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Author: cpthector from London, England
19 July 2004

This is a low budget production with a ridiculously boring and drawn-out story. Some viewers may be mislead into thinking this is some sort of fantasy soft porn flick, but the only skin shown is the occasional breast of two from some unimportant character (not that there really are any truly important ones anyway). Instead of what the sexually provocative box may suggest, viewers are subjected to idiotic monologues and a few moments of the most unrealistic swordplay in any film. Do yourself a favor and skip this movie. Otherwise, you may be wasting more than an hour and a half of your life being tortured by incoherent dialogue and plot developments that go nowhere. You'll find yourself praying that this will suddenly turn into the porno it should have been, but it never does.

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Hot !

Author: Matthew_Capitano from Beverly Hills, CA
15 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Topless chicks crawl around a quarry filling up buckets with salt rock or until the dinner bell rings.... which-ever comes first.

I really like this boob movie. I bought it at the supermarket for 10 bucks and it was worth it. Rena Mero is supposed to be the star, but she's not. That title goes to beautiful Daniela Khrut (also known as Daniela Khrutova) as the very sexy ruler of this horny little kingdom. I enjoyed the film, but I wish Daniela ended up in bed with one of her female slaves -- that would have been hot! Maybe in 'Slaves of the Realm 2: Lez Love', starring Daniela, some other sizzling girl, and Matt Capitano (me) as her sex slave.

Alternate title: 'Sins of the Realm'.

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Like a cry for mental help

Author: MBunge from Waterloo, Iowa
15 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Man, the people who made this need some therapy. Not because Slaves of the Realm is a cheap, boring piece of crap. There are plenty of movies like that. No, psychological counseling is in order because I don't think I've ever seen a skin flick so derailed by obvious and unresolved fetishes. Most of the film only makes sense as the product of the unacknowledged and unformed sexual hang ups of its filmmakers. It's like a foot fetish video made by people who have foot fetishes but don't understand what that means.

The plot, as best I can piece it together, involves a long ago kingdom made up of leftover sets from The Land of the Lost. The king has died and his son has ascended to the throne. By tradition, the new king is entitled to select his bride from among the daughters of the nobility. After a pagan priestess (Rena Mero) consecrates these scantily clad princesses, who are repeatedly called such even though they're not technically princesses, the young women are kidnapped by the soldiers of the king.

It seems the new king's sister Briana (Daniela Krhut), who speaks with an thick Eastern European accent that no one else in the cast even tries to approximate, has secretly overthrown her brother. She has had the princesses abducted so they can be put to work in the royal silver mine and so they can be forcibly mated with the imprisoned and drugged up king. Briana's plan, if you can call it that, is to get the princesses pregnant one by one, marrying them to her brother and then killing them off after they give birth. Briana would then become guardian of the children, who would be the heirs to the wealth of their mothers' families. Briana has also abducted a bunch of peasant girls to work in the silver mine and as breeding stock for her army. Oh, and Briana is also bi-curious and enjoys using a candlestick to rape virgins. Are you sort of getting a fetishy feel from the story?

Eventually, the priestess, the young king (Ryan MacDonald) and one of the princesses (Lucie Vondracek) escape from Briana's clutches. They are almost instantly recaptured and then Briana then decides, for nothing more than her own amusement, to engage the priestess in a sword fight with the future of the kingdom hanging in the balance. If you're too stupid to figure how that sword fight ends, you really shouldn't be allowed to vote or serve on juries.

There's basically nothing good about Slaves of the Realm. Rena Mero is so terrible an actress, they would have been better off replacing her with a blonde wig on a mannequin head while one of the film crew read all her dialog from off camera. The alleged action scenes look like they were choreographed by a blind Quaker. Every single spoken word feels like someone rubbing a cheese grater over your ears.

Worse than all of that, however, is how little nudity or otherwise lewd behavior is in Slaves of the Realm. There're lots of girls in short tunics crawling around in the silver mine. There're lots of girls in short tunics getting flogged. There're lots of Sapphic implications. But as for women actually getting naked? There's maybe 4 minutes of that in the entire 99 minute film and it doesn't happen until the movie is two-thirds over. They spend at least 10 minutes on and endless scene where Briana badly sword fights a string of men, but there's less than half of that time devoted to fully unclothed female flesh.

That's because these filmmakers clearly aren't interested in nude women or heterosexual intercourse. That isn't what trips their trigger. These guys clearly get off on watching women being subjugated and brutalized, almost exclusively by other women . Which is bad enough, but these filmmakers also can't apparently admit to themselves that's what they like. So they just fumble around the topic, subjecting the audience to endless scenes of Briana's malevolent bi-curiosity and even more endless scenes of sweaty young women in the silver mine, but only briefly offering up any soft core nude scenes.

Skin flicks are a very low quality genre to begin with. Something like Slaves of the Realm, which has all of the flaws but virtually none of the appeal of even the average skin flick, descends into a whole new underworld of suck.

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Huge tease

Author: Dr. Gore ( from Los Angeles, California
8 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I bought this video for three bucks. If there's one thing you can say about "Slaves of the Realm", it's that the title didn't lie. These girls are slaves and they are in a realm. They're slaves of the realm. That title described the movie perfectly. There are at least twenty minutes of slave-girl footage. The slaves are thrown in a silver mine and told to get busy. Many half naked women move rocks around. So if you like seeing hot women in loose white outfits slaving away in a mine, this is the movie for you.

As for me, I found "Slaves of the Realm" to be one big tease. The movie is halfway over before we finally get some naked breast scenes. The rest of the time the women are crawling through the mine and sweating up a storm. The large breasted priestess/warrior, (Rena Mero), does not get naked. Shameful I know. She goes to the evil princesses' castle to free the slaves. She's thrown in the mine as well. She's a slave of the realm too. Soon the slaves will revolt and some lame sword fights will commence.

"Slaves of the Realm" is truly a waste. Those slave-girl outfits stayed on way too long. Waaaaaaay too long. This one can be skipped.

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Decent, but incredibly boring in parts.

Author: Katatonia from Missouri
10 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

=========== Possible Spoilers Ahead ==========> I normally really like low budget movies that are fantasy, swords and sorcery and the like. Movies like Deathstalker, Barbarian Queen, Ator, Amazons, etc... all the ones that are so bad they're good.

Slaves Of The Realm star Reno Mero, better known as Sable from the WWF and Playboy covergirl a few years back. Other than her, I didn't really recognize anyone except for one girl who seemed vaguely familiar.

The plot is fairly simple: Girls go to King's Castle. Girls get put into slavery by King's evil sister. Evil Sister has bad accent and superhuman swordsmanship. Slow-paced softcore nude scenes with a group of attractive female slaves in a narrow royal silver mine. Repetitive swordsplay throughout film that eats up too much time. High priestess saves the day at the end and gives corny speech.

Normally this might have been a decently entertaining, but ultimately forgettable fantasy film. It simply has too many faults to really enjoy all that much. The main problem is that many of the scenes take so long to finish that you'll easily become bored. At 99 minutes, this film could have cut a good 15 or 20 minutes off and been much better. If you like these kinds of films then it's worth a look, but for repeat viewings look elsewhere in the genre. Unfortunately this one is so bad that it's barely good except in certain parts.

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