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3 Apr. 2004
Mystery Meat
Danny Fenton is a 14 year old boy who is pretty average at first, until an accident caused him to receive ghost powers. He's having some troubles now, but soon he'll have to battle his first major ghost enemy. When his friend Sam changes the school lunch menu, it's caused a ghost named the lunch lady to escape from the ghost world. She's called the lunch lady and has control over all meats (not to mention she has mood swings). Danny must try to defeat her, but it's not going to be easy because he doesn't know how to use his powers well and the mess would get his human...
10 Apr. 2004
Parental Bonding
Danny is in love with the school's most beautiful girl, Paulina, he asks her to go to the big dance with her by giving her an amulet he found, but his ghost powers keep doing weird things, causing Mr. Lancer to have a parent teacher conferences with his dad, so Danny has to overshadow him in order to make it go okay. Howerver, another bad thing has been going on, the amulet that Danny Gave Paulina came from the ghost world, and causes anyone (including humans), who becomes angry, to turn into a fierce ghost dragon, when Danny finds out about this, he finds himself in ...
10 Apr. 2004
One of a Kind
Danny's ghost fighting has been causing him to be in a pickle, because he has to study for a test and not doing so has got him a D. Sam suggests that he should do extra credit by doing a report on the purple back gorilla, plus, Tucker put Danny's schedule in his PDA. But now Danny is in more trouble because a ghost hunter (whos a ghost) named Skulker has spotted Danny and is trying to capture him, and just as soon as Danny met his doom, Skulker spotted Tucker's PDA and attached it to his armor. He gains more power, but now he keeps flying off to a new location. ...
17 Apr. 2004
Attack of the Killer Garage Sale
Danny has found himself finally part of the "in crowd" at Casper High. Unfortunately, the lab and household junk he sold to pay for a new outfit has been infused with a spectral influence, and Technus, Master of All Things Electronic and Beeping, is on the loose! It's up to Danny to save the city, make it to the party, and reconcile with Sam and Tucker.
24 Apr. 2004
Splitting Images
After the box ghost destroys Danny's locker, he's assigned a new one, locker 724. Everyones afraid of that locker, but Danny doesn't know why. Meanwhile, the bullies in the school are being extra mean, and Danny can't take any more of Dash. Danny soon realizes that locker 724 is haunted by the spirit of it's old owner, Sydney Poindexter, Who was main bully target. Now Danny has freed Poidexter's spirit getting revenge on Dash. Now Poindewxter is angry at Danny and has now switched bodies with him and sent Danny to Poindexter's dimension and is trapped! Will he get out?
1 May 2004
What You Want
Danny accidentally releases a ghost named Desiree, who grants every wish she hears, only in a chaotic way. Danny is able to stop it with a new power he found out. Bun now, Tucker's envy over Danny has caused him to wish he has ghost powers too. Danny's really getting annoyed by this, and he soon finds out that Tucker's envy will transform him into the most powerful ghost boy ever. Can Danny stop him in time?
8 May 2004
Bitter Reunions
Jack brings his entire family to Wisconsin for his college reunion, hosted by his old friend, Vlad Masters. It's strange enough that Danny's finding ghost on this vacation, but what's even more mysterious is the fact that he finds out 3 thing about Vlad, he now hates Jack because he caused a accident at college, ever since then, he's been trying to steal Maddie away from Jack, and 3, the biggest one, the accident caused him to get ghost powers and is now Danny's biggest enemy!
15 May 2004
Prisoners of Love
Danny is afraid of 3 things, first of all, he's afraid that his parents are going to divorce because he heard Maddie say that just before she left to go to her sister's house, Jack trails him leaving his kids behind. 2nd, Jazz is acting all crazy because she says the events that are happening are "not right". And 3rd, Danny accidentally strides into the ghost zone and gets caught by the ghost warden, Walker. Now Danny is even more afraid because the Jack left his apology present at the house and now Danny's knocked it into the ghost zone, now Danny has to go back in ...
25 Jun. 2004
My Brother's Keeper
After noticing a change in Danny, Jazz assumes that he is depressed. Signing him up for sessions with the new school therapist, she doesn't realize that Penelope Spectra (the shrink) is an evil ghost who feeds off of teen misery!
24 Sep. 2004
Shades of Gray
After Danny and a ghost dog inadvertently destroy a popular girl's life, she vows to become a ghost hunter as revenge- and her main target is Danny Phantom! For Danny, dealing with a threat just down from his locker is bad enough, but Tucker has a crush on the girl!
8 Oct. 2004
Fanning the Flames
Ember, a ghost rocker who gets her power from her teen fans saying her name, changes Danny and Sam's relationship by making Danny become besotted with Sam! This is all a distraction, so that Ember can take over the world through a global concert, and now Sam has to break Ember's love spell and get Danny to fight. Even if it means breaking his heart.
15 Oct. 2004
Teacher of the Year
Danny fight a ghost that escaped into his online game while juggling school responsibilities
29 Oct. 2004
Fright Knight
Danny tries to use his powers to beat the school bully, Dash, at a haunted house building contest, but ends up with more than he can handle.
5 Nov. 2004
Jazz is finding herself attracted to the wrong kind of person, that is, a ghost named Johnny 13.
4 Feb. 2005
Public Enemies
The town of Amity Park is thrown into chaos by the town's first mass invasion of ghosts. It's all part of the plan by Ghost Zone's top Sheriff, Walker, to capture and incarcerate Danny Phantom. As first Danny battles, then befriends, a hulking ghost named Wulf, Walker and his goons "overshadow" most of the people in Danny's inner circle. While eluding attacks from his ghost fighting parents, Danny defeats Walker and restores calm in the city, earning the title of "Public Ghost Enemy #1" in the process!
11 Feb. 2005
Lucky in Love
When Paulina sees Danny transform into his ghostly alter-ego, he fears that she'll tell everyone. But not only does Paulina agree to keep Danny's secret, she becomes his girlfriend! Unfortuately for Danny, Paulina is being overshadowed by Kitty (Johnny 13's girlfriend) in an attempt to make Johnny jealous after a fight. And if Danny ruins Kitty's plans by turning her down, she'll (as Paulina) tell the entire town that he's the Ghost Boy!
18 Feb. 2005
Maternal Instinct
In an attempt to bond with her distant son, Maddie takes Danny to a science symposium in Florida. However, it's all a ruse by Vlad Masters- Danny's archenemy! He plans to convince Danny and Maddie to stay with him. At the same time, he launches a huge ghost attack on Fenton Works, hoping to eliminate Jack!
25 Feb. 2005
Life Lessons
Skulker's back, and this time he creates a little competition to see who his worthy of his hunt, Danny or Valerie.
3 Jun. 2005
The Million Dollar Ghost
Vlad Master is trying to steal Jack Fenton's ghost portal, so he offers a million dollars to anyone who can stop Danny Phantom.
17 Jun. 2005
Control Freaks
Sam and Danny must contend with a spell-casting circus ringmaster named Freakshow

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