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Saint Ange
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Reviews & Ratings for
House of Voices More at IMDbPro »Saint Ange (original title)

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Index 83 reviews in total 

187 out of 242 people found the following review useful:

Such a bad movie, and not even a "good" bad movie .......

Author: cmoi2c from Lyon, France
6 June 2005

Where should I begin? I know, the script, which is where the writer-director should have begun when he started this piece of crap! There is no story, the plot is weak, and the ending is frustrating because the director Pascal Laugier has no idea what he is doing.

The first five minutes are the best part of the movie, and everything else goes downhill quickly from there. Technically, it's not a bad movie. But everything else is so awful. I would have given this movie a zero, but 1 is the lowest score available on IMDb.

Even the worst Hollywood movies have more of a storyline than "Saint-Ange" and what in the world happened to Virginie Ledoyen? Why is she doing crappy horror movies like this? "The Beach" looks like a masterpiece compared to the trash of "Saint-Ange" !

If you want to see a good horror movie with better acting and directing and plot, go see "Haute Tension" by Alexandre Aja. He's a talented French director who knows what he is doing.

Pascal Laugier should go back to directing making-of videos for Christophe Gans. It's where he belongs.

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164 out of 218 people found the following review useful:

What is this movie? Not scary, not entertaining but BAD and BORING!

Author: eltoreogran from Spain
13 June 2005

When I watch a movie, I like to be entertained. When I watch a horror movie, I like to be scared. With "Saint Ange" I got nothing, I only got bored and mad at myself for wasting my money and time! Every person in the theater with me was also very upset. I counted maybe five people walked out, and everybody whistled in disgust when the movie ended. I think they tried to ask for their money back. I stayed because I did not want to waste my money, but now I think I should have walked out too!

What to say of the acting? Well there is no dialogue really, and the only dialogue that was there was very poor and stupid, even in translation. The actresses in this movie are usually good in other movies but they were very bad in this one, because of the terrible script, the silly dialogue and the awful director. I almost wished they were killed off in the beginning, so they would not have to go through the rest of this boring movie the way the audience was forced to.

What to say of the story? Nada! It's a big zero! It tries to copy "The Others" ("Les Otros") by Amenábar but this "Saint Ange" is just too awful it is not even worthy to compare it. With Amenábar, you get a good story, good thrills, good acting, good movie. With this Laugieri, you get nothing but a silly, boring, bad movie with nothing memorable. It is full of clichés and predictability's.

There is one scene where the director tries to scare you but it only makes you laugh. That is when you know you are watching a really bad movie: it is when you are not scared in the places you are supposed to be scared, and instead you laugh or whistle. I was not moved at all in this movie and neither will you.

I give this movie zero stars because it is really the worst movie I have seen in a very long time.

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130 out of 163 people found the following review useful:

Why bother?

Author: Monstro-38 from Italy
22 June 2005

OK, I agree with most of the comments here but really the music of Joseph Lo Duca was not so bad. It was I think the best part of this banal movie.

But for everything else? Absolute merde, as you French say. True, people here also fell asleep or walked out of the movie, which happens all the time with all the bad movies, even with 'special events' movies with the director and actors present, Italians are not shy to walk out or snore loud if they believe the movie is bad. We care of course but we are more honest about our feelings.

When this movie ended, I had to go home and watch some real movies in my DVD collection just to cleanse myself of the disaster that is called "Saint Ange" and also it seemed much much longer than it's running time. It was more like watching a 3 hour movie probably because nothing was happening in the plot and I kept looking at my watch and waiting for the finale which is also hopeless and stupid but not surprising considering the rest of this movie was just as miserable.

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170 out of 243 people found the following review useful:

This is why the Americans make fun of us French !

Author: WhyNotMince from France
9 June 2005

Because we have directors who think they can make movies and try to copy American films but they fail miserably, just like Pascal Laugier with Saint-Ange.

If you are going to reference Italian horror directors that is OK, as long as you have a story. Yes you can be good with the technical parts of the film, but what good is that if there is no story to back it up? No good, which is exactly what this film is, a real piece of bull****!

I admit that Lou Doillon was not bad in the movie because honestly I am used to seeing her in bad films anyway. Virginie Ledoyen deserves better, the poor thing, why in the world is she stuck working with this lousy good-for-nothing director? She should return to Jacquot and Assayas, who are two intelligent French directors who KNOW how to make GOOD movies with REAL stories.

This impostor Pascal Laugier is just a former security guard who was an assistant to director and producer Christophe Gans (Le Pacte de loups) and did him favors which is how he got this job in the first place. He is a pseudo-director and even a worse writer. A 2 year old kid would have done a better job writing the script of this movie, which honestly does not exist because the plot makes no sense. Even Laugier himself admits to not knowing what is the ending, and I am not surprised at all because he is incompetent!

