unscathed even without using his whip. Despite the strongly realistic sound those punches make, nobody suffers a broken jaw--just minor bruises.

The chase scene at the end is almost numbing in its wildly overdone mishaps. There's no satisfaction to be had at the end except for the wind-up that has him tying the knot with Marian Ravenwood after all these years. That and the brilliant but familiar John Williams score that sounds wonderful over the end credits without all the explosive action drowning it out.

Better luck next time, Mr. Spielberg. And a better McGuffin. You can cry all the way to the box-office gold.

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Again Indy in a stirring and amazing following that take place in Peru

Author: ma-cortes
9 July 2008

This adventure spectacle follows to Harrison Ford as the two-fisted Indiana Jones , the toughest and most unpredictable archaeologist and is set circa of Cold War. The whip-wielding hero, in spite of his aging, is in fine form, and adding panache appears McHale(Ray Winstone), as Indy's archaeologist friend. This time Indiana finds himself solitary, as his father(Sean Connery, The last Crusade) and his colleague professor(Denholm Elliott) have dead. But Jones along with a rebel young man, a Marlon Brando-alike, named Mutt(Shia LaBeouf) go to Peru, where a partner professor (John Hurt) has been kidnapped by the Soviets led by Col. Dr. Irina (Cate Blanchett). Disappearance demented professor while searching for the Nazca treasure sets the story in motion and rough Indiana encounters an old love, Marion(Karen Allen, Raiders of the lost Ark). Meanwhile, the Stalin's soldiers commanded by Russian KGB leader get a scheme to uncover the secret about the mysterious crystal skulls.

This deliberately old-fashioned adventures story has everything for amusement, and generates a sense of wonder but never gives us a chance to breathe. It recreates and outdoes a bunch of cliffhangers stunts, fast-paced action scenes and violent fights that have you on the edge of the seat. The film contains derring-do, spectacular feats, exciting adventures and sometimes scary events , such as occurs with the starving killers ants. Well made special effects by the Spielberg's usual , Industrial Light and Magic, George Lucas owner, and Stan Winston Studio. As always, the classic John Williams repeating his emotive score. Glimmer and luxurious cinematography by Januzk Kaminsky . Furthermore , customary technicians, as editor Michael Kahn and costume designer by Bernie Pollack. The motion picture is lavishly produced by the habituals, George Lucas, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy. The picture will like those looking for excitement and Indiana Jones saga fans.

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11 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Underrated Adventure Worthy of the Indiana Jones Name

Author: jaredpahl from United States
2 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull gets a lot of hate, especially on the Internet, for being too silly or outlandish. Sure, there are moments in Steven Spielberg's return to the Indy franchise where things can get pretty goofy , but what people like to forget is that overall, the fourth Indiana Jones film retains the feelings of fun and excitement that permeated the first three adventures in the series.

Taking place around twenty years after the events of The Last Crusade, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sees an older Indiana Jones continuing his life of adventure. The first we see of him, he is being led to the warehouse which housed the Ark of the Covenant in the first film. That warehouse is, of course, Area 51. The warehouse scene sets the tone of the whole film, with Indy showing the new villains (Soviet Communists and a wonderfully wicked Irina Spalko, played by Cate Blanchett) a way to a mysterious magnetic box, and subsequently kicking off a fantastic action set-piece, culminating in an implausible, but undeniably fun, escape from a nuclear bomb test.

From there, the story really kicks off with Mutt Williams, a rebellious greaser played surprisingly well by Shia Labeouf, recruiting Dr. Jones to find his mother, who happens to be Indy's old flame, Marion Ravenwood, once again played by Karen Allen. Tied up in all this is the Crystal Skull, a treasure that warped the mind of Mutt's uncle, Oxley. The Soviets are after the skull and once again, Indy has to get to it before it falls into the wrong hands. It's all very familiar, with the same formula of each of the original movies. An unrelated action scene kicks things off, followed by a scene explaining the MacGuffin. Then there is some exploration, and nonstop action until the credits roll. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull follows this same path, with many of the same beats as all the other films had.

