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As quietly dazzling as a small, very precious stone.
Entertainment Weekly
A realistic drama that looks and feels as inevitably true and moving as a good documentary.
Chicago Tribune
All three men turn in superb and understated performances.
Charlotte Observer
A high-wire act, treading a thin line of truth between hokum and homilies. You hold your breath, waiting to see if the filmmakers misstep, but they never do.
The movie is not plot-driven, for which we must be thankful, because to force their feelings into a plot would be a form of cruelty. The whole point is that these lives have no plot.
New York Daily News
Very little actually happens in the movie. There are no cathartic breakdowns or soul-changing epiphanies. Instead, we're offered a collection of small moments that feel so familiar, they remind us how false most films really are.
New York Post
A well-built machine that dunks you into a big warm vat of sadness. There's no plot: It's a situation drama. Instead of punch lines, it delivers regular shots of heartbreak.
The Hollywood Reporter
So much is unspoken and this slice of reality is so thin and slow as to make the film downright unsatisfying.
Miami Herald
The film, bound to bore the socks off impatient viewers, mistakes reserve for depth and ends up hamstringing its talented cast into playing characters you never care about all that much.
Ultimately undercut by its fictional elements and its flat characters.
It's dreadful, but it's a special kind of dreadful -- the kind designed to appeal to intelligent people on principle.

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