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At the start of the movie, when JB's dad (played by Meat Loaf) is tearing down posters, he also tears down a figurine from the Bat Out Of Hell cover.
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Jack Black said the he vowed never to write a script again because the box office failure of this film made him lose his confidence.
Dave Grohl underwent seven hours of makeup to be turned into Satan.
Until this film, Meat Loaf had not sang in a movie since The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) because he wanted to be accepted in the industry as a serious actor. He even thought that his appearance in "The Pick of Destiny" would "ruin" him, but he took the role of JB's father any way.
The guitar played by Satan in the "Beelzeboss" sequence is a custom Washburn guitar designed by Dimebag Darrell Abbott of Pantera, presented to him when sales of their "Far Beyond Driven" album reached 100,000 copies sold.
The car chase in the video-game Kyle plays at the beginning ends the same way as the actual car chase at the end of the movie.
The scene at the "Halfway House Cafe" is halfway into the movie
Upon entering the music store in search of the 'Pick Of Destiny', KG (Kyle Gass) is seen wearing a Trainwreck t-shirt. Trainwreck is a group in which Gass is a vocalist and guitarist (under the pseudonym Klip Calhoun). He also produced the group's 2004 live album.
In the master exploder scene there is a bar patron wearing a 'Great Alaska Bush Company' t-shirt, which is a world renowned strip club in Anchorage, Alaska, and one of Jack Black's favorite places to go when he visits the state.
Dave Grohl, who appears as Satan, also played Satan in the video for the Tenacious D song, "Tribute", which is also referenced in the film. Grohl also lent his talents to several songs on Tenacious D's self-titled CD.
One of the card's images in the opening sequence is "The Hermit" from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, which was also used as the inner gatefold image of Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album.
The word 'fuck' and its derivatives are said 106 times in this film.
When KG leaves the college party and he's walking down the steps, he gets hit in the head with a plastic cup. The guy who throws the cup is Collin Hanks who is Tom Hanks son.
In the hallway of the Rock Museum you can see a big Foo Fighters sign. Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters plays Satan.
When KG and JB go to the open mic night for the first time Gregg Turkington is being escorted offstage. He is their opening act for their current tour, which features music from the soundtrack.
The symbols on the neck of the guitar KG gives JB (from bottom to top) are: a pentagram (point down); a cross; the infinity symbol; a crescent moon and the Star of David (on the same fret); the yin-yang; the equation for Albert Einstein's theory of relativity; a cannabis leaf; and the Eye of Providence (eye inside a triangle). The headstock has a crown inscribed with the word "ROCK."
In the Guitar Gods section of the museum, when Kyle and JB find the Pick of Destiny, it is residing in a Gibson Angus Young Signature SG Guitar.
The car chase ends in front of Uncle Al's Seafood at the corner of First and Elm streets in Long Beach, CA. This is the same intersection where Riggs and Murtaugh blew up a gas station in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998).
There are two references to other songs "Sasquatch" and "Tribute". Jack mentions in search of Sasquatch as being on TV. when in KG's home and on of the first lines of Sasquatch is "In search of Sasquatch - That was a kick ass In search of..." Tribute is referenced at the end when JB and KG can't remember the song they just sang, hence writing "Tribute" to tribute the song.
The animation in the beginning was done by John Kricfalusi.
The "The Audience is Baking" "ad" at the start of the film is a parody of the THX Surround Sound "The Audience is Listening" ad campaign.
The scene with JB sleeping, on a bench near the beach, then being attacked by a gang of pin-striped hooligans is a direct homage to the "Droogs" in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971).
In the Classic Rock room at the Rock & Roll History Museum, the mannequin on the right is a likeness to David Bowie persona Ziggy Stardust. The one on the left, judging by the scarfs wrapped around the microphone stand, is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
Scott Aukerman and BJ Porter wrote a draft in the early 2000's which was eventually discarded.
When Jables and Kage go to Lee's to ask to borrow his car, there is a joint attached to the door just under the peep hole.
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The car chase was filmed in and around downtown Long Beach, California. Major portions were shot on Shoreline Drive and the Queensway Bridge, where the final showdown in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) takes place.
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Being named after a native tribe, there are five towns in the US called Kickapoo in Louisiana, Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois, and 5 townships named Kickapoo in Louisiana, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and North Dakota, however the Missouri town depicted in the film is considered to be a fictional one.
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Some scenes from the movie are actually rewritten from the original HBO tv show. The scene with JB and KG at the open Mic night is the most recognizable because the first episode of the original show starts off with tenacious D playing the song "History". The same actors are also used for Lee and the open mic host in both scenes and Lee is wearing the same tenacious D rocks shirt as he does in the episode back in the 90s.
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The owner of the guitar shop (Ben Stiller) uses "The Devil Horns" to point out the room him, KG and JB are going to talk.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The club where they play their first gig and JB dreams about singing "master exploder" also at the end where they meet Satan is Fangtasia from the series, "True Blood".
The film has multiple references to Tenacious D's first album "Tenacious D" (2001). Ronnie James Dio makes an appearance in the film which is possibly a reference to their song "Dio", after they have defeated the devil in a rock off they start trying to re-record the song they performed in the rock off by claiming it was "the greatest song ever made" yet not being able to remember it, this is obviously a reference to their biggest hit "Tribute". During the final showdown, they mention that they will rock the devil's socks off, this is quite possibly a reference to their song "Rock Your Socks Off".

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