One Missed Call (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

death message
friend asthma
sound hospital
voice mail elevator
elevator shaft noise
voice police
abandoned apartment darkness
lifting a female into the air knife
night severed hand
hand munchausen by proxy
revelation tv show in film
live tv abusive mother
macabre telephone number
photograph clock
good versus evil investigation
sinister apartment building
tv set watch
falling down shaft tv studio
coughing telephone terror
medium remade
television broadcasting silence
severed arm television broadcast
police station mistreatment
tv broadcast computer
dead woman child abuse
head ripped off television within film
college student falling from height
asian horror evil power
hanged woman tv show
horror movie remade fear
fetus broken leg
corpse brother sister relationship
candy sadism
tv show spirit
cruelty cigar smoking
peep hole death of sister
college crying
chase orphanage
decomposed body suffocation
melody burned with a cigarette
stabbed in the stomach supernatural power
kiss dead girl
sadist ghost
teenage boy burn scar
videotape cell phone
thrown from bridge apartment
decapitated body dead telephone
mother daughter relationship dark secret
mysterious death university
burned body teenage girl
classmate grandmother
stabbed in the chest fetus in a jar
worm abandoned hospital
video camera mirror
death by drowning decomposing body
television studio classroom
panic shadow
hit by a train ghost in mirror
title appears in writing telephone
police detective decapitation
camera telephone call
broken arm suffocation
flashback archive
severed head picture
axe asthma attack
burn cough
hanging lifting someone into the air
trauma information
psychological trauma nurse
blood sister sister relationship
television scream
death of friend based on novel
surprise ending

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