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Which Way to the Emergency Exit?
w00f26 December 2004
Somebody decided to make a "black version" of Airplane.

Somebody decided to make a really, really bad "black version" of Airplane.

Somebody decided to make a really, really bad "black version" of Airplane that ran out of humor after the first twenty minutes.

Somebody decided to make a really, really bad "black version" of Airplane that ran out of humor after the first twenty minutes and instead spent all of its time insulting the intelligence of the audience and the cast.

This movie managed to violate the laws of physics by sucking and blowing at the same time. If nothing else, it deserves to be remembered for that accomplishment.

It's not a black thing, it's not a white thing, it's just a bad thing. A really, really bad thing. Picking it apart point-by-point would be a waste of time. The best thing that can be said about the movie is that there was a purple airplane in it. Do yourself a favor... go buy a picture of a purple airplane, and you will have gotten the best of what this movie had to offer.

This one definitely goes under the category of "What the !^@@&*! were they thinking????"
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The soul airline
jotix1007 April 2006
Most comments submitted to IMDb about "Soul Plane" are so negative that it would appear this film should not hold anyone's interest. While it is no masterpiece, the movie is not half as bad as most critics seem to indicate.

First of all, other mainstream spoofs have dealt with the same clichés one sees in "Soul Plane". Jesse Terrero, the director, shows a flair for the material. The director has gathered a lot of talented black entertainers in a comedy that is best watched with a lot of friends because there are some hysterical moments in it that are a riot.

It's true there are stereotypes, but it doesn't seem the creators of the film set out an agenda to hurt anyone. Some jokes play better than others, but with the right attitude, the movie proves to be fun. The use of some of the music plays well within the context of the film.

Kevin Hart, Tom Arnold, Snoop Dog, K.D. Cubert, the funny Mo'nique, and the beautiful Sofia Vergara make this a movie with a lot of laughs.

Instead of dwelling in the negative aspects of "Soul Plane", just relax, sit back and enjoy.
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hilarious comedy
fruitloops37124 May 2007
A trailer for this movie made me think that it was going to be garbage. A year or more later I watched it on BET and I couldn't stop laughing.

This movie should not be taken seriously. It contains tons of jokes (I'm a white male with a sense of humor, don't know if this helps). If you are bored and in need of a new comedy, this comes highly recommended. (My other favorite comedy's are Blades of Glory, Arthur(1981), Austin Powers (all three), Ben Stiller's Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers) if you wanted to know my sense of humor.

It is definitely worth the time and you will not regret watching the movie. I want to high-five the creators of this movie and party with them.
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Not Very Funny
christian12315 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After a humiliating experience on an airplane, Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) sues the airline and uses the money he wins to start up his own full-service airline. What makes his different is that it has sexy stewardesses, an on board dance club and no less than Captain Snoop Dogg in the cockpit.

Soul Plane is a very racist comedy except it is only occasionally funny. Soul Plane has been described as an "urban" version of Airplane. The problem is that Soul Plane doesn't even come close to achieving the laughs of Airplane. The jokes in Soul Pane are too offensive and they are mostly unoriginal. I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh since there were some funny moments. However, I was expecting more and I left the theater disappointed.

I would compare Soul Plane to Airplane 2. The latter was just a rehash of the first film while the former is just a rehash of outdated, crude jokes. There is really no creativity behind the movie and there are only a few fun spots. However, I don't think Soul Plane is "bottom 100" bad. Right now, the movie is ranked at number 82 and that's a little harsh. I'm not saying this is a good movie but it isn't a terrible on either. The running time is only 86 minutes long so it isn't too much of a pain to watch. For stupid comedies, you can do a lot worse.

