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Character error 

Kate Beckinsale's character never wears a face mask. If the winds were reaching 100 mph and the temperature was -65, her face would be frostbitten in a matter of 1 or 2 minutes.
The word doctoral is misspelled in Anton Weiss's thesis title as "doctorial."
During the finger amputation the doctor proceeds without using one iota of sterile technique, most notably no mask or gloves, let alone Betadine antiseptic which would have left the hand and forearm bright red.


When Carrie and Robert are interrogating the suspect, Carrie grabs a scissors to threaten him. In the close-up for the hands, Carrie's left hands is completely visible with all her fingers. She had removed two of them previously.
Kate's pistol changes in the middle of scenes. Early on, she opens a file drawer and we see a small Glock pistol in a shoulder holster. She has a flashback and then retrieves a different, full size pistol in a belt holster from the drawer. Later in a outdoor battle, she pulls the large pistol from a shoulder holster. When she drops the pistol we see it is again the small Glock.
At the end of the film we see the sun start to come over the horizon and flood the station. A few minutes later when Carrie walks outside it is still dark.
When the movie begins we see Kate Beckinsale's character walking outside. The camera follows her as she walks indoors and down a hallway. In one of these scenes we see her talking off her winter gloves in the hallway, but in the next scene when she enters her room, we see that she still has her gloves on.
When Carrie gets the dice, she switches instantaneously from holding the box in front of her (shots from behind Kate Beckinsale) to having her arms crossed with the box in her palm (shots from in front of Beckinsale) several times.
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When Carrie struggles to button up her cardigan, Robert Pryce assists her in buttoning it all the way up. Directly afterward, Carrie rushes into the hallway and we see that her cardigan is now unbuttoned to mid-torso.
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As the doctor makes the quote about Scotch, he puts the bottle against his shoulder with the label facing against it. When the camera then shows a front view of him, the label is now facing away from his shoulder.
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Crew or equipment visible 

In the opening shower scene, when Kate Beckinsale exits the shower, a cameraman's arm can be seen in the reflection.
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Errors in geography 

Big storms as depicted in this movie do not happen at the South Pole. Conditions are typically fairly calm there. The big storms all happen hundreds of miles away towards the edge of the continent.
In the first scene depicting the South Pole Station there are mountains surrounding the base but there are no mountains within a few hundred miles from the South Pole Station.
The station leader Sam points to Haworth Mesa on the map as being in the Australian Antarctic Territory of east Antarctica. Haworth Mesa, where Weiss was found, is in the Trans-Antartic Mountains of west Antarctica approximately 1300 km south-east of McMurdo. Weiss' two companions then turn up at Vostok in east Antarctic, 1600 km away.
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Factual errors 

In the opening sequence, the date is shown to be 1957; however, the Soviet transport aircraft is an Antonov An-12, which first flew on December 16, 1957. It did not enter Soviet Air Force service until 1959. Also, a character stated that (to paraphrase), "They haven't flown these for 50 years", which is absurd, since the An-12 is still in service with many military forces and civilian airlines around the world.
"Scotch Whiskey" was written on the Docs bottle. Scotch is spelled "Whisky".
In the Southern Hemisphere storms spin clockwise, not counter-clockwise as it appears on the computer screen with the storm satellite map at the base.
The British Union Flag hanging in the communications room is upside down.
The pilot follows the two characters down the hole to the crashed plane. In a search and rescue operation, one person would stay above ground to make sure that everyone can get back for just such emergencies as the hole collapsing.
In the scenes with the helicopter and the C-130 part of the tail number is visible and starts with the letter C, which denotes an Canadian aircraft; as this was supposedly a US expedition the aircraft tail numbers should start with an N. The Hercules tale number, C-GHPW, is registered to a company in Yellowknife Canada.
When the Marshall, the guy from the UN and the pilot enter the buried Soviet plane, they find vodka in perfect condition. However, graphics have shown the outside temperatures to be in the -60c to -65c range. Vodka freezes at around -27c to -40c depending on proof. The vodka would have frozen at some point before being covered by the insulating snow and the bottles would have broken.
Antarctic ice, specifically plateau ice, does not make drinks "boil" or effervesce. While ice has tiny bubbles trapped and compressed under pressure their release causes nothing more than a crackle and pop. This is more distinct in ice from lower deeps due to greater compression and almost non-existence with ice near the surface.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

For low altitude flight the cabin would not be pressurized. Although the bullets from the opening gunfight damage the plane's hull, this would not result in a catastrophic depressurization. When a round breaks the cockpit window, the result is not depressurization, but a shattering of the window and the wind caused by a speed of 100+ knots. Air and snow are moving into the cockpit, not out as would be the case under a sudden depressurization.

Revealing mistakes 

In the finale, the wind is strong enough to bodily hurl characters off into the distance, provided they are not attached to a safety line. As soon as they are attached to the safety line, the wind has comparatively little effect. The characters have no difficulty standing in or walking against the previously irresistible force of the gale.
When Kate and the team when out searching for the lost plane, she's using a Garmin 60 series GPS. On the screen it shows the first page, which is the satellite signal page which also shows the longitude and latitude. By searching the coordinates that is displayed (50 deg 45'55.3N, 98 deg 22'61.2W) you find that they are in fact on Lake Manitoba, Canada, not the South Pole. (Lake Manitoba is a known film location.)
Temperature monitors in the Russian station display the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, where a non-American station would use Celsius.
Carries fired one shot to kill her partner, but two holes appeared on his shirt.
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When Carrie is being chased for the first time, the spike on her pursuer's ice axe is wobbling and clearly made of rubber.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.


Immediately after Carrie's two fingers are amputated, we see her push herself up from her cot directly on the area of the missing fingers, putting pressure right on the amputation site without even wincing. She also manages to push the cart into the door with two hands, probably not possible immediately after amputation.

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