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Season 2

10 Sep. 1988
Flodust Memories
Flo Shumway becomes the Mom of the Millennium, but is her popularity becoming more important than her family?
17 Sep. 1988
Family Feud
After losing to the Shumways on a noted game show, the Fustermans declare war on their former friends, and Gordon and Rick end up caught in the crossfire.
24 Sep. 1988
Clams Never Sang for My Father
The traditional Mayonnaise Lodge rite of passage has Bob Shumway and Frank Fusterman pitted against each other in the clam-wrestling contest - but their sons want no part of it.
1 Oct. 1988
A Mid-Goomer Night's Dream
The holiday of Goomer is upon Melmac, and Larson Petty is intent on getting his gift of foam - but while trying to kidnap the real Goomer, he ends up capturing Bob Shumway in a Goomer suit. Gordon and his sister Augie must then journey to find the real Goomer and rescue their dad.
8 Oct. 1988
The Bone Losers
Bones from a museum go missing.
15 Oct. 1988
Thank Gordon for Little Girls
Gordon invents an all-purpose object named the "Shumwidget", but Augie and her scout troupe end up with the bragging rights.
29 Oct. 1988
Hooray for Mellywood
A movie crew has come to Melmac to film the life of Gordon Shumway - but will Gordon himself end up a huge star, or on the cutting room floor?
12 Nov. 1988
The Spy from East Velcro
Alf must figure out who the spy his among his friends.
19 Nov. 1988
He Ain't Seafood, He's My Brother
Renegade Muklukians kidnap Curtis Shumway and return him to their planet as part of a scheme to claim the throne of Mukluk. Fescue returns to Melmac to ask Gordon for help in dethroning the renegades and finding the true king of Mukluk.
3 Dec. 1988
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Gordon tries to fix Rick up with a girl named Elaine - but a misunderstanding leads her to fall in love with Gordon.
17 Dec. 1988
Housesitting for Pokipsi
After Gordon's insults about Madame Pokipsi get out of hand, he and his friends, Rick and Skip, are stuck housesitting for the Madame while she is out of town.
7 Jan. 1989
Skipper's Got a Brand New Dad
Larson Petty discovers that his family has left behind a huge fortune, but it can only be turned over to the rightful heir - Larson Petty's son. The only problem is, he has no children. Meanwhile, Gordon and Rick find out that Skip was orphaned as a youth and try to find his birth parents.

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