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Film Threat
A lot better than one would expect. It's amusing, it's inspired and hey, it's a lot wittier than the last two "Scary Movies" combined. Though, like most lampoons, it runs out of steam about half way through.
An idea whose time is long overdue, a tricked-out jumbo jet custom fit to meet the needs of today's savvy black traveler.
A raunchy spoof of the disaster-movie lampoon Airplane! - does everything to get the laugh. And in the way that a broken watch is right twice a day, a shotgun comedy like this one occasionally hits its target.
Has moments of inspiration, but the scattershot spoofing never achieves enough momentum to get this flight airborne.
Entertainment Weekly
If you're looking for comic insights beyond the well-documented ass differential between whites and blacks, well, golly, you ought to try another carrier.
Flashy production design can't save Soul Plane from crashing and burning in a debris field strewn with stereotypes and raunch.
With its excessive sleaze and gross-out gags, Soul Plane overshoots effective spoofery. Mostly it's a foul, eye-rolling experience.
While this flight should have been permanently delayed due to extraordinarily offensive conditions, there are no signs instructing you to remain seated should you decide to discreetly exit before your tour of the unfriendly skies is over.
An hour and a half of real airplane turbulence is better than sitting through the bad, offensive material that makes up Soul Plane.
Chicago Tribune
Let's make this simple: If you spend money on Soul Plane, you've been played.

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