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Sex & Nudity

  • 3.5/10
  • A very brief, non-graphic, visual reference to oral sex is made.
  • Very brief references to homosexuality are also made. However, no one in the film is gay.
  • A character holds a safety deposit box on his crotch and asks another boy if he "wants to touch it."
  • Some men discuss women in "thongs" and "revealing" outfits.
  • A brief reference to "gang rape in a maximum security prison."
  • A boy jokingly says that another boy wants him to film "girls' asses"..
  • A boy says that a girl should give him a blowjob.
  • Some brief and visual references to sexual activity between a group of teenagers.
  • A boy says that he is going to see his friend naked, but this is only a joke.

Violence & Gore

  • 10/10
  • Lots of violent and menacing dialogue said by two teenagers.
  • Boys play with fireworks in a menacing manner.
  • The boys say they will blow their school up.
  • A man pretends to have his hands chopped in an ice chopper. This is a somewhat startling scene because it switches to this scene from a quieter one.
  • A boy asks a man if he can go shooting with him sometime and "shoot up some stuffed animals."
  • Two boys rehearse how they wish to shoot another boy that they hate.
  • Two boys egg a bully's house with rotten eggs and then run away, laughing.
  • An up-close braces removal procedure is shown in a short scene. No blood or anything graphically violent, but it may make some queasy.
  • Two boys show guns and bullets even though they are far too young to be handling them. Some disturbing dialogue is exchanged throughout this scene as they present the material to us. Many of these sequences go into great detail about how to kill people with the guns, how they work, how to modify them illegally, and how to assemble and disassemble them correctly.
  • Two boys show us how to make pipe bombs.
  • We see gunpowder burning in the shape of a swastika in one of the boys' weapon tutorial videos.
  • A boy says to use shrapnel in pipe bombs "if you want to kill a lot of people."
  • A boy discusses with the camera (the audience) how he'd rather kill plenty of people in a rampage before committing suicide. He continues this dialogue and goes on to say that those who he will kill will be "the privileged few that receive [his] wake up call."
  • Two boys shoot targets with older family members. One of the boys shoots stuffed animals and and canteloupe, imagining that they are humans.
  • Two boys ask a man which guns out of the ones they tested would be easiest to kill someone with.
  • A boy recites a violent poem involving guns and other weapons (and some violent deaths) at a poetry performance.
  • A split-second scene shows a small fist fight between a boy and a man. The boy is thrown against a stone wall and punched. He is shown later and is perfectly fine.
  • A brief and humorous reference to anal cavity searches.
  • Two boys burn all of their personal belongings, including a Bible (which will probably offend many viewers).
  • Two boys put together a tape of their last day before the school shooting and say many violent things. Also, they say many terrifying things to anyone else viewing the tapes; they also say some "blasphemic" things.
  • Several people are shown being shot and killed, as well as some being held hostage in a library.
  • A blood stain is seen on a boy's shirt after he is shot. He is left to die by the shooters.
  • A girl is shot and falls down. She can be seen struggling to get away, but it is at a distance and nearly out of frame, so you may not even notice it.
  • Two boys shoot a girl several times while telling her to shut up. No blood seen, but it is implied that she dies. They then kill a boy after telling him that he will survive. No blood seen, but he dies. They shoot yet another boy, with no blood seen. It is later revealed that they had killed everyone in the room.
  • A boy says that he can see his reflection in the blood from one of the fallen boys. A puddle of blood can be barely seen if you look closely.
  • One of the shooters looks down at a victim and says "look at that blood, Jesus". A puddle of blood is visible but not the victim. In fact you probably wouldn't notice it if it wasn't pointed out to you.
  • A group of men later visit the grave sites of the students who died in the shooting, including the shooters. There are crosses at every one of the graves. The crosses with the shooters' names on them have many curse words and violent phrases written all over them. The men find the crosses with the shooters' names on them, douse them in gasoline, and light them on fire, saying that they are "going to burn" and that the crosses symbolize their "souls burning in hell."


  • 10/10
  • "Fuck" is used around a total of 60 times (in various forms), "ass" is used around a total of 14 times (in various forms), "shit" is used around a total of 22 times (in various forms), many other anatomical and scatological profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 4/10
  • A boy jokingly says that he will smoke pot, do LSD, and do ecstacy to his parents.
  • Andre reveals that he is taking Prozac. This is a reference to Eric Harris, who took Luvox and was found to have taken large amounts of it before the Columbine shooting at his autopsy.
  • A man jokingly says that he's tripping due to a strange camera effect he is using to film his younger cousin with.
  • The boys attend a party with lots of adults who are drinking alcohol, but the boys consume none. No underage drinkers visible in this brief scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 10/10
  • Also, the constant discussion of killing may be frightening or intense to some people.
  • There actually isn't much blood shown during the climax, but it should be noted that the scene is so well played and directed that some people to this day still mistake it for footage of the actual Columbine High School Massacre when it was uploaded on the internet.
  • 41/50
  • Suggested MPAA rating: R for disturbing violent content including graphic images, strong language and some sexual/drug content.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The scene where the shooting takes place is violent, but not graphically so.
  • The two shooters then commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head. The boys are apprehensive as to whether or not they should do it, but they follow through. We see blood spew from the top of their heads as they fire the guns and they fall over dead. Very graphic, but in black and white, grainy, security camera style filming. Also, it is filmed from a distance.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The actual shooting is intense and to some level frightening.

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