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The concept is high, the humor lowbrow and the joy of experimentation evident in every frame of this wonderful picture.
A deliciously weirded-out picture by Guy Maddin, a deliciously weirded-out Canadian filmmaker.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The best Canadian beer movie since "Strange Brew," and the best 1930s musical of the year, The Saddest Music in the World is the kind of exhaustingly delirious film that only Winnipeg director Guy Maddin could make.
Entertainment Weekly
Hard to say who's luckier -- those who have seen the work of Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin before and know what to expect, or those who haven't and for whom The Saddest Music in the World serves as an eye-popping introduction.
Chicago Sun-Times
The effect is strange and delightful; somehow the style lends quasi-credibility to a story that is entirely preposterous.
Maddin's movies are easy, too. Point your eyes at the screen; the magic follows.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's the stuff of soap opera, infused with a nonchalant, David Lynch-like surrealism and a nutball Canadian humor. Beer - because of the baroness, and because this is Canada - flows freely.
New York Daily News
If only there were a surefire way to describe Guy Maddin's films without scaring off viewers. The quirky Canadian is a genius who produces haunting, exquisitely droll movies that defy explanation.
New York Post
Meant to evoke filmmaking of a bygone era, but this time the director is more restrained visually, while making use of a more conventionally structured script than usual. And he has a real, honest-to-goodness star in Rossellini.
The Saddest Music In the World may not be for all tastes, but maybe it should be.
The Hollywood Reporter
This exercise in style and tongue-in-cheek melodrama from Canada's iconoclastic Guy Maddin will be lionized by admirers for its audacity, but will wear thin for many audience members, who will find it tedious and repetitive.

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