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Walk of Fame Honoree Kevin Hart is Non-Stop

Walk of Fame Honoree Kevin Hart is Non-Stop
It’s almost the last day of summer and Kevin Hart is finally off to Hawaii. But if you think that the biggest comedy star in the world is taking a well-deserved vacation to decompress from his hectic work schedule and latest record-breaking stand-up tour, you’d be wrong.

With his aptly-titled “What Now?” tour juggernaut and its stunning statistics — it’s the best-selling comedy tour of all time, grossing over $100 million on five continents and 15 countries, with 1.3 million tickets sold — still in the rear-view mirror, Hart is already hard at work on his next project. That would be Sony’s “Jumanji,” a reboot of the 1995 Robin Williams hit, which is shooting in Honolulu and co-stars Hart’s “Central Intelligence” partner Dwayne Johnson — the pair also exhibited great chemistry co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards. In between Hart is to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Oct.
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Val Kilmer: examining his recent straight-to-dvd movies

Kirsten Howard Sep 13, 2016

We examine the recent Val Kilmer movies, that happened to have bypasses cinemas...

Once upon a time, Val Kilmer’s individual look - defined by a little Swedish blood from his mother’s side - had hearts pumping. Those looks, along with his arrogant, edgy attitude and acting style, helped him clinch plenty of complimentary roles during the 80s and early-90s. Films like Top Secret, Top Gun, Willow and my personal favourite Real Genius were pushing him toward a stellar career back then, and his star was steadily rising.

See also: a closer look at what may be Val Kilmer's weirdest film

But Kilmer came down from a serious high of Heat and Tombstone in the mid-90s when he signed on to the notorious clusterfuck that was The Island Of Dr. Moreau, and only recently has the part he played in its disastrous production come to light.
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All the New Movies on HBO Now and HBO Go in December

  • BuzzSugar
If you've already cherry-picked what you wanted to watch from HBO's November releases, then it's time to start looking to December! A ton of great titles are headed to the premium network's streaming services, including The Divergent Series: Insurgent and The Longest Ride. Remember when you had to wait a year and a half just to rent a video tape? Those days are clearly gone. Get a look at all the new movies coming to HBO Now and HBO Go in the upcoming month, and take note of what's disappearing! Saturday night premieres: Dec. 5: Get Hard Dec. 12: The Divergent Series: Insurgent Dec. 19: The Longest Ride Dec. 26: The Water Diviner Original programming highlights: Dec. 1: Vice Special Report: Countdown to Zero Dec. 6. The Leftovers, season finale Dec. 13: Getting On, season finale Other notable movies coming Dec. 1 10 Things I Hate About You Annie Hall Brokeback Mountain
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Here’s What’s Coming And Going From Netflix in November

It’s almost the start of a new month and that means Netflix is about to refresh their content by adding a lot of new titles and removing some as well. Some of the titles we’re losing include Fargo, Stand By Me, and Batman & Robin, oh no! But some of the highlights for November include the first season of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s new Netflix show With Bob and David; Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Check out the full listings below:

All Title Dates are Subject to Change

Netflix U.S. Release Dates Only

Available 11/1

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure (2011)

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Season 1

Idris Elba: Mandela, My Dad and Me (2015)

Last Days in Vietnam (2014)

Pasion de Gavilanes (2003)

Robot Overlords (2015)

Seven Deadly Sins: Season 1 — Netflix Original

Smithsonian Channel: The Day Kennedy Died (2013)

The Last Time You Had Fun (2014)

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
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What's Leaving Netflix in November 2015

Halloween is ending abruptly on Netflix: You only have until midnight on October 31st to stream "Scream" and several "Saw" installments as these horror films are all expiring on November 1.

And if you want to watch "Fargo" (1996), "Rudy" (1993), "Stand by Me," or "The Blues Brothers" (1980), they're also vanishing on November 1.

Here's the complete list of what's leaving Netflix streaming in November 2015.

