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26 Sep. 2003
Street Boss
An FBI agent trains and handles agents who go under cover to solve crimes; Joe mourns the loss of one of his own as the dangers of the job become all too real.
3 Oct. 2003
It's Only Rock & Roll
Darnell and Heather go undercover to infiltrate a band of bank robbers making its way across the U.S.; Lily poses as a waitress to get the goods on a dirty judge in a case that gets personal for Joe.
10 Oct. 2003
Bruno Comes Back
Artie, Joe's friend, comes back into town, and offers a business proposition. He plan to dig a tunnel from a bookstore to a bank. Lily goes undercover as bookstore owner to distract customers goings on.
17 Oct. 2003
Body of Evidence
Joe and Lola use a dead body to weave a net for a known killer in order to find where he's buried the bodies; Darnell and Lily act as a couple on the rocks in order to create a diversion while the FBI plants a bug in a suspect's car.
24 Oct. 2003
Under Color of Law
Joe does a "black op" for an FBI boss investigating a death of an FBI agent undercover for brutality by the LAPD. Darnell poses as reporter, Lily as medical student and Marcy returns to pose as a funeral director.
31 Oct. 2003
Dirty White Collar
Joe and Heather work a sting involving an accused corporate raider who has hired them to take out one co-workers. Lily and Darnell pose as a book dealer and supplier to take down a forger trying to pass off fake manuscripts as real.
7 Nov. 2003
Jar of Spiders
Joe must investigate Andy, a fellow FBI handler who's also one of his best friends, after a city councilwoman is murdered and the chief suspect is an informant under Andy's direction.
14 Nov. 2003
Joe and his crew pose as filmmakers involved in the adult-movie industry to lure a porn-obsessed man suspected of murdering his wife for insurance money. Also, an acquaintance asks Joe to help find her missing 14-year-old sister.
21 Nov. 2003
Big Stones
Joe and his team infiltrate a gang of thieves who plan to rob multiple jewelry exchanges across the United States.
5 Dec. 2003
Homewrecker's Ball
Elena enters a rehab clinic in order to find out where $5 million in missing DEA money is located; Darnell poses as a hit man to thwart a murder attempt, in a case involving a nationwide drug ring.
12 Dec. 2003
Off the Edge
Joe enlists the help of his former handler when two of his agents disappear during a dangerous mission. Also, Heather looks after a witness who thinks someone is following her.

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