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Season 4

4 Oct. 2009
Grandma's Treasure Hunt/Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle/Ruby's Recital
Grandma has organized a Treasure Hunt for Max, Ruby, and Louise./While Ruby is doing a puzzle, Max's lobster steals a puzzle piece and they go on a mad dash to get it back./Ruby has to pick an instrument to play for her recital.
5 Oct. 2009
Ruby's Home Run/Ruby's Missing Tune/Ruby's Handstand
Ruby wants to get a home run on the baseball team but Max wants to play with his Airplane./Ruby & Louise are putting on a ballet and Max wants to drive his "Race Car!"/Ruby has trouble doing a handstand for her Bunny Scout Badge
6 Oct. 2009
Ruby's Rainbow/Ruby's Home Tweet Home/Max's Mudpie
Ruby wants to paint a perfect rainbow for rainbow for Grandma but she can't remember the color order./Ruby & Louise build a birdhouse./
4 Jan. 2010
Max Saves the Parade/Ruby's Horn of Plenty/Max's Big Kick
Ruby and Louise make a float for the Fall Fun Festival Parade./Roger teaches Max how to kick a field goal while the girls try to make a leaf rubbing picture./Ruby harvests all the vegetables from her garden for fall decor.
28 Nov. 2009
Duck Duck Goose/Ruby's Snowbunny/Ruby's Snowflake
Max wants to play "Duck Duck Goose!" with the girls./Max wants to zoom down the hill on his "sled!" but Ruby wants to make a snowbunny./Ruby wants to surprise Grandma with special decorations on the cookies they made.
1 Dec. 2009
Ruby's Good Neighbor Report/Candy Counting/Ruby's New Shoes
Ruby collects stories from members of the community for a Bunny Scout Badge./Ruby's the first one to try to win a candy counting constest at the candy store./Ruby wants to buy new shoes at the store-Max wants to meet Super Bunny
3 Dec. 2009
Max's Balloon Buddies/Ruby's Penny Carnival/Ruby's Big Win
Max's balloon animals keep bursting at the Flower Festival./At Ruby's penny carnival, Max keeps getting in the way with things that are Scary/Ruby wants to win the basketball toss at the Fun Fair because the prize is a goldfish.
30 Dec. 2009
Ruby's Gingerbread House/Max's New Year/Max's Christmas Passed
Ruby and Louise want to make the perfect gingerbread house for Grandma at Christmas./Max doesn't want Christmas to end so he finds a way to make sure it doesn't!/Max & Ruby spend New Year's Eve at Grandma's house.
4 Jan. 2010
Max's Castle/Bunny Hopscotch/Max's Grasshopper
Ruby and Louise build a castle out of blocks./Ruby and Louise play hopscotch./Max befriends a grasshopper while Roby and Louise are trying to do a Bunny Scout experiment to measure how quickly their beansprouts grow.
20 Jan. 2010
Ruby's Hoola Hoop/Max and the Martians/Ruby's Real Cinderella
Louise is trying to teach Ruby how to hula hoop, but Max's toy Bugs keep getting in the way./Max helps the Bunny Scouts see Mars through their telescope./ Ruby doesn't want Max to play Cinderella with her because he's too dirty.
22 Jan. 2010
Super Max's Cape/Ruby's Water Lily/Max Says Goodbye
Ruby watches Baby Huffington while Mr. and Mrs. Huffington set up for a picnic./The girls try to perfect the hardest move in their synchronized swimming routine./Max says goodbye to his toys to go to a playdate at Louise's.
28 Jan. 2010
The Princess and the Marbles/Emperor Max's New Suit/Max and the Three Little Bunnies
Ruby teaches Max to be more sensitive to what other bunnies want after he interrupts her play./Ruby wants Max to try on a new suit in the store but Max isn't interested./Ruby tells the story of Max & the Three Little Bunnies.

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