Leaving November 1

"1492: Conquest of Paradise" (1992)

"America in Primetime" (2011)

"Bali": Season 1 (2006)

"Balto 3: Wings of Change" (2004)

"Batman & Robin" (1997)

"Best Kept Secret" (2013)

"Best Laid Plans" (1999)

"Changing Lanes" (2002)

"Cleopatra" (1963)

"Conspiracy Theory" (1997)

"Death Warrant" (1990)

"Fargo" (1996)

"Fela Kuti: Music Is the Weapon" (1982)

"Funny Games" (1997)

"Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide" (2012)

"Hero and Terror" (1988)

"House of Flying Daggers" (2004)

"Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie" (2002)

"Lunopolis" (2009)

"Move Over, Darling" (1963)

"Norman" (2010)

"Pajanimals": Season 1 (2010)

"Rudy" (1993)

"Saw" (2004)

"Saw II" (2005)

"Saw III" (2006)

"Saw IV" (2007)

"Saw V" (2008)

"Scream" (1996)

"Secrets of Mary Magdalene" (2006)

"Soul Plane" (2004)

"Stand by Me
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Round-Up: The Fifth Element Pop! Vinyls, The Curse Of Downers Grove Release Details, Grinder NY Screening

Directed by Luc Besson, sci-fi film The Fifth Element now has seven vinyl figures to collect courtesy of Funko's Pop! Movies series. Also in this round-up: release details for The Curse of Downers Grove and a rough-cuts screening of Grinder in New York.

The Fifth Element Figures: Standing at 3 3/4-inches tall, The Fifth Element figures will be released sometime in September.

"The Fifth Element is crash-landing into the world of Pop!

Leeloo comes in two costumes, including her civilian clothes and thermal bandages ensemble!

Korben, Special Forces solider turned cab-driver, comes as her backup!

The glamorous radio host, Ruby Rhod, is accompanied by the revered operatic performer, Diva Plavalaguna!

The evil Zorg and his Mangalore henchman are also included in the series!

Collect the whole set before the Mondoshawans do!"

Images courtesy of Funko:


The Curse of Downers Grove: Press Release: "Anchor Bay Entertainment proudly announces the release
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Olive Films New Release Lineup – Brings in Some Gems!

Olive Films New Release Lineup – Brings in Some Gems!

Olive Films June 23rd Releases Featuring a variety of action and comedy films Soul Plane – Collector’S Edition (2004, comedy):Academy Award winner Mo’Nique (Best Supporting Actress, Precious) is part of an all-star line-up of gifted actors and comedians who come on board the Soul Plane. Our release includes both the Rated and Unrated version plus cast audio commentary and ...

Hnn | - Official News Site
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'Soul Plane' Coming Out on Blu-Ray DVD in June (Blu-Ray of the Year…No it Isn’t)

Several years ago I attended a panel which though wasn’t about film did have as one of the panelists Jessy Terrero the director of Soul Plane. Needless to say, he tried to defend his film as being a misunderstood satire. The audience for the most part wasn’t having it, but he tried anyway. I think it’s safe to say that Soul Plane is considered one of the true nadirs of black cinema. If you squint your eyes and strain hard enough you can kind of see what they had in mind - a sort of wild satire commenting and upending every black stereotype that you can think of. But the film, about a guy who uses the millions he won in a lawsuit against a flight company to create his...
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Hollywood mentors for tyro Aussie producer

Producer John Kassab, in character, on the set of Like Lambs.

Photographed by Johanna B Kelly, the film's Australian production designer.


Los Angeles-based Australian producer John Kassab is completing his first narrative feature, Like Lambs, with the help of some Hollywood tech wizards.

Visual effects maestro Douglas Trumble, sound designers Wylie Stateman, Richard King and Per Hallberg and editor Joe Hutshing (whose credits include Oliver Stone.s W. and Savages and Cameron Crowe.s upcoming Aloha) have mentored Kassab.

The feature debut of Us writer-director Ted Marcus, the film follows students at an elite boarding school who take a stand against government corruption and demand radical action when the over- leveraged Us economy implodes.

