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20 Mar. 2002
Pingu Cannot Lose
PINGU has some bad luck while bowling. He doesn't get any points. His bowl seems to be playing up and he cannot understand it. But all the others enjoy PINGU's funny throws and in the end Pingu enjoys himself too.
27 May 2002
Pingu and the Ghost
PINGU gives Pinga a shock when he draws on a sheet to be ghost. Mother is not amused by the prank and sends PINGU to bed without any supper. All alone in his room with a terrible storm outside PINGU is terrified especially when he sees a cloth move in the wind and believes that he has seen a ghost. When Father comes in and sees that PINGU is so frightened he allows him to join Pinga in their parents' bed.
28 May 2002
Pingu and the Postcard
A postcard form the South Seas leads PINGU and Pinga to adorn themselves with flowers and decorate the house. However, when mother discovers that they have destroyed her loveliest flower she passes out. Pinga explains to their father what they have done but a new bunch of flowers pulls mother from her sleep and she is glad to see the children playing so sweetly.
30 May 2002
Pingu Steals
Mother sends PINGU to the baker's to fetch the bread but in the process he steals a cake. He attempts to conceal is from his mother but she spots it and he has to go back to the baker's shop and apologise. As a punishment PINGU must clean the chimney, which he promptly falls down but gets a cake as a thank you anyway. However PINGU is not best pleased when he discovers that, whilst he has been washing off the chimney dirt, Pinga has eaten his reward.
27 Oct. 2002
At the Fairground
PINGU is allowed to go to the fair ground together with the family. There is a lot going on, and PINGU wants to try everything. He overdoes things somewhat and does not feel at all well. Finally, however, he is happy again, thanks to Pinga.
17 Nov. 2002
Pingu and the Disabled Penguin
With his friend, PINGU is playing a practical joke using a fish on a string. But when it comes to playing a trick on someone in a wheelchair PINGU is not so sure. To his surprise however having been the brunt of the joke the disabled penguin joins in the joke, in fact in the end it is PINGU's other friend that needs the wheelchair home when the joke back fires.
24 Nov. 2002
Pingu and the Gift
Pinga is inconsolable, because her father has driven over her toy pram. The whole family is at a loss until PINGU gives her his new tricycle. Although Pinga does have an accident on it, she is delighted with PINGU's gift.

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