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A real Wal Mart Special

Author: rscampb from USA
13 September 2003

With shows like this it is small wonder Nick is still struggling to get viewers. After subjecting viewers to this bargain basement program the star should do the honorable thing, like his namesake, and fall on his sword. This one certainly qualifies as must miss TV.

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Terrible show except for Erica O'Keith

Author: lee481 from United States
9 June 2005

The only cast member in this show that has talent is Erica O' Keith, a great deal of talent being wasted on this show. Everybody else on this show is a joke. Victoria Jackson's 15 minutes of fame should have ended a long time ago. When did Master P (Percy Miller) become a family values man and his son Lil' Romeo couldn't act to save his life. The show is slow and boring. Television, movies, and music has become a joke. There's talent out there but it's easier to manufacture images rather than talent. Maybe Erica O' Keith can get on That's So Raven. I think this show was trying to use some elements of that show for the Romeo show with a male lead. The show could have possibly worked with better cast. I am amazed it lasted as long as it did.

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I am speechless

Author: dbmmgurl from United States
21 July 2005

i really don't know what to say this is the worst show in series television history. between the acting, master p can't rap so what made him think that he could act. Lil romeo with his one liners is very very annoying, and even acting lesson won't help that.the scenarios are even more annoying, no substance it's like watching the same thing every week. the only ones watching are preteen females, for the obvious offense to those females but lets be realistic here, nobody, and i mean nobody but them watches this show and if they do then they have something seriously wrong with them .but i still can't see how anyone could tolerate this sorry accuse for a TV show, nickelodeon has clearly lost there touch, and their viewers.the only thing i want to know is why haven't they canceled this show yet?, and put all of us out of our misery.

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Average family?

Author: LittleMissThang666 from United States
2 July 2006

We have an average family. Dad's a famous rapper, we have the "rebelious teenage daughter", the adopted white kid, and the cute little kid. And we have careless housemaid, what show has had a housemaid like that? Do we have a messed-up Brady Bunch? Yay! When it first came out I thought it was really cool, mostly because I was young. The music was bad. The raps were so bad and they were too g-rated. All of his raps were about his family and friends and problems. The dad was kind of the "Danny from Full House" type of dad. Always gave the advice out. But he wasn't a clean freak. They had a house-keeper for that. Remember? The plots were basically Lil' Romeo was in trouble of some sort, or... not that's it. Oh and maybe some preteen drama. Yeah that stuff is good. Not really. But its still a good show for kids. But Nikelodean could do better.

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Author: Robbie14 from Long Island
10 February 2004

I can safely say Nickelodeon is NOT doing a good job trying to get new material together. And this is clean proof right here. This show, Romeo, is by far one of the stupidest lame shows Ive seen in a long while! It's all Romeo, all the time! What about Mrs. Rogers, Gary, or heck, even Percy Miller himself?! But no, we get a talentless piece of garbage we all know as Romeo! And with a whole lot of dumb phrases, sayings, and special effects as well!

But however, there is one little glimmer of light....VICTORIA JACKSON! Who is she, you ask? She's a former cast member on SNL, so you can just assume she's gonna be a barrel of laughs, and she is! She does a great job playing Mrs. Rogers, and she should get some more air time! But not even she can save this show from being a "Romeo-Fest".

Score: **/***** (And I'm being nice giving this show 2 stars!)

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Nickelodeon, you're not kids, and you don't know what's cool.

Author: patmariejen2
19 August 2004

I could barely sit down and watch this. For once I thought Nickelodeon made a good show. I mean, the theme song is just lame, it just "Hey! Yo! Watch it flow! It's time for the Romeo show!" And then "Yeah the Romeo show" for the next five minutes. And then it's just crappy camera angles, lame actors, stupid actors, lame slang, and extremely unskilled rap. I mean seriously, that's just the whole episode right there.

The only good part of this show is the Saturday Night Live character, and they try to make her look as stupid as possible for the little time it's on. I mean, Romeo just has to take up the whole show because he's a wannabe rapper. Whoop-de-doo! You can rap. It's only the most pathetic form of music next to country. Go tell some one who cares.

This show is mindless garbage, and I'm surprised this made it to season two. Overall Rating: -16/10

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One of the All Time Greatest Shows on Television

Author: president_bonds from United States
12 July 2005

Hi, my name is Brandan Bonds. I'm 13yrs old and from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I just want to say for everyone who says this show is lame, WELL ITS NOT!I don't know if your just jealous or what but you just need to stop hatting on Master P and Romeo. Especially Zachary Isaiah Williams, he's only a kid. And I bet if that was you and people was talking about how lame your show was you'd probably want to fight somebody, but unlike these actors and actresses they just don't worry about what other people say because they have god in their life and they put him before anybody. So Master P is doing his thing and so is everyone else. This is the best show on Nickelodeon. So you all are saying these things if you don't like the show, then just don't watch it1 if anyone has a problem with this comment then u just let me know.

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