The cast includes Liam Aiken (Ned Rifle, The Killer Inside Me), Connor Paolo (Mystic River, Gossip Girl, Revenge), Justin Chon (Twilight, 21 and Over), Chanelle Peloso (TV.s Incredible Crew, Zapped) and Godfrey (Louie, Soul Plane, Zoolander
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Why Mo'Nique Isn't A Bigger Star, According To Mo'Nique

Mo.Nique has been known for her extensive comedic career, from her stand-up gigs to her movies like Phat Girlz and Soul Plane. But everything seemed like it would change for the better when she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Precious . more money, more opportunities, more respect. Unfortunately, this hasn.t happened, and the renowned comedienne and actress has spoken out about her career trajectory, and what has happened since she won Hollywood's highest honor. Mo.Nique recently spoke at length with The Hollywood Reporter and revealed that the reason behind her lack of major success in the dramatic field is because she.s been "blackballed" by Hollywood. At least, that.s what filmmaker Lee Daniels told her over the phone. The Precious director called her up about six or seven months ago, by her own estimations, and told her this. When she asked why, he responded, "Because
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Timbaland -- Lifetime Deserves the Heat ... For Crappy Aaliyah Biopic

  • TMZ
Timbaland clearly thinks Lifetime deserves every ounce of crap being flung their way for the Aaliyah biopic that premiered Saturday ... and during his attack on the network, no digital punches were pulled.The rapper/producer went on a social media rampage last night urging people to boycott the "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B"... using a slew of hilarious memes.Once the movie was over -- Timbo had no problem gloating to fans who watched
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You’re in the Minority: Top 10 Oscar-Winning Actresses of Color

An Oscar-winning actress is an exceptional artist no matter what shade, race or ethnicity she represents. For the sake of this written piece we will concentrate on those actresses of color whose achievement in cinema (and ultimate success of capturing the golden statuette) has made them revered commodities in the motion picture industry.

For some of these minority Oscar-winning actresses being spotlighted they have either excelled at their craft early in their careers or may have enjoyed limited success in the aftermath of their glory. Whatever the case it remains certain that these feminine recipients of Academy Award distinction left a legacy on the big screen in a capacity that cannot be taken away or dismissed.

The You’re in the Minority: Top 10 Oscar-Winning Actresses of Color are (in alphabetical order according to film titles):

1.) Mercedes Ruehl as Anne Napolitano from The Fisher King (1991)

Won the Academy Award for
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Interview: Kevin Hart Leads the Crew in ‘Think Like a Man Too’

Chicago – Sequels just need a dose of energy and creativity, and then they work. The cast of “Think Like a Man Too” – including Kevin Hart, Regina Hall and Terrence Jenkins – provide that energy, as the gang from the first film heads to Las Vegas for a competing bachelor and bachelorette parties. The audience wins that contest.

Kevin Hart is arguably one of the hottest performers of the moment. Fresh from his record breaking stand-up film of last year, he hit a trifecta in late 2013 and early 2014 with the films “Grudge Match,” “Ride Along” and “About Last Night.” His quick wit and energy also has the character of appreciation, for the collaborator and director Tim Story, and his co-stars Terrence Jenkins and Regina Hall.

Kevin Hart in Chicago for ‘Think Like a Man Too,’ June 13, 2014

Photo credit: Joe Arce of Starstruck Photo for last encountered Regina Hall
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A Ten-Year Anniversary (2004-2014): Top 10 Cinematic Duds from Yesterday

Has it actually been ten years already since we have been engaged in the realm of films dating back to 2004? A decade is certainly a long period of time to build our appreciation for cinema up until this critical point in 2014. In looking back at 2004, one can recall fondly some of the more desirable releases to come out at that time. For instance, the superb Million Dollar Baby was the Academy Award-winning film for 2004. Even the comedies that were released that year gave movie audiences cause to rejoice with such ditties as the sleeper indie hit Napoleon Dynamite and well as mainstream laughers in Mean Girls and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy.