No one in the cast is very good but they all seem to be having fun and this helps. Kevin Hart was very annoying as Nashawn. He had a few funny lines but he is a very poor leading man. Snoop Dogg, who was mildly funny in Starsky and Hutch, completely flunks here. Tom Arnold was actually tolerable and that was the film's biggest surprise. The most annoying person in the movie was Ryan Pinkston. He was not funny at all and he will never be funny. The funniest cast members were Missi Pyle and Mo'Nique. They gave the best lines and they made me laugh the most. In the end, Soul Plane may fit the bill if you're looking for a stupid comedy but it would probably be better if you just skip the film. Rating 4/10
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Comedy? NO!
Finntroll8 August 2004
"Soul Plane" is a horrible attempt at comedy that only should appeal people with thick skulls, bloodshot eyes and furry pawns.

The plot is not only incoherent but also non-existent, acting is mostly sub sub-par with a gang of highly moronic and dreadful characters thrown in for bad measure, jokes are often spotted miles ahead and almost never even a bit amusing. This movie lacks any structure and is full of racial stereotypes that must have seemed old even in the fifties, the only thing it really has going for it is some pretty ladies, but really, if you want that you can rent something from the "Adult" section. OK?

I can hardly see anything here to recommend since you'll probably have a lot a better and productive time chasing rats with a sledgehammer or inventing waterproof teabags or whatever.

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manicmango1312 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I hate to comment on something I didn't finish, but if I spare one person what I sat through for almost an hour before turning it off in disgust, it will be worth it.

I decided to watch this with an open mind, knowing it was on the bottom 100.

Bad idea. I usually love crude humor, or can at least tolerate it. I love so-called "black" comedies. I'm not easily offended, either.

It started off okay and quickly went downhill. I laughed a few times (for example, when the main character got stuck in the airplane toilet), but that was it and didn't compensate for the strong disgust I felt.

I didn't laugh when the dog got sucked into a jet engine. I usually can't see the humor in animals dying (except in Animal House). I didn't laugh at much else of the nastiness, either. I turned it off after an incident involving a blind man and a baked potato that I don't care to repeat the details of, only that the wave of nausea still hasn't passed over me.

Simply put, it was smut-filled and simply not funny with barely any plot. This is one of the times when if you don't have something nice to say, you should get the word out.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
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Lighten up everyone! Very entertaining!
chrisuab18 September 2004
I read a lot of negative reviews about this movie from the user comments on this board. OK, so there are a lot of stereotypes BUT nobody is left out which is a very fair way to do it. There was no bias, everyone got made fun of! Whites, Blacks, Gays, Hispanics, etc. This movie hit those stereotypes in such an amusing way. I'm a white American and was not offended by Tom Arnold's character and family. A guilty pleasure of humor I think we can all relate to.

This wasn't a great movie, but I still say it was very entertaining which was the goal for this movie. There is a lot of shocking humor that you just don't find in most comedies today. If you are the kind of person who can discern between real life and how real life is perceived then this movie is for you! No need to get offended up in here, just lay back and enjoy this entertaining movie. Don't worry, this movie isn't going to influence anyone.
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A Disgusting Embarrassment For Blacks
grymm23 July 2004
This "movie" and I say this lightly, is nothing but pure trash. I feel sorry for those people that actually wasted their money to go see this in theaters..I saw a screener of the movie from a friend and I've regretted it ever since.

As a black woman, I am EXTREMELY embarrassed to have seen this. More so, I am extremely horrified that people of other races may have seen this as well and might believe it to be behavior of black people in general. It's full of stereotypes against all nationalities and genders, horribly vulgar coarse jokes and lame one-liners bleated out by somewhat well known African American comedians who should have known better after reading this script! I must also mention the numerous rap and hip hop singers/rappers that populate the movie like it was an overlong music video---they had absolutely no place in the movie. I guess they were the "Jiving & Singing Minstrels?" HORRIBLE.

The "writers," producers and whoever had the stupidity to fund this "movie" should all be shot or locked in a room and forced to look at this crap nonstop for the rest of their lives. DO-NOT-WATCH-THIS- MOVIE!!! It's time wasted out of your life that you can never get back.
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Soul Plane Revisited
ImmaBeast8224 June 2008
Last night, the jaw dropping and stupid "Soul Plane" came on BET and I must say...I hate this film even more!!! I felt really embarrassed for some of the talented actors and comics involved in this film who had to play stereotypical, offensive, and awful roles.

