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Entertainment Weekly
The story is so bored with itself, it collapses -- but the diverse troupe of dance talents at least makes it an eclectic slide.
A street-dance film that's lively and silly and about as "street" as a Britney Spears video.
Part soap opera and part thriller, and it has the unique characteristic of being both undeveloped and overwritten.
The beauty of You Got Served is that it delivers the moves from every vantage point.
The Hollywood Reporter
Assembling this vehicle for his young clients, music producer/manager/video director Christopher B. Stokes has attached an anemic plot to a series of dynamic hip-hop dance sequences.
It's too bad more energy wasn't devoted to fleshing out the one-dimensional characters and crafting a decent script. The only reason to catch this harmless diversion is for the group dance sessions.
Chicago Tribune
When a movie keeps repeating its title, you know it's a stinker.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
There ain't much to You Got Served, but at least this teensploitation flick is bookended by two frenzied sequences that fully exploit the visual potential of street dancing.
The astonishing brio and verve of street dancing deserves better than this.
New York Daily News
This amateurish drama about street-dance contests and busted friendship is about as real as Lil' Kim's chest.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Rarely do you encounter a movie without a shred of originality. You Got Served is such a cinematic vacuum.

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