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19 Jan. 2006
Banishing Acts
J.T.'s new girlfriend gets jealous of his relationships with other women and forces him to choose between her and his friends; Janie becomes self-conscious about her appearance.
2 Feb. 2006
Diva Day Care
When Shelly, Janie and Rita end up with a huge windfall due to the success of their business, each of them deals with her newfound wealth differently. Shelly immediately splurges on expensive clothes and accessories, draining her account within days.
9 Feb. 2006
Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
After learning about J.T.'s former relationship with Shelly, along with his roommate situation with Rita and other facts, J.T.'s new girlfriend, Rochelle (KIM FIELDS - "The Facts of Life"), feels threatened by the women in his life and forces J.T. to choose between her and his friends. Meanwhile, self-conscious about her looks after a waitress mistakes her for Shelly's mother, Janie adopts a new style and attitude, much to the girls' dismay.
16 Feb. 2006
Oh, Brother
Still fond of Grant (recurring guest star SHARIF ATKINS), the man she almost married, Shelly takes him to lunch in an effort to remain friends. But this becomes a monumental task after he informs her that he's newly engaged--and introduces her to his new love. Meanwhile, Nick and J.T. start to hang out with a youngster through a local Big Buddies program, but they soon clash over their very different mentoring styles. Also, Rita moves into her new loft.
2 Mar. 2006
Rules of Engagement
After J.T. fails an anatomy test, his mother, Frances (recurring guest star DAPHNE MAXWELL REID), embarrasses him by begging cranky Professor Dunson (ROBERT PICARDO) to let J.T. take a makeup test. Meanwhile, after Marty (recurring guest star REGGIE GASKINS) shows promise in a local bowling tournament, Nick tries to convince him to pursue his dream of being a professional bowler. Also, Shelly helps Rita set up her new apartment.
23 Mar. 2006
To Sir, with Mom
When Janie's younger brother Paul (RUBEN STUDDARD - "American Idol") comes to visit, Shelly discovers that his longtime crush on her still exists, and she isn't quite sure how to handle it now that he's all grown up. Meanwhile, after Janie convinces the gang to join her at church on Sunday, Nick embarrasses everyone by attempting to get the $100 he put in the collection plate back.
13 Apr. 2006
Separate, But Unequal
When Nick realizes that he's in love with his girlfriend and wants to fully commit to her, she reveals that she is still married. Meanwhile, Shelly discovers that Rita always hangs around Shelly's loft because she is convinced her own place is haunted.
20 Apr. 2006
While negotiating with a department store buyer, Brenda (LENISE SOREN), to stock their clothing line, Shelly and Jane find out that Rita had a one-time lesbian fling with Brenda. They try to convince the reluctant Rita to romance her former flame in order to expand their business. Meanwhile, after losing an expensive bet to J.T., Donovan enlists Nick's help in winning his money back in a rigged poker game.
27 Apr. 2006
Donovan on the Brink
The gang is surprised to learn of Donovan's past as a teen pop star in England when a rapper, Lazy G (OMAR GOODING - "Barbershop"), wants to sample one of his hit songs. Meanwhile, when Janie and Rita attempt to write a romance novel, they realize that, although their ideas of the perfect leading man may differ, their romantic fantasies are equally hot. Series star EVE performs for the first time on the show.
4 May 2006
Daddy's Home
Shelly's father, Yusef (recurring guest star CLIFTON POWELL), shows up after years of absence to show his support for Shelly when she is named Miami's Designer of the Year. To Shelly's surprise, her mother, Beverly (recurring guest star PENNY JOHNSON JERALD), encourages her to give him a second chance. Meanwhile, when Janie's curiosity is piqued by the discovery of an unusually large amount of cash in Rita's purse, she decides to investigate the suspicious source of income.
11 May 2006
Daughter Don't Preach
After pregnant Beverly (recurring guest star PENNY JOHNSON JERALD) finally reveals the truth to Yusef (recurring guest star CLIFTON POWELL), Shelly questions Yusef's ability to commit to Beverly's child. Meanwhile, when Janie discovers that Rita is secretly hosting Botox parties at the store, she convinces Rita to allow her to take part, only to find out that the business is illegal.

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