The special effects were sort of impressive considering how bad the movie was and I did laugh like 2 times. But overrall, wtf were they thinking when they made this movie?!?! Is this supposed to be the black answer to "Airplane"?

The only entertaining elements about this movie were the scenes with Snoop Dogg, MoNique, and Kevin Hart. Other than that, this is probably the worst black movie to come out this decade.

Really, really, BAD!!!
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What a rip off
bee_dazzled24 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Frankly I did not think there was anything humorous about this movie. It was really lame and poorly done with no plot whatsoever. Surprisingly it got some chuckles from me at the beginning with the Malcolm X terminal and that was about it. Seriously Soul Plane made even the worst movies such as Gigli look like a Emmy winner. This movie is really not worth seeing unless of course you were blind like Johnny Witherspoon who played the blind man in the movie (another sad character). I cringed at majority of the stereotypic jokes and ruining Tom Arnold and D.L Hughley by casting them in this movie. This movie could be summarized in just one sentence. Nashawn wins $100,000,000 and creates his own airline, sex, drugs, homosexuality, more sex, drugs, did i mention sex? If I could I would rate this movie in the negative integers, however, the beginning was amusing which brings this movie to a 1/10. Doing the "t bag" pfft!
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Crash and burn
tifgrant30 May 2004
I wholeheartedly agree with Greg in Ontario. I saw this movie today with a friend who actually went to the theatre manager afterwards and told him "That was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen." I have seen a LOT of movies with this person, and he's pretty forgiving, so I was actually shocked. (The manager gave him a free pass!)

I was offended by much of the humor in the film (yes, the baked potato scene was on the top of the list!). My friend and I are white and saw the film with a primarily black audience. For awhile I thought, maybe I just don't get this movie because I'm white. Then I realized NO ONE was laughing. The writing was bad; the direction was bad; the timing was almost non-existent.

There were a few funny moments, there was just WAY too much time between them. Even Airplane Two was funnier than this, and that's saying a lot.

I was so dazzled by Snoop Dogg in Starsky and Hutch (as Huggy Bear) that I felt I was sure to enjoy this movie. Nope.

DL Hughley was funny, as usual, but his role was rather small. Tom Arnold had a few funny moments as "the white guy", but most other attempts at humor fell far short of the mark.

Sadly, I was not able to award this film a rating with negative stars.
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naderea25 May 2006
The title tell s you where its heading. A commercial Hollywood producing with the word 'Soul' says its going to be a parody of Black culture an d characteristics done badly and diluted so as to cash in on mainstream. Result, offend everyone in its morals and production.

Racial stereotypes and black/white culture are embraced rather than dispelled. Tom Arnold definitely steals the show as he is an excellent comedy actor. Some of the jokes are forced. Some awkward moments. Dwayne Adway is a bit weak in the leading role needed to stick to being the straight man. Stewardess Sofia Vergara has landed in this film from being pictured on a footballer's arm. And like Francine Dee (who plays the Chinese stripper here)is another one of the models and women that have appeared as portraits by the GB artist and psychic Stephen Armourae. This film tries to be an Airplane spoof. But that in itself was a spoof. Double negatives don't work well. But it has enough laughs to be worth looking at.
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Saskia Juinen17 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
That's one funny movie. You have to know a little bit about the who's who in R&B and rap music but hello! Snoop as the captain of the plane and how much bling can you get into one movie. I don't know what was more fun: the two security sista's or the caucasian adapter in the toilets or the white kid that goes all gangsta wannabe or the pimped plane or the way Method Man gets blown off by the airline hostess (although he begs to differ). Too much!! I had such a laugh watching this movie. It made a PMT infested bluesy night on the couch endurable if not enjoyable. Needless to say I ordered the movie straight away, since this movie is all you need on a rainy afternoon with some friends, provided they know a little about the rap/r&b scene and can appreciate this kind of humour. I'd also like to pay respect to the scriptwriter, because the script is really clever and funny. The first 7 points are for the bling, cameos and good music. The last three for wit and detail. I'm feeling kind of hysterical, but it's just that good.
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Early candidate for worst movie of 2004.
elcopy2 June 2004
At least I didn't have to pay to see this. I never expected Soul Plane to be a good movie, I just wasn't expecting it to be that bad.

