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MPAA Rated R for strong sexual content, graphic dialogue and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A young boy masturbates in a library to a picture of a nude female chest by rubbing his crotch on the edge of a wooden bookshelf. We see him reach down in his pants, take the ejaculate out in his hand, and smear it across some books on a shelf. We see the ejaculate dripping from the books. Very disturbing. In a separate scene, he rubs some on someone's locker, but the actual act of masturbation is not shown.
  • A young boy lays out a bra and panties on a bed and rolls a condom on, out of curiousity, but it is not shown.
  • A teenager kisses a girl and we see their tongues moving back and forth.
  • A man and his two kids discuss their mother's affairs with other men a few times.
  • A scene from "Blue Velvet" shows Isabella Rosselini nude from the waist up very briefly and in a non-sexual way. Her breasts are fully exposed.
  • A teenage boy (and the camera) stares at a young woman's behind in her jeans. Later, the same boy stares at a woman's groin while she's sitting cross-legged in shorts. He leans forward and kisses her knee, then (embarrassingly) moves his head up sharply and hits her in the nose, giving her a nosebleed.
  • A man and a woman are implied to have been having sex.
  • A teenage boy wonders often whether he should sleep with his girlfriend or other girls. He talks to other teenagers about this, they suggest both. He also talks to his father about it several times.
  • A teen's girlfriend gives him a hand job in her bra, but this is only seen from upper waist and above. Her cleavage is exposed quite clearly, however. The teenager recieving the hand job begins to breathe heavily, then we hear him grunting as he twitches violently, implying that he had climaxed. After he finishes, she is seen rubbing a towel on her bed sheet, obviously to clean up his ejaculate. He asks her about what she's done with another guy.
  • A teenager tells another teenager that a certain girl would "move her p***y muscles" in just the right way.
  • When a boy knocks on his Dad's door and opens it, he sees his father trying to get a young woman significantly younger than him to perform oral sex on him.

Violence & Gore

  • Some parents fight, a mother slaps her son on the face.


  • As the MPAA rating of the film says, the movie contains graphic sexual dialogue. Lots of profanity sprinkled throughout. ALL curse words are used, to varying degrees ('fuck' is most often said). 'Cunt' (used merely as a replacement for 'vagina') is heard twice and 'p-ssy' is heard once (referring to a character's 'pussy muscles' during ejaculation). A young boy curses profusely.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A young boy is seen drinking on about three different occasions. In one of these scenes he throws up in a toilet, and the vomit is shown exiting his mouth briefly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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