What's important is that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull feels as fresh and fun as its predecessors. There's just something to seeing Indiana Jones exploring a ruined temple or fighting atop Jeeps that are rumbling through the jungle, that makes you smile. Harrison Ford slips into the iconic hat and whip like no time had passed at all. He's as charismatic as ever, and he's a huge part of what makes the movie great entertainment. This isn't a perfect adventure. There is an overall over-reliance on CGI, and there are some silly shots. However, at its heart, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull retains the energy and the sense of fun that made Indiana Jones a household name.

There are moments in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that are easy to make fun of. However, they amount to nothing but a few shots. When you take in the overall piece, Indy 4 is as fun and exciting as the previous three Indy movies. Go in with an open mind and its impossible to leave without a smile on your face.


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15 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Great work

Author: andrewdflint-749-430952 from Colombia
27 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film was excellent Harrison Ford truly does a fantastic work as Indiana Jones and Spielberg and Lucas are both genius. The film deserves high respect and it was very entertaining. When i watched it I felt like a boy again and it attract my attention from the beginning to the end. El Dorado was highly criticized by many fans saying that they were some problems on the location, however we never know where the city of gold is. There are three theories through out history one says is in the jungles of Colombia were the chicbchas used to throw their gold into the lakes. Another theory states that the city is inside the vast and unknown land of Cuba, theory used in the movie path to El Dorado and Uncharted drakes fortune video game and finally the city found in Peru in the only zone where the Mayans habituated in south America. Mayans disappeared from the map without any valid reason still unknown today one of the theories are aliens theory used by this movie.

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15 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Love it.

Author: gencooliveoil from United States
2 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really liked this movie. Yes, it's 19 years later, Harrison is older, and things are different.

But that's the hole point. Things change all the time. In this movie, Indy is overwhelmed by the world he lives in.

I thought the action was pretty good. Ford looks AMAZING for a 65 year old guy. Hell, he could give anybody a run for their money! The chase scene in the jungle was alright. I thought they used too much cgi. NOT too crazy about the whole shia and the monkeys thing.

The aliens were great. It's a funny thing... Indy looks so far back into human history( because he's an archaeologist) that he finds out aliens have to do with everything! I was really surprised to see Indy and Marion get married. That was a shock. But I'm fine with it. I just hope that if they ever make another one, the whole family doesn't go along with Indiana!

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16 out of 24 people found the following review useful:


Author: PeterRoeder from Lyngby, Denmark
25 May 2008

I don't understand the negative comments on this movie. First of all, anyone who knows anything about George Lucas would know that this is the finest he can produce. The story of this movie is like the Lucasfilm games such as Zak McCracken. In other words, it is simply awesome. Great imagination and great fun. All other aspects of the movie are also very good. Actually this is more like Indiana Jones 2 than Indiana Jones 4. Number two and three did not add much to the series other than telling us about Indy's father. This one has all the charm and wonder of the first one which we loved so much when we were children. In other words, this is the finest of the finest piece of work of the imagination and people should respect that.

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26 out of 44 people found the following review useful:

Times have changed, and so has Indy...

Author: ugyenpeljor from Colorado, USA
23 May 2008

Before I go on, I would just like to say that Indiana Jones IS my favourite film series, and that Last Crusade is my all time favourite movie of all time. Now, I just saw this yesterday with some friends of mine. I liked A LOT!!!

For me, it was essentially the same characters of the 1930's era originals repackaged in a 1950's era dressing. Anyone who complains about this movie should take a minute to realise that it's MEANT to be a totally DIFFERENT experience altogether. While the originals were made in the style of the 1930's adventure serials, concerning Nazis and lost treasures, this movie is deliberately meant to show that times have changed, and so has Indy. Therefore, it's style is that of 1950's B-movies, and focuses on the 3 most common pop culture phenomena back then: the Rock n Roll generation; the Red Scare; and UFO conspiracy theories.