This movie relies heavily on sex, bathroom and race jokes that are offensive, of bad taste and -worst of all- unfunny.

This plane crashes before takeoff. It gives urban humor, and hip-hop culture a bad name. If this is the kind of humor you like, you're better off with

a Wayans Bros. movie.
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I Loved it, and what the daughter yells at the air port
sexy_crumpet21 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I LOVED THIS MOVIE, such a crack up! One of my favorites and for everyone that wants to know what the daughter yells to the dad at the air port it's something like : "then i can drink and have sex, riding the Boloni pony, getting rim jobbed, getting tea bagged while I'm tossing his salad, ear jobs, hand jobs , blow jobs, getting a pearl necklace, playing the trombone, snow balling, 69er!" something like that. I don't think it's inappropriate for teenagers to hear it as they probably wouldn't know what it is anyway, and if they do then they obviously are hearing it somewhere else anyway. I give this movie a 10 out of 10. It was hilarious, and cheers to the writers
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Josh5 November 2004
I really can't believe that film was wasted on this movie. It has to be one of the worst films I have ever seen. I am sure happy that I didn't waste my money in the theaters on it. I should have left it on the self at the video store. I did laugh, although it was at its patheticness. I would never watch it again no matter how bored I got. I get more enjoyment out of biting my fingernails, and that is saying something. I sure feel sorry for the studio that made this film. I will be double checking the studios the next time I see one to make sure that it did not come from this one. The lame antics through out this film really personifies what I said. The studio wasted its money.
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Not bad at all, but still damn funny!
ryangalicia81817 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Kevin Hart is one of my favorite comedians right next to Dave Chappelle & Chris Tucker. So I decided to check this movie out on the BET Channel for just a little preview, until I decided to watch the entire thing. This movie keeps you wanting to watch it on and on. Method Man was also funny as usual.

When I eventually got the Unrated DVD it was the same exact thing on T.V. except uncensored. When I heard the R-Rated was different I didn't buy it but I watched it online this time. It was totally different. For example, the ending shows Snoop Dogg (everyone thought he was dead, but he was not after all) complaining about he would've gone to Jet Black. Now, that was not told at all on the Unrated version (the film makers probably wanted a to not tell its viewers).

But anyway it was very entertaining but for some of you may be disappointed.

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Dumb, Racest, No Plot, Waste of film...why did i like it?
yourbigpalal8319 April 2006
You know, i must have an odd sense of humor because for the first half of this film, i found myself laughing my ass off, despite this film being one of the worse films ever made. I mean, it has no plot what so ever, there's no real point to the story other then cheep laughs. Yet i somehow, despite me being a film student, enjoying this film.

I guess its the same reason why i think Aqua Teen Hunger force is amazingly funny and that Harold and Kumar go to white castle is genius. Its something about these types of films that just make me laugh, even though i know better to.

Is it a bad film, Yes. There is no doubt what so ever that this film is indeed a poor excuse for a movie. Is it funny, i guess that depends on your state of mind and point of view. Its very childish, very ethnic, and very cheep laughs, but laughs none the less.

Overall, i don't know why really, but for some unexplanable reason, i kinda got a kick out of this film, despite it being stupid, dumb, pointless, childish, racest, etc.
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Trash not worthy of a single frame of celluloid.
MNManiac2 September 2004
I was fortunate enough to not have to pay to see this disaster. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. So as not to waste my time, I'll simply state that the review by shark-43 was pretty much dead on. I can't fathom why any self-respecting African American could put up with this trash--it takes every known stereotype about Black (and white) people and magnifies it by a power of 10, as well as creating new ones at times.

