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4 Feb. 2005
Public Enemies
The town of Amity Park is thrown into chaos by the town's first mass invasion of ghosts. It's all part of the plan by Ghost Zone's top Sheriff, Walker, to capture and incarcerate Danny Phantom. As first Danny battles, then befriends, a hulking ghost named Wulf, Walker and his goons "overshadow" most of the people in Danny's inner circle. While eluding attacks from his ghost fighting parents, Danny defeats Walker and restores calm in the city, earning the title of "Public Ghost Enemy #1" in the process!
11 Feb. 2005
Lucky in Love
When Paulina sees Danny transform into his ghostly alter-ego, he fears that she'll tell everyone. But not only does Paulina agree to keep Danny's secret, she becomes his girlfriend! Unfortuately for Danny, Paulina is being overshadowed by Kitty (Johnny 13's girlfriend) in an attempt to make Johnny jealous after a fight. And if Danny ruins Kitty's plans by turning her down, she'll (as Paulina) tell the entire town that he's the Ghost Boy!
18 Feb. 2005
Maternal Instinct
In an attempt to bond with her distant son, Maddie takes Danny to a science symposium in Florida. However, it's all a ruse by Vlad Masters- Danny's archenemy! He plans to convince Danny and Maddie to stay with him. At the same time, he launches a huge ghost attack on Fenton Works, hoping to eliminate Jack!
25 Feb. 2005
Life Lessons
Skulker's back, and this time he creates a little competition to see who his worthy of his hunt, Danny or Valerie.
3 Jun. 2005
The Million Dollar Ghost
Vlad Master is trying to steal Jack Fenton's ghost portal, so he offers a million dollars to anyone who can stop Danny Phantom.
17 Jun. 2005
Control Freaks
Sam and Danny must contend with a spell-casting circus ringmaster named Freakshow
24 Jun. 2005
Memory Blank
After having a fight with Danny, Sam utters the words "There are days I wish I never met you" as she leaves. This wish is granted by Deisree, and the next day, Sam discovers that Danny has no idea who she is! Unfortunately, since Sam prodded Danny into checking out the Fenton Portal, he doesn't have any powers. Now, Sam must convince Danny back into the portal for another "accident" so that he can become Danny Phantom!
17 Jul. 2005
Doctor's Disorders
After being bitten by tiny green ghost beetles, the kids of Casper High get a mysterious illness that gives them ghost powers and are quarantined at a spooky old hospital.
22 Jul. 2005
Pirate Radio
All the adults in Amity Park fall under the spell of a mysterious song that turns them into galley slaves for a bratty 10-year-old pirate named Youngblood.
29 Jul. 2005
Reign Storm
The Ghost King summons the Fright Knight to pursue his stolen ring. Danny with the help of his ghostly enemies is able to trap the Ghost King back in his forever sleep.
16 Sep. 2005
The Fenton Menace
Jazz thinks Danny is losing his mind when he starts fighting ghosts that aren't there - which is actually revenge-seeking Youngblood who cannot be seen by adults - or big sisters!
7 Oct. 2005
The Ultimate Enemy
Danny debates whether or not to cheat on a career-aptitude test. Then a bleak glimpse into the future reveals his 24-year old self to be the most evil ghost on the planet.
23 Sep. 2005
Identity Crisis
Technus is back but Danny isn't worried since he spilt himself in two - leaving the ghost hunting to his superhero side and allowing his teen self some time off to be "normal."
6 Dec. 2005
The Fright Before Christmas
When Danny destroys the only copy of a ghostly Christmas story, the book's author turns him into the main character of a new Yuletide tale making Danny hate Christmas even more.
9 Dec. 2005
Secret Weapons
Skulker's on a looting spree! Unfortunately, Danny's attempts to stop him are thwarted by the well-intentioned meddling of Danny's new sidekick: Jazz.
5 May 2005
Double Cross My Heart
Danny is suspicious of a new exchange student from Hungary, whom he believes is working for the Guys In White to capture him. He is also jealous of Gregor and Sam dating.

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