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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • This is the biggest complain people have made about the movie. The ending is very confusing compared to the American version. The end shows Yamashita in a white room and Yumi appears there hiding a knife behind her back, and then leans to give Yamashita a kiss and leaves a candy in his mouth, which Yamashita eats. Yumi then looks at him and smiles, then the credits roll. Numerous opinions about the ending have been given.

    One possible explanation is that Yamashita did in fact die, this was emphasized when the ghost of his sister appears and tells him that everyone has their own cloud (heaven). It could be possible that Yamashita had feelings for Yumi and his heaven consists of spending an eternity with her, though it is not sure.

    Many people have gone to the sequels to find answers and many different opinions have been made on the topic but none of these have been confirmed as completely true.