I am very sad for the state of French cinema if our new directors include talentless, brain-dead copycats like Laugier. If you are going to reference other films and even brag about it, at least try to do a good job copying them, please. Do not be a pretentious movie geek and try to make a movie that is not even there at the script level!

This Laugier even insulted other French film makers and comedy actors like Eric & Ramzy, when he should really look in the mirror first if he wants to see a bad film maker. Because at least the movies of Eric & Ramzy have a plot, are entertaining and make a lot of money! Saint-Ange has none of the above! It is boring, stupid and a big box-office flop!

The producers are also to blame for allowing this movie to get made. They probably think that because horror movies are en vogue right now that they can do a piece of crap and make enough money. Wrong!!!! Yes indeed you made a piece of crap but you did not make as much money as the American movies! This is what happens when you are motivated by pure greed and no sense of artistry or respect for the cinema. Next time, save some money and let your grandmother direct the movie, because she would probably do a better job than the idiot you hired for Saint-Ange.

But there is still hope for French cinema. I have not yet seen the films of Alexandre Aja but all my friends tell me that he is one million times better than this Laugier, and so is another French director Florent Emilio Siri who is talented and rising.

I am not surprised that this movie has not yet been released anywhere else outside Europe. What for? It is simply no good ! So what will happen is that all the countries that bought the rights will just let it go direct-to-video or to cable to break even on their costs.

I would advise you not even to spend one euro (or dollar) to rent this movie. Use your money to rent another good movie, like The Others or anything really, because any movie is better than Saint-Ange!

Rating : one-half star out of ten (one-half star for the movie's decor)

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112 out of 134 people found the following review useful:

God awful

Author: samago2786 from United States
19 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Out of the awful movies I've rented over the years, I seriously can not think of one that was worse than Saint Ange. There was essentially no plot whatsoever in this film. The girl arrives and we learn she is pregnant. All fine, but then we see Anna trying to inflict a miscarriage. OK, fine again. But then, what in the world is the significance of her voyage, to what seems like hundreds of feet below ground. The underground ward is in in seemingly immaculate condition and is home to a bunch of bald children. We see Anna go into labor. OK again. Well so how is she able to get back up to the main level. Maybe there is no answer to this question but surely there should be an explanation for why she IS found back on the main level, dead, clutching her still connected child??? If the movie was not terrible enough, in the last disturbing scene, we get to see a dead Anna nursing her dead child with the dead bald children observing. If anyone has any clarifications on any of these points I would love to hear about it.

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130 out of 172 people found the following review useful:

Good trailer, bad movie

Author: bramhelsing from Barcelona, Spain
13 June 2005

I only watched this movie because the trailer looked interesting. This movie just came out here in Spain last week and I am sure it will be gone before next weekend.

While I was watching, I thought this must be a joke. A movie can not possibly be this bad! Sorry but yes, a movie can be this bad. The joke was on me and the other two people inside the theatre with me because it only got worser as the movie continued. And the ending was the stupidest ending I have seen in all of cinema.

This is the worst movie of the year. The plot was ridiculous, the music was too much and the acting was not good either. Lou Doilon was not bad, she was the most like her character. But I noticed that when Virginie Ledoyan cries, sometimes she looks like she is constipated, sometimes she looks like she is laughing.

This movie is a big disappointment, but I will be generous and give it 1 star out of 10.

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106 out of 129 people found the following review useful:

What twist ending? This was misleading and unethical advertising of an awful movie

Author: quiwi from New Zealand
25 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The good part of all this was I rented it for free. The bad part was that I was forced to watch the movie and review it for work. I have never disliked my job more than when I was watching this.

What irritated me the most about the DVD package and the movie's summary was that it talked up a twist ending. What twist ending? What a bloody joke! The identity of the cats killer was so obvious and seeing the dead mother with the dead child she refused and wanted to kill surrounded by the dead kids at the end was ludicrous beyond comprehension.

The haunted house did not look so special. I've seen much better production design in other movies. The acting was grade school calibre at best. The Beach girl Virginia Ledoyen and that daughter of Jane Birkin Lou Doillon were the two main actors and they mostly overacted their way through this, with Ledoyen getting special mention for underachieving. She is the protagonist yet she is very difficult to sympathize with. I realise her character's baby was a result of a rape but her trying to force a miscarriage and yet getting curious about the dead kids makes no sense at all, certainly in regards to the plot, which itself is dead as a ghost. Perhaps with a better actress, the movie might have been slightly better or at the very least tolerable and watchable, but with Ledoyen, the movie descends even deeper into the pit of stupidity. I noticed she is an actress who looks and acts the same in every movie.

Last but not the least, for a movie in this genre, it was not thrilling nor horrifying. It was boring, colourless and tasteless.

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103 out of 125 people found the following review useful:

Yet another unoriginal horror copycat that fails miserably

Author: dilbertsez from United States
24 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe I wasted time watching this. I decided to spend a few minutes to prevent other viewers from wasting their precious time and making a mistake renting this horrible movie.