Possibly the worst part is that it isn't even funny like Undercover Brother, or similar movies of the same parody! It's just pure disgusting humor that shouldn't have ever made it onto film. If I could review lower than a 1, I would.
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Man did this movie suck!
meltingsmoke27 May 2004
Well to start with I'm straight up as black as black gets, and I can tell you it's very sad when black people think a "black movie" sucks. I can't say i've ever seen a movie this badly directed or a worse story line.

Snoop is my dawg and all but he wasn't feeling this movie at all, I don't know how much they paid him to be in this bucket of crap called a movie, but i hope it's enough to wash the smell out.

I'm all about supporting a bothers movie, but this one was bad, really really bad. It blew chucks in every aspect, no real plot, story sucked, cast couldn't act and the best one there was the white guy!

I almost demanded a refund on my way out the door of the theatre, half the crowd up and left before it was over, I'm still wishing I had too. Save yourself some pain and go see something else, anything else...
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There's Soul on the Plane
MabusFox20 May 2006
This movie wasn't too funny. It wasn't too horrible either. Just a fun ride aboard the Soul Plane. It's a black-owned flight service with a kick-ass disco, beautiful bar, and pumping stewards. The plot takes you through the whole idea of a black (not race or color, but 'style') -owned plane with the same style of black humor. At times, there are some great rare scenes like when the main character uses the 'normal' lavatory in the 'normal' plane. Check that out. There are lulls, however, and I find it most in the character who played the Soul Pilot. Watch to find out who it is. All in all, it's a fun movie. Tom Arnold adds to the fun with his 'cracker' attitude. This is one movie to watch when playing poker, when you're drunk, or just vegging.
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don't go to this film, rent this film or ever look at this film
ehormell1 June 2004
I would say this was one of the worst movies ever made but that would make it interesting and it wasn't. Although the airline terminal and the plane itself were very cool and visually funny, nothing funny ever happened and none of the characters said or did anything funny. Snoop Dog, Tom Arnold, and a few other actors were actually quite good but the lead actor was unwatchable. One thing the writers of this movie don't understand is that offensive material works in comedy when it is meant in fun and, most importantly, when it is actually funny. Since there is nothing funny about the offensive material in this film, it is simply offensive (and I don't offend easily). While it is unfair to compare this mess with a good film, they were obviously trying to imitate Airplane; unfortunately they didn't understand anything about what made that film funny. None of the dramatic moments in Airplane were meant to be taken seriously, but Soul Plane bogs down an already unfunny film with drama nobody cares about. This film sucks.
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Soul Drain
Pigalina28 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This had absolutely no storyline whatsoever apart from a love interest thrown in for no reason at all. Snoop Dogg did his usual drugged up character, there were so many black stereotypes that I lost count - Loud ladies that say "Mmm-m-mmmm, Giiiirl!", large penises, ladies with huge arses, fried chicken, and bling are just a few. There were four white people on the plane who have various levels of fun aboard the flight and are there to be mocked. Put it altogether on a plane and what do you get? This crappy movie. It was just one huge pile of stereotypes and dancing thrown into a pile and filmed. Rubbish rubbish rubbish.
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One stereotype after another
Joseph Pintar13 September 2004
I think the best acting in Soul Plane is the plane itself. It looks like the plane is very nice looking from both the outside and the inside. The plane has more personality than the people in this movie. Every single character in this movie is a stereotype. We have the one white couple. The pilot who is afraid of heights. The stewardeses who are dressed like hookers. The one gay character who looks at everybody. The language is offensive, with repeated use of the offensive N-word that whites cannot use but blacks inexplicably do. Why did this movie need to push for an R rating when it could have gone for a PG or a PG 13 would suffice. I give this movie a 4/10 and that is only for the great looking plane.
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