Unfortunately for every gem there is a dud and then some. And 2004 had its share to say the least. So how about getting nostalgic and recalling some of the notable misses that were heaped on misled moviegoers
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'Basketball Wives" Star Jackie Christie -- Pregnant Women Should Kill Temperamental Cats

  • TMZ
"Basketball Wives" star Jackie Christie thinks pregnant women with ornery cats should kill the kitties by hanging, choking or other means if necessary.It's pretty shocking ... our photog asked Jackie (in the dark blouse) and her friend, Sundy Carter (who appeared in "Bringing Down the House" and "Soul Plane") about what a pregnant woman should do with a temperamental cat. Both women have no mercy for fearless felines.  In fact, Jackie actually thinks cats can
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Tsr Blog: ‘Non-Stop’ and Why It’s Safe for Movie Planes to Crash Again

Through films like Flightplan, Soul Plane, and White House Down, it has taken over a decade for Hollywood to arrive at Non-Stop.

Showing the vitality of Liam Neeson carrying a gun and a broken heart, Non-Stop recently gave the new action hero one of his biggest box office weekends so far. Involving an air marshal using a particular set of skills to hunt and kill someone threatening his plane (to paraphrase Taken), the film may seem like a generic Neeson actioner. But while his character might be a composite of previous roles, the anxiety he tackles within this film is fresh. Considering its box office success (and my mother’s intense experience in watching the movie), Non-Stop works efficiently as a thriller in 2014 because it provides viewers with imagery of in-flight chaos not seen since before 9/11. It is also the indication of a natural progression for how Hollywood films are
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Interview with Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, the co-stars of About Last Night

This Valentine’s Day the remake of the classic romantic comedy, About Last Night descends on theaters. The film, from director Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine), is more of a reimagining of the 1986 and actually has more in common with the David Mamet play Sexual Perversity in Chicago on which both films are based. The new contemporary version two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom as they try to carve out their own unique space in the world of dating.

The cast is headed by Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant, who play Danny and Debbie, a couple brought together on a blind double date with their best friends, Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Joan (Regina Hall), who are on their all-important post-coital second date. The film then follows all four as they navigate through the rocky terrain of the contemporary world of dating and through the
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5 Things Kevin Hart Did To Rescue His Career From The Soul Plane Bathroom

You know the stars that land a big role almost immediately after getting to Hollywood? The ones that steadily ride an upward trajectory from bit parts to starring roles in indies to starring roles in studio films to A-list status? Think Tom Cruise. Think Jennifer Lawrence. Absolutely, under no circumstances think Kevin Hart. Ten years ago at the tender age of twenty-four, he nabbed the starring role in Soul Plane. And it bombed. Terribly. It didn.t even make its sixteen million dollar budget back. A failure before he even began, he was basically written off by the studios and forced to start from scratch, shackled with a reputation that he wasn.t mainstream enough to carry a movie. So, over the last decade, Hart has slowly climbed his way back to the top. This weekend, he and Ice Cube are set to topline Ride Along, and in case if
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Common -- Snoop Dogg is Not the Best Rapper/Actor ... But I Know Who is

  • TMZ
Common says Snoop Dogg was barking up the wrong tree when he declared himself the world's greatest rapper/actor ... 'cause he tells TMZ, someone else deserves the #1 spot.The "Hell on Wheels" star was heading home from the gym on Monday ... and we asked him about Snoop crowning himself king of the actor Mc's.Common says Snoop's leaving out at least one famous rapper who kills it on the big screen ... and he took the
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I’m So Excited!

I’m So Excited!

Directed by: Pedro Almoldovar

Cast: Javier Camara, Cecilia Roth, Paz Vega, Blanca Suarez, Carmen Machi, Lola Dueñas

Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Rating: R

Release Date: July 5, 2013 (Chicago)

Plot: Three flight attendants take care of their passengers as two pilots attempt to prevent their damaged plane from crashing.

Who’S It For? If you’re familiar with Almoldovar, this film is likely to play for you better than for the uninitiated, if at least for the sake of being aware of his dramatic style and recurring themes. This movie could be a cult classic, but only within the cult of people who follow Almoldovar, and will watch anything he makes.


I’m So Excited!, which is like Pedro Almoldovar’s very gay Spanish version of Soul Plane, is a silly movie made that is outwardly fine with functioning as a simple breath of relaxed air from
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