Harrison Ford did not disappoint in his superb performance as the elderly Indy, and Shia was a highly enjoyable character to have, a street-smart version of Short Round. It was nice to see Karen Allen reprise her role from Raiders, and Marion is a lot less annoying and whiney then her 1936 counterpart.

I'm gonna miss the Nazis! The Russians may look a helluva lot smarter and more efficient then the Germans, and Cate Blanchett as Irina Spalko played a much more believable femme fatale then Alison Doody as Elsa Schneider in Last Crusade, BUT the Russians just don't seem to have the fanatism and villainous flare about them that the Germans had.

My only criticisms at the end of the day are the: 1) Overuse of CGI; (2) Highly romanticized end sequence; and (3) the lack of the Raider's March throughout the entire soundtrack except at the end. However, I'm hopeful that these shortcomings will be fixed for the DVD release, or at least for the Special Edition DVD Release.

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27 out of 46 people found the following review useful:

Somehow you got to keep in mind that this film is not more of the same but a Closure to a great character before somebody get the awful idea and try to remake him

Author: bangor_09 from United States
23 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Do we get action? Of course, but done in a new way with Indy more involved with his companions for the fights than doing it himself like in the previous films, but not an inch less brave, and it was good to see a female as a villain without being a, guess Cate Blanchet is one of the few capable of pull that out.

We have the mandatory Indy humor, but most of it will be perceptible only to those who have followed the series, it answer a lot of questions on Indy's time line (my favorite is the one where a broken crate show certain artifact thought lost forever) and gives you, although not perfect a tie with the TV. Series… The myth behind the Crystal Skull is very well crafted and makes a perfect link between the prehispanic myths and the modern's urban legends, making this film a good bridge between the religion and science fiction realms.

We get to see a wiser and more patient Indy, and you even remember his father in "last crusade" when in more than one occasion he starts to give history lectures in the middle of dangerous situation, my only problem in the plot was how easily the romance between Indy and Marion was reignited and "Mutt" somehow easily accepts his link to Indy as in turn does he, but I understand that for both the pace of the story and the idea that the leads are older and wiser the plot didn't went to any Soap Opera Drama, in order to keep the things moving.

Somehow you got to keep in mind that this film is not more of the same but a Closure to a great character before somebody get the awful idea and try to remake him, just for the sake of pleasing the younger and present audience.

In a way is better to leave the character to silently get lost in the crowd and in the times around him than try to make him change beyond its real persona just to fit in a world that it has moved on… Would you like to see Indy as a super spy with a futuristic arsenal or surfing the net breaking codes for the government?

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28 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

Indy4 with Spielberg and Ford

Author: ashraf_zaky11 from Egypt
16 June 2008

I like to say that the whole Indiana Jones series without Spielberg and Ford will never be the same, there is a spirit in those movies that the director and the main actor gives to the movie this spirit will not be there if Shia LAPouf replaces Harrison Ford in Indy5 (if there is Indy5), I am sorry to say that there is NO one who can give that Charmaine's and attraction to the character of Indiana Jones but Harrison Ford, its a chemistry, or like they say in "Shekespere in Love" ...."its a Mystrey", personally, I wish to see the same couple, Spielberg and Ford in Indy5 without the new kid, the only comment on Indy4 that there is some scenes which is longer than it deserves/expected, if we make a simple comparison between Indy4 and Indy2 you will find that the old one has very short scenes in a lot of different locations and each of them has a different kind of adventure, from the casino to the car to the air to the mountain to the water to the palace to the tunnel to the Cliff.... but in Indy4 you have long adventure in one location, so you sometimes loose that feeling of Indy2 when your hands is holding the chair arm and you are holding your breath to know what will happen

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