First of all, It took me no less than 4 sittings to get through the whole movie. It was paced so slow and nothing really significant happens. It was like the director or writer (I think it's the same person) didn't know how to fill up space to make it a feature. In fact, everything in this movie could have been told in a 10 minute short film. It was very predictable probably because we've seen all this before. The scenes with the dead bald children with zombie eyes were unbelievably bad. The acting was horrible, the lines were laughable and the directing was clearly poor. There was practically no script to this thing.

Second of all, it was not scary nor was it smart enough to pose as a cheap thriller. It was even comedic at times and the only fun part was figuring out all the other movies the director stole from and obviously copied to make this.

Third, the ending in the white basement and all the dead kids rising from the tub was an example of pure crap and distastefulness. The girl screaming and giving birth on the floor with all the zombie children watching her was one of many terribly filmed scenes in this movie. The audio was bad and the SFX was lousy and cheap.

Fourth, I watched part of the behind the scenes and the director seemed to know how to waste time and the production's money and fool around on the set rather than make a real movie. I would hate to be the producers of the movie watching the monkey of a director they hired waste money trying to get his actors and crew people throw a stupid flashlight into a candy glass mirror. And all he did was laugh like an imbecile. I didn't get it. Maybe I need to be French to get the joke. And did we really need to sit thru 5 minutes of this part in the behind the scenes video? Doubt it.

Lastly, I know it's from a first time director so mistakes are normal. However there are no excuses for something this bad. How did this get made anyway? I've read it's because France is socialist and has very low standards when it comes to giving money to their movies. They'll make any movie as long as it's French because they hate Hollywood so much. Finally, I noticed this movie ripped off a couple of scenes from another French movie called "High Tension" that was released in France in spring 2003, right before "Saint Ange" started shooting. This is another example of more pathetic stealing from the makers of this movie.

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109 out of 139 people found the following review useful:

This was lamentable

Author: bidonine from Singapore
26 October 2005

I saw this 2 months ago and I do not remember seeing anything so terrible in a long while.

It seems a lot of people found this movie confusing. I thought it was explained OK but like some one here said, the explanation for a pointless story becomes nul. So in the end, you are left in your seat wondering how to retrieve the time you unwisely spent watching this movie.

The only redeemable part of this movie is the set decoration. I like the haunted house, even though it obviously looks like a movie set and also looks very typical of all the haunted houses in other horror movies.

The acting was lamentable. Ledoyen and Doillon are B grade French actresses who are suited for this B movie. The actresses who played the older maid and the schoolmistress were the only ones who could act convincingly.

The directing was terrible. I got the impression that this director cheats a lot, not just with all his "borrowing" from other movies but also with his bad script. I can't defend any "subtlety" this movie had because there really was none.

I also spotted several technical mistakes, but the biggest mistake of all in "Saint Ange" was the movie itself and the fact that it was even made. I prefer to watch Asian horror films which are smarter and better made, because honestly even the worst and corniest of Asian films is much better than this French film.

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97 out of 119 people found the following review useful:

Vaccum movie with some effective silly scenes.

Author: cicerobuck from Paris, FR
5 July 2004

First off, this is supposed to come out as a treat for fans of Fulci's The Beyond (it even features the return of its star Catriona MacColl) and his other gloomy films. So it's got nice locations (romanian studios), pretty minimal as the whole movie takes place in a great mansion supposed to be a WWII orphanage, its narrowing woods and cellars. Cast is pretty top notch with kinky Virginie Ledoyen (L'Eau Froide, La Cérémonie, La fille seule - her only good movies in my opinion - The Beach) and wacko Lou Doillon (Jane Birkin's daughter - one of the most irritating actress to come out of french cinema lately, but physically disturbing and therefore probably appropriate for this movie!).

Beautiful photography, gloomy atmosphere, weird and nasty children (kinda reminiscent of the evil ones in Cronenberg's The Brood, but not really either), derelict locations, potential scream queens, this movie shows good production values but sadly remains pretty lazy storywise. I won't describe the story too much, but after a pretty classy/classic (easy) hour of ghost induced story, the movie goes wacko and tries to become a bit disturbing. Unfortunately, even if the scenery and filming shows you some very weird and dare I say effective clinical & morbid images (the only part giving the movie a little of its own personality), those images bears no real depth and fall flat in utter stupidity! So even though I admire the plastic quality of the last half hour, I remain highly skeptical in its capacity to convey an interesting story falling back on its feet without relying on weirdness because the lazy writer(s?) have no real vision of the story as a whole. Also, the twist revelation about the cats killer's identity is really lame. Sadly, another example of France incapacity to produce thoughtful and provocative fantasy...

Think a mixture of Furie's "The Entity", Robert Wise's "The Haunting" with Fulci's "The Beyond" and Chris Cunningham's clinical imagery.

Just one's opinion.


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